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The owner of the stolen credit card site Codex was sentenced to 90 months in prison

darknet The owner of the stolen credit card site Codex was sentenced to 90 months in prison
Darknet The owner of the stolen credit card site Codex was sentenced to 90 months in prison

Updated July 18, 2019

A Macedonian man has been sentenced to more than seven years in prison
State prison for theft of financial information
This faucet is hidden behind the credit card number
Bank account information.

In April 2019, U.S. District Judge Eric N. Vitaliano was sentenced by a federal court to seven years and six months in prison.
Buy a lot of stolen stuff and wrong access. Attorney for the State of New York, USA
Richard P. Donogue is certified as a Special Agent in the United States who pays New York branch help
Personal service. Amatovkis and the Prisoners Criminal Investigation were in connection with the bill.
U.S. and foreign agencies. Unlike many other cases, the American study
He has not worked any public role related to Codehop Takedown.

Between 2010 and 2014, Ametovsky launched a number of anti-fraud campaigns in the name of Zevo and Disease.
Companies operating in the United States are trying to gather important information from the companies they represent. Next door
Service developers working with Watowski can contact anonymous companies and obtain personal customer information.
Cardholder information. Amatowski extracted the data and added a visual code to the database. Code, Index
Legal scams are fully indexed, which allows consumers to find and buy some stolen items.
Training. MIR. The speaker is a customer of a factory in East New York, USA.
Codehop provides information related to banks, financial institutions, countries, countries and card identification numbers.
Codehop offers a service that allows users to compare fake stores or retailers and buy stolen products
Provides information about the situation, location and purpose of each user.

According to legal documents prepared by forensic analyst Christian Wilson, Amethovsky stole and sold a number of companies.
One million credit and debit cards are sent directly from Codeshop. U.S. Department of Defense. examining new internal trade
The Czechoslovak Republic and the Netherlands received 400,000 credit cards and credit cards in the study area
Information. At the last hearing, the court ordered them to pay $ 250,000 in damages
Enter the code name. According to the researchers, Amethovsky and his colleagues used a precise intent to achieve it
Earn by buying bitcoin and other coins before you pay. However, Ametovski owns Codehop
Key guards arrived at the scene. According to the prosecutor, all three of the above happened
Success in your business.

Amethovsk was later arrested by Slovenian authorities in January 2014
I found a friend. Sisier Daye
The Slovak authorities provide information to senior infringers
In order to pay the tax they face in Slovenia.
Amethovsky’s husband describes him as a retail manager,
Slovenian leaders should confirm my image
Amethovski and his love of the original are both a joke and a box
Used in numerical application. The Slovenian authorities approved it once
Amethovski also caught this and gave way to the Union
Slovak Security Inspector. Oh
The state department can contact the U.S. Department of Justice.
U.S. Department of Justice and Department of Justice
State Department Office. The work is hidden
I have been reviewing the store code for a number of years. An artificial bridge
Separate, oppressed and closed hunting
The Office of the Minister of Justice promotes international law
Forcing the US abroad.

With the approval of the secret service in the Slovak language, the secret service has a new Codeshop server.
The Netherlands. Confidential work funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
It uses the server and receives the information it sees. DYE Secret Service
The Department of Justice is working with prosecutors to meet with Ametovsky in America over three complaints. After two years of
The US Navy captured Ametovski, Slovenia. and came to the United States. Amethyst system
He was not convicted until 2017. He tried to minimize two of the three former prisoners.
By stealing ID cards for theft and sale of stolen goods and falsely obtaining financial information
It is a privilege to allow. The defendant asked the judge to order Amethovski for 17 years
The length is similar to the long accident in Ametovek during Operation Codeshop. Oh
MasterCard stole $ 30 million from the customer.

Amethovsky has been imprisoned for 7 years and 6 months
$ 250,000 will be paid in court, as well as private fines
Businesses suffer from high theft costs

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