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The information breach TrueCaller denies that the company discovered the personal information breach

July 18, 2019

If you are a freight user, you need to worry about a thing or two. Multitasking users are unique to users
It is sold on the Internet and on the Dark Network as part of the Internet, where illegal goods are sold.
Information among others.

According to a Times poll, details of personal data, such as phone calls, are being investigated
Satellite numbers and e-mail addresses, among others, are sold on private and undefined online forums.
Bestsellers Although personal data is available to users worldwide for a maximum of 25,000,
Indian personal data, which accounts for 60 to 70 percent of the 140 million mobile databases for mobile users, has more than
2,000 outlets

Sweden also has a cybersecurity company that discovered the breach for the first time.
It has been found that the user’s personal data has been copied without permission.
ET sells data in its study
There are also details about the status and condition of the client
Mobile operator with an identity card.

The Swedish company carried out an extensive investigation
A very large amount of inappropriate information was obtained
A real call.

However, Truecaller has rejected all reports.
Please note that all Truecaller user information is protected and
Does not include a sensitive user profile
Financial data is obtained from its database. references
In addition to maintaining global communication guidelines, Truecaller also provides
Payment options are available in India through UPI.

We want to make sure that this is not an attack on data, because the data stored in our services is very secure. we took it
The privacy of our users and the security of our services are very serious. Whatever we achieve, we will continue to apply it
A Truecaller spokesman said in a statement that the new protocol was designed to thwart further attempts.

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