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The Pennsylvania directory system after the ransomware attack

A vicious attack on Butler County’s government system continues on public library servers.

Some according to the Butler County Public Libraries Facebook page
Scientific experience in district libraries
Last Wednesday (July 17).

Due to the attack, users cannot use this online manual. Otherwise, employees will not take the electronic test
Books and other things. Butler City Kitters can provide manual services to federal library system regulators
Test kit.

Butler County Libraries are operational
In a statement issued Wednesday after the attack.

home library
Staff confirmed that he used a judge during the attack,
Ryuk is the same program launching in Onondaga County, NY
library program last year.

Libraries do not store any personal information.

home library
The program is: Butler District Public Library, Cranberry Public
Library, Southern Library, Evans Public Library, Mars Public
Library, office, Zelienopolis library, ice cream
Internet Library, North American Library and Chikora

How to find information.
The library is directly linked to the local police and the FBI. y
Not sure, it’s time to spend, but so does the IT team
Encourage library staff to return to work as soon as possible
It is possible.

Each library and staff has its own section
They provide a level of respect for supporters and communities
Thanks for the patience of the people now
System Administrator Cherin Ferraro of course speaks

In the event of divorce, all spaces are open.
But a few hours of work can be different than less
Number of objects that can be controlled.

Some services are not
Use computer software and the latest products
Access to library collection, price collection and registration space.
Other services, such as public WiFi access, vary from library to library

In addition, the maps in Butler County provide access to downloadable ebooks, files and folders.

When there is a shortage of services, booksellers encourage customers to continue using the library.

To cry
Libraries are one of the summer reading programs.
BFFLS board member Tom Cooley said in a statement. Registration
Participate, read, read or participate in many other activities offered
Summer on hot summer days. Many products are made by our libraries
Lack of science.

Those with questions should call Pharaoh at 07-733-1880.

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