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The Louisville City Copyright Office is monitoring Ransomware

Updated July 18, 2019

The Louisville Regional Airport Authority (LRAA) slammed its wings on a rescue operation on Monday.
Tell. Two people were reportedly the victims of the software at Louisville Regional Airport.

Ransomware is a rogue program designed to prevent access to files or data until the ransom is paid. The same thing happens with
local reports.
An LRAA spokesman said the event was encrypted in the companys local portfolio, which did not affect operations or
Security systems at two controlled airports, Louisville International Airport at Muhammad Ali and Bomman Field.

Sarah Brown, public relations director for the Lords Resistance Army, said the attack was limited to the airports portfolio.
Brown said
The rescue attack did not affect the operation or security of Muhammad Ali Louisville International Airport
Ali Bowman field. The issue affects files related to regional airports, but does not affect performance or security.
Louisville International Airport Muhammad Ali or Bowman Field regulations.

Brian said the files were updated and not reimbursed.

According to the spokesperson, the damage was done by removing the wrong program
Files are supported.

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