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The NSO team is back with some new features, including Pegasus Spyware Cloud Access

The Israeli spy agency NSO Group rejects malware
Users can also access data from cloud services offered by Amazon, Apple, Facebook and others.
Google and Microsoft.

According to the Financial Times [Bucasus NSO is open
Previously malicious programs
The ability to collect mobile data is now available
Get more information on your mobile phone,
In the cloud, like a full history of the locations,
Archive message.

This means access to iCloud and Google Drive
Backup. FT recommends logging in to the corresponding cloud account
This style can be influenced by using the target device
The overall control is based on the following advertising document
Other governments from Uganda.

Pink One reports that Pegasus can now
Copies of authentication services, including Google Drive and Facebook
Messenger and iCloud can be assigned to infected devices
A server that describes this, e.g. B. the location of the phone. NSO sales
The documentation was designed to avoid malware that affects legitimate spyware
Multi-factor authentication and email signals for data control.

Advertising on very annoying companies
It remains stable even when killed by insects
Device limb device

Previously, the NSO team was one of the most popular call on WhatsApp
After deciding whether Apple would also affect desktop versions In 2016, Apple detected the malware virus.
Safari OSX. But a year later, the Mexican-Canadian research community continued its efforts
The Mexican government uses Pegasus to spy on local opposition.

Such attacks should be kept to a minimum
Password is an easy program to change quickly
Malware has been removed from the infected device Of course, FT
This section is mentioned in the first paragraph

Israeli society says there is a significant dispute over the UN, its services and technology. There are no NSO products
Allow special access to cloud applications, services, or infrastructure
In text F today

No more terrorists and robbers
Advanced technology developed and registered
the robbery that kept the police and police in the dark
public security and national security. UFO is right
The purpose of an external product is to obtain this information.

Our products are used for certain reasons
lawyers and law enforcement
only for the defense and prosecution of serious offenses

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