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The operation “Reload Sevin” was arrested during the distribution of child pornography in New Jersey

darknet The operation "Reload Sevin" was arrested during the distribution of child pornography in New Jersey
Darknet The operation "Reload Sevin" was arrested during the distribution of child pornography in New Jersey

Seven men and a young man have been arrested in Bergen County following a two-month trial.
The court found that they used the Internet to promote child pornography.

After the trial and the so-called Operation Restart, prosecutors made various search choices and
About 32,581 files were seized from accounts, libraries and electronic devices for criminals. Show the file naked
Half-naked child sex as a victim of child abuse with publicly bullying videos
Photos based on a report by Bergen District Attorney Marca Musela.

One of the rescuers was Harry J. Hackensack of Hackensack. (36).
With reference to Berks, r. Junior. There are 3,293 specific files, most of which have been downloaded with access.
The dark web shows naked children or those who have no sex. He is charged with criminal mischief
Sexually explicit conversation with a girl on social networking sites. He is accused of threatening many lives
Children, third offense.

The accused was arrested and charged two weeks ago.

Justin K. Kinchen, 21, Elmwood Campus; The first level is the circulation of cardboard for over 1000 children.
Dam; Children’s cartoon webmaster, second-rate crime; Buy lots of goals for kids.
1000 files, secondary corruption. Kinchen reported that 17,731 digital files were imported, viewed, distributed and distributed.
Child sexual abuse through private commercial websites. SEO
He was arrested Monday (August 31) for questioning at the Bergen District Jail in Hawkins.

Queen Kwan of Yam in Cliffside Park (22); Pornography is another crime. Studies have shown this
Kwan distributed 50 digital files, including pornography and / or pornography, to adult children. SEO
Hokinsakak was released on bail after a court hearing.

Louis A. Ocasio, 37, Garfield, more than 1,000 juvenile offenders, type 2 offense; AIR
Pornography is another crime. The investigation revealed that Okazio had been found, possessed and / or killed
Approximately 6,447 digital files contain adult children and / or naked sex
Shake some of these files. Ocasio was released on bail after watching a video of the federal justice system.
Hawkins Court.

Total Torres Balthazar, 20, Maywood; Pornography, other crimes; Educating children,
The third step. Research shows that Torres scanned, downloaded or purchased 376 digital files.
Nude photos and / or nude sex with 90’s adults share such a file. Torres appeared
He occasionally appears for the first time in a conciliation tribunal in Hawkins.

Harry J. Burks, 36, de Hackensack, 36, is a minor offender committing a third-degree offense.
View, download, or download about 3293 Burks Jr. digital files, many of which were required to access the theme.
Child pornography and sex network and pre-adolescent adolescents. In addition, research has shown this
He chatted online with young women with whom he communicated via chat. That’s right
He has been charged three times with child abuse and misconduct. Released after the first episode
In the Supreme Court in Hackensack.

Damian R. Evans of Westwood 33. Child pornography can be vaginal and potential
Four Crime Detective Magazines found Evans nearby to find, recover, or identify himself.
5733 digital information, including pornographic and / or sexually explicit material about adolescents and adolescents. He was
After the appearance of the Hackensack Supreme Court for the first time.

Lewin Establishment, 21, Rochelle Park; Child pornography with more than 100 notes is the third offense.
You can view, download and / or open up to 150 digital and / or files
Sexual abuse of children, men and young men He left shortly after seeing the place for the first time.
Comments by Hackensack

16-year-old accused of juvenile delinquency With the ability of minors to view pornography
Child pornography printing According to research, the boy found the boy, found and had about 248 copies.
It describes 13 digital texts and files containing sexually explicit material and / or sexually explicit material.
The boys were reported to the office for the first time.
Bergen Court family life in Hackensack

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