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The lightweight match

darknet The lightweight match
Darknet The lightweight match

Updated July 18, 2019.

As the most chosen person at the Whonix Olympics
Flexible and deep tail Incognito memory or Tail Direct operating system
The living system is a secure system.
The most important thing when accessing a wide area network is that unlike Whonix, it is not.
It is intended for DVD operation, not as a USB but as a controller.
SD card may even be the main reason for stress But you may want to go for it
Because of the things that help us in this process
Keep the name

It is possible to connect to the Internet with Tor and block all attempts.
Internet access This means any plan
Made especially for short conversations.
The good thing about OT is that its not like that.
Keep everything on your hard drive. Warehouse
Rum that automatically shuts off when the computer is turned off
Part of the name appears missing message.
You will be protected from non-option devices. For the purpose
Nature has an intelligence and what you do will pass.
It also has plenty of weapons that don’t need updating.
Protect your tail when you use it.

To get started, visit the website and download or download the latest version.

After doing so, check the accuracy of the ISO image
If you understand OpenPGP about moderate human violence (do it now)
So this step will be easy. Otherwise, there are instructions that explain how to use it
Make sure the boot key is correct.

Now you need to decide if you want to burn a DVD or insert the tail adapter into a USB / SD card.
Everyone has their pros and cons, so decide for yourself.

Turn on the DVD or USB / SD and restart the computer. About the operating system
If it doesnt start, you need to import it and change it to bios
First, set how you want to save the device you want to download
Light You can open the BIOS setup menu by clicking Available
Ask when the computer starts. After loads change
Restart and restart the computer.

More information on its use can be found on its website
The queue works, but it is very difficult to understand. It gives a lot
A safe way to surf the internet, search the internet and work
Sensitive documents.

If this sounds like a problem and you want the kind of experiments that can be developed by something else, then
Try Vonix instead. Do not enter your work area.

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