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The Russian Federation claims that a group of Nigerians is involved in the fight against fraud.

darknet The Russian Federation claims that a group of Nigerians is involved in the fight against fraud.
Darknet The Russian Federation claims that a group of Nigerians is involved in the fight against fraud.

Today, federal prosecutors have charged 80 people, including Nigerians, with the majority of the 252 abuse cases.
Prepare yourself for the big loss of at least $ 46 million through romantic scams, company email offers and other online scams.

A grand jury was assigned to the center
He returned to California in October 2018 and closed after his arrest
In the Los Angeles area this morning, 11 suspects from the United States were arrested
Two other men were placed under federal detention in the highest position of corruption
He was temporarily arrested and charged
The other three will be affected earlier this week
Abroad, usually in Nigeria.

According to the judge’s press release, the main accused identified himself as Valentine Aru, a 31-year-old Nigerian.
Christopher Egbok, 38, from Gardiner, Carson, California. The couple has been arrested
He coordinates the management of the cash collected through transactions and operates a global cash flow network
He was assisted by illegal currency exchange offices that set up fake bank accounts and smuggled foreign currency.

The alleged scandal starts and continues after October 7, 2014
At least on May 2, 2018, the Ministry of Justice was notified. Candidates were identified
Conspiracy to defraud, conspiracy to burn;
The main identities fall into this group
The cost of more corruption and bandwidth.

He and Igbokwe are also charged with money laundering
Shipbuilding with Jerry Ikigo, 50, of Carlson, California;
Adegok Moses Ogunbe, 32, Sesame, California; Kingsley features
Letters., 30, Los Angeles; Fear us Marina Mansbangura, 38
Pamdale, California and Nigerian Obi Madekiwi, 31. After all, Bale, Igbokwe
And 39-year-old Chuck Eroha, California, is also under investigation
The accused attempted to destroy the evidence.

There, Ogungbe and Mansbangurare were among the officers of the coalition.
Detention. The case also involved 26
They are not guilty.

Victims of multiple surgeries are involved, said Sze
All kinds of cases, including civil servants and lawyers

This question is part of our efforts to alienate the American people
Fake programs online and fix them by stealing them
For American citizens and representatives of the international community, the American prosecutor Nick Hanna,
DOJ is high. We took a big step to deceive him today
Network uses BEC software, spyware and other escape programs
He gives. This payment will send us a notification
Criminals, No matter where they live, disagree with them
The cash flow is low.

Today’s news calls for a concerted effort to bring together evil investigators working c. Sec
Los Angeles FBI Deputy Director Paul Delacorte said he spoke to Americans and their resources.
Regional office in Los Angeles. Millions of dollars have been lost over the years and we encourage citizens to be aware of these
new investments.
Plan to protect yourself and your business from injury.

All USO reports

There are no civil appeals against Los Angeles 2252 today, most of the charges were brought in Nigeria.
Using millions of dollars in fraud and participating in big money projects
It is a real distribution center throughout Los Angeles

Police were arrested after he was arrested this morning on US charges
Eleven of them were arrested in the Los Angeles area. Both charges are brought to prison on the basis of other charges
We had a shoot this week. It is believed that some of them were deported outside Nigeria.

In this case, 80 suspects and others are using various scams, including the organizations email address.
(BC) programs of despair, romantic despair, and deception of millions of older people:
Today, they are not a criminal case: a conspiracy in Nigeria, the United States and other countries.
Defendants were identified as Chichdi Kristogan Omiliage by Carson Ayro (31) and Nigeria (38).
A citizen who is served through a bank account and a service account
After trying to convince the victim to send counterfeit money, Ero and Omale take matters into their own hands.
On demand, page 145 is an expensive network

Iro and Omore were among the inmates this morning.
Plan at least $ 6 million in money laundering and conspiracy fraud.
He is responsible for sending at least $ 40 million.

Real artists are victims of small and large entrepreneurs, including in the U.S. and around the world.
Law Enforcement Fraud has cost some victims of the System hundreds of thousands of dollars and others.

This issue is part of our efforts to protect Americans from fake online plans and bring them to justice.
NICHNA requires us to be civil and commercial lawyers.
The DB program is used by the criminal network to prevent romantic scams and other scams for victims. This will send the message
we sent.
We can identify the culprits and eliminate the unpleasant consequences.

The report announces the criminal team’s efforts to implement CONZ projects today.
Focus on the American people and their resources, said Paul Delacourt, assistant director of the FBIs account of losses.
Office of the Court of England. They lose billions of dollars every month, persuading residents to understand the difficult
Preventive measures or your work become questionable. The FBI plans to work with us
Participants from agencies around the world monitor these criminals and destroy their networks

Iro and Igbokwe actually act as agents in fake bank accounts. According to the defendant, Iro and Igbokwe withdrew the money from
the bank
Inquiries in the account field, bank account information, and information are provided for the rights of all.
Money from victims instead of money stolen from all the different victims
Fraud systems.

To deceive the victims of the job, Iro and Igbokwe, a bank account with a specific company name is required.
According to court documents, he always agreed to pay the account opening fees he received. After all
Potential terrorists often submit written documents showing the real name of the company.
Deposits are paid to banks in case of false reporting on behalf of the company, including the Los Angeles County Secretary.
Accounts have been opened.

Iro and Ikbokwe say that after the victim deposited money in a bank account or cash account, he confessed to others.
For more money for laundry. Sometimes killers transfer money to other bank accounts under their supervision; many others
Sometimes they leave money only in the form of cash or cash, like checking cash.

When stolen money comes in cash, the accused often transfers the money to the recipient illegally.
As a rule, they avoid direct exchange with banking institutions when committing certain crimes. To do this, an arrow
Igboki manages to transfer victims’ money from fake bank accounts to US bank accounts
This money is being traded illegally. Instead, the money is used to transfer the application to the Bank of Nigeria
In Nigeria, the currency of Nigeria – from a Nigerian bank account to a Nigerian bank account
For Ibcovoy, Aero. This method is used to transfer millions of dollars to Nigerian volunteers without direct transfer.
External funds. According to sources, 50-year-old Jerry Achigo (arrested on Sunday) Carson took Carson to custody in Ajax Mock.
Ongbei, 34, is one of the conspiracy theorists.

The convict is charged with 80 counts of fraud, money laundering and conspiracy.
Improved identity theft Some defendants have also been charged with fraud and money laundering.

Hiero, Igbo, Igbogo, Ogunbi and three other defendants are also from Izuchoko Kingsley Amoji, Tatia, Los Angeles.
Pamela, 33, Marina Mansangori, 33, and Obi Medicavi, 31, were charged with money laundering.
This morning the business was Ogunby, who was in trouble at the time, and Mansangora and Ames.
Not necessarily.

Aero, Igbo and Choks Aero, 39, were also trying to destroy their phones when the FBI called.
Warranty in July 2017 He was also accused of counting the FBI during an interview with the OK. Complaints and grievances:
The handcuffs then prompted the FBI to conduct a criminal investigation into Eros’s Carson apartment.
IBook blew up the bedrooms of Ivan and Ezra’s apartments. But Arrow said the phone was already broken
The woman was questioned and complained about how the FBI used the phone for a second.
Copy this on the door of Arrow’s apartment to place an FBI order. According to Arohan, he soon fled to Nigeria
According to FBI regulations.

Criminal charges and litigation are pure rights, and the defendant is innocent.
Court proceedings cannot be taken

The study was conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office and the United States Department of Corrections
The government is assisting with the investigation.

There are many organizations that support detention or detention during trials, including U.S. civil servants.
US Challenger Customer and Internal Security Services and Components and Citizenship and Immigration Components
Office of Land Reform in the United States and Sponsor Sponsor, District Attorney and California Attorney’s Office

In addition to several FBI security agencies in the city, the Criminal Division assisted with the investigation.
International and foreign affairs are circling the globe. Specifically, the FBI and the US law firm believe
The UK’s High Commission for Criminal Justice and the Office of the Attorney General of Asenbruck (Germany) with their

The lawsuit was heard by U.S. Attorney Anil J. Anthony and Joseph B. Woodring, Cyber and
Frequently with the delusion of wealth.

The 2017 FBI released a statement promoting BEC and revising Operation Wire for 2018,
The global Attempts of the BEC’s global mismanagement. The FBI has issued widespread threats and warnings about the EEC’s actions
The programs encourage business owners to stay safe, but not healthy.

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