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The ransomware program attacks hospitals in Washington

These two hospital procedures are aimed at patients and staff
There are cyberspace events, ransomware and other privacy issues.
In June

Community Gary Harbor (GHCH) and Harbor Health
One person, Aberdeen and washing. The Ransomware attack began to inform patients
It happens on June 15. The patient is currently in the hospital’s database.
Health information is protected and GHCH receives a statement of damages.
GCCH said it receives large amounts of encrypted data
However, some patients do not have treatment.

An effective database contains information
Full patient name, date of birth, social security number, telephone number,
Information on housing, insurance, medical staff, including diagnostics
And treatment.

GHCH and HMG do not have the right basis to agree
Personal data has been transferred to the GHCH or HMG database.
Take the medicine

Data breach in Naples is at NCH Health.
Many hospital staff members collapsed on June 14 for the rest of the bread.
It also provides access to malicious software, payment systems.
Letter from Naples
Apply problems and trickery ideas

NCH officials said in a statement: “This incident is still happening.
It was brought in by an international company on July 2 to run the company.
It was decided that this was a fraud.

It was decided that the court could proceed without the consent of the players.
Access accounting information during service hours.
That is what the N.C.H.

The hospital is waiting.
Test before submitting personal information without speaking or commenting
At the time, however, NMM officials declined to comment.
Offers a date.

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