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The owner of the Codeshop credit card website was sentenced to 90 months in prison

darknet The owner of the Codeshop credit card website was sentenced to 90 months in prison
Darknet The owner of the Codeshop credit card website was sentenced to 90 months in prison

Updated July 18, 2019

A Macedonian citizen has been sentenced to a maximum of seven years in prison
Government jail for selling stolen goods
Codeshop, a fraudulent credit card database
Bank page.

In April 2019, US. It. District Judge Eric N. Vitaliano sentenced Javier Ametowski to seven years and six months.
Imprisoned for theft and scam conspiracy. US Attorney Terry General, of the Eastern Division of New York,
Richard P. Donoghe announced the decision of the agent appointed to the New York office in the US.
Public works. The investigation and imprisonment of Ametkovis case also includes adult cases.
Unlike most cases in the United States and overseas organizations, the US. It. Federal Bureau of Investigation
There is no space in the code.

Between 2010 and 2011, Amatowski launched a campaign to steal digital values, such as Zehewo and Syndrome.
American companies trying to get valuables from the companies they need. And its
The suspect, Amatowski, was able to steal employees from joint stock companies and access confidential information.
Details of the paper. Amatowski downloads the code and adds the payout data. According to the code page
The law is a sign of fraud that allows consumers to see and buy more products.
A spokesman for the US. It. Office in the Eastern District of New York said that there are customers
Can find information about bank number, finance, country, subject and credit card number.
Kodop offers programs that can be shipped or marketed by people who have purchased with stolen money.
Users receive information about their status, location and purpose.

According to court documents prepared for Wilson’s Christian tutor, Ametovsky kidnapped and sold several people.
debit card number and number and millions in Codeshop. When American services find Codeshop servers
Research sites in the Czech Republic and the Netherlands found 400,000 maps and more than 400,000 pieces of information
Bank information. In a recent lawsuit, the federal court fined Ametovsky $ 250,000.
Created by Codeshop. The researchers used staff to introduce Ametovskis and his colleagues to anonymous exchange programs.
Return on investment before buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Although Ametovsky is a codec, there are three of him
increase access to defendants. As a prosecutor, we released the abductees and gathered information
to earn your income.

The Slovenian police then arrested Ametovski in January 2014
grabbed one of his colleagues. Bring people together
Slovenian police have information on the history of crime
Buy a discount in Slovenia at other prices.
This man named Ametovsky Codeshop employee and he was relieved
Slovenian police with the necessary evidence to take the photo
Ametovsky and his girlfriend with symptoms of nausea and pneumonia
Use Codeshop owners. Slovenia approved
The news gripped Ametovsk and reached the United States
He is a regional member of the Regional Office of the President of Slovenia. U.S
The minister is involved in American intelligence.
United States Department of Justice and Department of Justice
Work from home. Secret services are available
Explore the codec through the years; Judges are segregated from within
obtain state guarantees for the transport and arrest of dangerous persons; and
The judiciary was subject to the law
A company operating outside the United States.

Confirm the Social Services legal service to identify another Codeshop server for the Secret Services
Holland. Intelligence services were found with the help of the Dutch branch of the Ministry of Justice
to access and save data entered on the server. Time to investigate the US Secret Service
The Department of Justice is working to distribute Ametovskis in three US states. Two years after the test
Slovenia conquered Ametovsk with American help and took him to the United States. Ametovsky understood
He pleaded guilty to three things.
Steal information, steal money and buy things for financial information
Hacking and phishing. The judge asked Ametovsk for a 17-year prison sentence. Theme
his long description revealed the damage done by Ametovsky during the operation of the Code. Based on this
Codeshop customer MasterCard stole at least $ 30 million.

Ametovsky spends seven years and six months in prison. that
$ 250,000 for court-paid and unpaid fees
professional codecs use money laundering

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