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The NSO group is back with new features like Pegasus Spy Software Cloud Access

UFO, an Israeli spy agency, says the virus is not contagious
User data can be stolen from Amazon, Apple, Facebook and the cloud
Google and Microsoft.

The Financial Times reported that Pegasus is a UFO
The virus has been known in the past
You can send data from your mobile phone in progress
Find lots of information stored outside your phone
Complete history of destination location data in the cloud.
Save messages or photos

This means it can access iCloud and Google Drive
Reserve. Offers access to France Telecom border accounts
There are also vulnerable software tools of this type.
Full control based on the file format appears
Government elsewhere

Pink Un reported that Pegasus can
Copy the service confirmation key, including Google Drive for Facebook
Messenger and iCloud from infected devices with special modules
A server that reproduces the location of a telephone. UFO sales
The document contains spyware that can stop viruses
Message authentication and multi-function access

This is likely to have been confirmed by the company
Even if the malware is removed, its accessibility remains the same
Target devices:

In the past, NSO staff were involved in the popular WhatsApp call before the Moby malware was identified and corrected.
year: In 2010, Apple got rid of the Basinus Pegasus malware, which also affected its desktop versions.
Safari OSX. A year later, a group of researchers from Mexico Canada tried
The Mexican government uses Pegasus to control local authorities.

Such attacks need to be mitigated
Change password open task icon icon
It is removed with a fragile device. This is actually called FT.
This solution is marked in the hole
I see it.

The Israeli organization noted that this is a fundamental misunderstanding about the NSC, service and technology. The NSC has no
Backup provide access to applications, services or cloud infrastructure as specified
In today’s FT section.

Crime and crime are on the rise
Plan and hide with a variety of techniques
Deception, light and police in the dark
This threatens national security. Harau ord
Similar products solve the problem.

Our products are valid for several years
Information from public agencies
The main purpose of avoiding or investigating serious cases is to get involved

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