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The Munich terrorist reportedly bought a gun from the Dark Network

darknet The Munich terrorist reportedly bought a gun from the Dark Network
Darknet The Munich terrorist reportedly bought a gun from the Dark Network

The murderer David Sonboli in Munich is said to have bought a Glock 17 rifle from Black Net.

German police say a nineteen-year-old boy died despite reports of multiple shots being fired.
The lines, apparently, are from Slovakia.

Additionally, police confirmed that Sonboli used a lie to lure the victim to a McDonald’s shopping center.
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However, the people involved, especially the youth, are not classmates.

Researcher Robert Hamburger said Sonbol visited the old Winnipeg shooting range and took the photo.
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Reports show that he enjoyed early shooting games with consequences.

Still, officials denied there was a political motive behind the crime, but they did.
As a psychiatrist in 2015, I received two months of treatment for depression.

Police are investigating allegations that Jonboli was injured in the flesh.
Anders Breivik, Norwegian assassin.

At the same time, the two main German media had a web link, Bitcoin and Munich did their best to create a link.

The announcement was made by several media outlets in Germany, as most of the payments made in the dark were made by Bitcoin.

In Germany, some terrorist attacks were postponed, the worst of which was the Munich shooting.

Law enforcement officers are looking for weapons and ammunition.

Although previous reports have been linked to dark web resources, you should be aware that research is not complete.
There is no definitive proof of terrorist attacks on black networks or bitcoins.

Rumors have sparked a new debate over whether the German government should continue to weaken financial pressure.

Most politicians believe that Bitcoin allows anonymity.

In the past, bitcoin has also been linked to terrorism and explosives.

While ISIS took responsibility for the Munich shooting, the latest British parliamentary report said
Switch between Bitcoin and ISIS.

In addition, this development forced the German government to protest against all EU arms control after the attack on Munich’s
A good Glock pistol for teenagers can only receive 300 bullets in the dark
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This is because Germany enforces strict gun laws and it is not easy for young children to obtain legal weapons in that country.

German Interior Minister Thomas DeMaysier said he would enforce German military law.

He also called for integrated EU law.

However, he said the first step was to understand how the Munich firefighters took their weapons.

This negotiation allows the use of open arms control laws. But now the laws of the world are different.

For example, anyone who has a history of mental illness or substance abuse can immediately get a license.

Although laws in Slovakia are strict, there are concerns about gun control in the country.

Last year, it was believed in Paris that they bought cheap weapons in Slovakia.

Belgium is considered a major source of illegal arms sales in Europe.

The weapons used in the Paris terror attacks in October are believed to have been purchased in Belgium.

If it is confirmed that Sonboli bought a weapon from the dark, the Dark Grid can seek new strength.

These illegal activities, such as the sale of counterfeit goods and the sale of free content, take place over dark networks.

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