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The number of robberies and identity theft was released in early 2011.

darknet The number of robberies and identity theft was released in early 2011.
Darknet The number of robberies and identity theft was released in early 2011.

Updated July 18, 2019

happy Birthday
A light in the desert
Usually in the mirror to hide and protect your personal information
Star users are interested in credit card information. The organization’s most important website is for flower collections
Page. But often, consumers are encouraged to choose and buy a drug like Viagra. Use / type
The necklace reveals ransom information sent to criminals.

Apple newspaper review
Last March, Apple Pal introduced a new product, which is always the fastest scam. Prepared by
By the way, the effort to run websites to get through the Apple Paul app has increased. It is much better
Internet traffic escalates through fake e-mails, with Apple’s attempt to convince recipients to enter.
A search on Apple Pull fake identification page.

Be successful
Giving information to an email client is one of the most popular scams. The number of messages is increasing
Culture. Insightful and counterfeit technology support pages (including reefs) can be featured in specialty newspapers.
Social networks.

As we know in the first quarter, so be it.
They will help you with other groups or groups.
Products with the promise of specialized and trained staff
Get ready and wait for help. Needless to say, it’s not free.
The user will not only solve your problems, but
This is also false.

A new feature has been added
A year ago, Fisher and others joined the popular Instagram network and left a list of fake messages.
The operation continued not only in terms of text, but also with the full support of terrorists.
There is an opportunity to create accounts, advertise and share content.

Forensic cybercrime uses advertising methods that make victims, products and services more expensive. -I
Usually in such projects you want to get some information from the client’s bank. He was not told
All users have a personal data set.

Micro Micro
In the first quarter, we had phishing registrations with automated behavior notifications.
He is responsible for processing email news. Fraudsters force buyers to check for phishing connections
Check your account settings or updates. False names are sometimes used in conjunction with real names
One day it turned into a repair room and a fake license.

Sprinkle with the money received by the program
In the first quarter, we saw a significant increase in the number of unsolicited communications, and we focused on customers of
Clearing House (ACH), an electronic payment provider in the United States.
A program that creates strategic partnerships with customers and small businesses. They widely published this news
In case of suspicious transfers by users in general or in particular. There are two similarities
(Archive, documents) and download files for home files.

Spam suggestions
This month, I posted another important headline: the messages were obviously sent by well-known companies.
This attracts many potential competitors. Delegates are invited to submit their documents for the free service plan.
An application for accessing databases is connected to their computer. Downloading the cloud app is easy for users
Show a pop – up ad called DDoS and a one – way message on a service – dedicated website (which
The names of well-known translation agencies are used in e-mail). When leaving the user, delete the invalid DOC file
Trojan.MSOffice.SAgent.gen Van Trojan-Banker.Win32.Gozi.baq
Sometimes he suffers.

As expected, manufacturers’ interest in the cryptocurrency network has not grown. Spammers continue to make payments in
Series are used. In the first quarter of 2019, we saw an illegal ordering system where criminals go online.
Through the suspected CIA agent, he has case files with a digital receiver and distribution.
Pornography affects small owners.

An employee of the scam, whose name was changed in the message, said he had details about the victims in the file.
(Supposedly obtained from social networks / communications / conferences, etc.). He says he is a part of this world
Find more than 2,000 pedophile exhibitions in 27 countries. However, the staff knows that
The victim was a well-trained insurance man who needed $ 10,000 and bitcoin.

Its hard to play with ugly people, thats it
Angle artists are talking about buying the same method about a year ago.
Personal information, pornography, etc. But this time
CIA officials keep accurate and remarkable information.
It is used as a lie.

Good personality and good season
The first quarter resulted in a malicious spam attack on Ranet. Content measured by communication
And that message seems to belong to the hosting company

We also found false records of corporate data theft spread around the world.
Expecting sensitive information on behalf of disadvantaged U.S. companies is nothing but connectivity.
This is in every experiment. The lack of labels is intended to encourage victims to send documents.
Then Trojan.MSOffice.Alien.gen which is installed and installed Trojan-Banker.Win32.Trickster.gen on your computer

Free treatment
The bank is designed as a high risk target. Scammers try to send false messages as honestly as possible.
Postal address, legal exchange, legal email adherence to postal procedure, grammar preparation
And in Question 1, the EDL uses known opportunities to fall victim to copyright claims.
Among them are reports of terrorist attacks in Christchurch. The robbers are waiting. This could be the name
The Bank of New Zealand is a reference that will enhance the credibility of the report. The letter states that the bank sent the
New storage with updated user accounts

The link appeals to customers to have a copy of the New Zealand Bank registration page. All statistics are included
Click the Register button to submit a page on cybercrime.

First in 2019. The highest spam was recorded in March – 56.33%. The average spam traffic in the world of transport mail
It reached 55.97%, which is the same (+ 0.07% points) as it was in 2018. In the fourth quarter.

The largest volume of spam and traffic on the Russian Internet was in January (56.19%). The quarter was average
55.48, or 2.01 p.m. Q4 up

Free land resources
As always, the main countries for spam are China (15.82%) and the United States. This (12.64%); Other regular fish 3, Germany,
Fifth-ranked country (86.8686%) finished in the first quarter, but Russia was third (6.98%) and Brazil (6.95%) was fourth. his
France is in sixth place with 4.26%, followed by Argentina (3.42%), Poland (3.36%) and India (2.58%). Will add six
Vietnam (2.18 ).

In the first quarter of 2019, the weight of unwanted messages increased (up to 2kb) compared to the fourth quarter of 2018 and
7.14 in the afternoon. 73.98%. Article 25
UN news fell 8.27% (down to page 3.15). 104 kb messages make up 5.11% of unwanted internal traffic, up to 1.08 pages on Q4. Your
The share of 2050 kb messages is 3.00% (0.32 / page higher than the last quarter of 2018).

In the first quarter of 2019, Exploit.MSOffice.CVE-2017-11882 became the most popular program in email traffic with a share of
7.73%. A
In second place is Backdoor.Win32.Androm (7.62%) and in third place is Worm.Win32.WBVB (4.80%). The fourth part moved to another
Exploit.MSOffice.CVE-2018-0802 (2.81%), from Microsoft Office
Maximum 5.

Germany is among the top three countries with the highest number of antivirus scams (11.88%). ongoing
Vietnam (6.24%) and Russia (5.70%) are second.

State: Voting
In the first quarter of 2019, the phishing system banned 111,832,308 users from directly trying to falsify websites. 12.11% of all
Kaspersky Labs
Users around the world are being attacked.

About geography
In the first quarter of 2019, the country most affected by fishing attacks was not Brazil with a high percentage of 21.66.
1.53 p.

Australia finished eighth (17.20) with 2.42. But behind the first place in Brazil at 16:46. Spanish leaders
The top 5 places are Portugal (16.86), Venezuela (16.72.), 16.96 (+0.87).

School basis
Fischer predicts different types of attacks
Fishing system in Kaspersky Lab
Products. This is enabled when the user tries to open it
Click on a phishing page, email link or visit the social network
This may be the result of a text message or malicious antivirus activity. When a component is present
When the activation key is activated, a browser appears in the browser
Potential risk.

The banking sector was the leading sector this quarter
5.23 p. 25.78 from April last year.

The second position belongs to the World Wide Web (.8 19.82) and settlements
Financial institutions have different systems
Third place (17.33%).

In the first quarter of 2019, the average email volume in the world increased by 0.06 SP. About 55.97% of poaching systems were
They were transferred to more than 11,832,308 correctional facilities, which is 35,220,650 more than what is reported in this

As before, scammers lost the ability to use characters
Communication request fixed (Apple product launch, New Zealand)
Terrorist attack). I did not share it otherwise
Using these systems, cybercriminals believed in new insurance
History of the Apostles.

In particular, attackers continued to use social networks to achieve their goals and launch advertising campaigns.
So many famous people.

Source: Kaspersky Good RU [

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