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The Godfather of the Dark Network (perfect podcast tricks)

darknet The Godfather of the Dark Network (perfect podcast tricks)
Darknet The Godfather of the Dark Network (perfect podcast tricks)

On the black side, millions of people shop online, and there are more than 10,000 different types of products available online.

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[A very good sign of fraud
The divine doctor suddenly
Wilson John: I’m coming to the AARP good poverty this week.

I think 171,000 people are registered on this site and I think there were 171,000.
People were there for bad reasons.

I stole people I didn’t know, people I didn’t know, and people I didn’t know. I was a scary person at the time.

Will Johnson: AARP returns this episode Full of Fraud. I’m Will Johnson, I’m here
My friend, AARP network monitoring ambassador Frank Abagnell. Frank, how are you?
Frank Abagnell: Welcome back, Thanks.

Is Johnson: Frank, I think it might be a series of things if I can catch it. You are thinking
Impossible or me?

Frank Abagnell: I mean, but

Kelowna: The second year of your life.

Frank Abaniel: Yes, that’s right.

Johnson: Right? I dont know who will play this role, but I think Leonardo DiCaprio may come back.
In our deception podcast, we run a black web event. Lion, one of the cyber fishermen
Life and death, plants, weapons, proof reading numbers, as you say. The next advisor was Doug Shaddle
Available in black.

Doug Schiddle: The black race began in the first year of this century, created by the United States. The Navy is trying
to do that
As a result, no discussions have taken place with healthcare providers abroad. So this project is still going on
The path of medicine is called tor. T-O-R, you have to go on the black web, but the criminals saw it first.
From the beginning of these works he says: Wait, shall we not speak? Lets try it
Tal. No This is a good idea because we like to buy great food. About 80% of all crimes on the Internet are illegal drugs
Trade All sorts of things about online sales are in the dark. Some are for sale or for sale
In the product. This is the nature of your server and my computer, Will. What is digital information? Things like safety nets
Internet and personal information.

Will Johnson: Learn about the Dark Web, how to get started, how it works, and where it is.
Today we are moving on to Brett Johnson’s reserve. Many believe that Brett is the creator of today’s black network.
He changed his life when he used his good skills as an FBI agent, spy and adviser.
Private companies fight online crime

I sat down with Brett and we talked for about 90 minutes, and after the conversation I had to say it was completely different.
There are many parts to this program. But Brett has a great personality that helps us get inside.
Cyberbrothers et al

In history

Brett Joe Onson. Is that so. I don’t count it, but they say it.

Will N. Onson. Brett knows a lot about the people of Wei Province.

Brett Joe Onson. Read the most black and cybercrime online. Some people
The covers are much better than mine.

Do n. Introduction Finally I will find them. The reason is that if you watch the Internet first
Buy if possible.

Brett Johnson: Yes, no

Will Johnson: Trade and bad things.

Brett Johnson: Of course, I created the first Internet, the first cyber society. It’s called Shadow’s Gut
Dark Net market was a former professor and laid the foundations for todays IT strategy.

Will Johnson: Brett Johnson grew up in East Kentucky. He appointed his mother the head of the deceptive industry
To grow up, 108,000 Carpillers went to steal a car, do some shopping and steal everything.
Find the owner

She was trembling spiritually. He and my troupe disappeared day by day. This time he lost his father
Im not there, Im not, Im, Im 10 years old, my sister is 9 years old. My mother spent a few days at home without food. Me
The son who killed him was afraid to return to his mother. You know, I sit, I look, I look out the window, I walk
I was afraid he would make his way back home or not. Dennis, your brother
9, he was still young, he was still young. It would hurt him. They stayed there for a few days. One day Dennis rolled over
He was at home and had a foreign bank with him. I mean, where did you get that? He stole it. Me
Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known in advance.

nsonson: Brett said I started doing bad things in ten years. Brett, his sister and mother started it all
The thief was stolen.

Brett Johnson: I don’t want them to think they’re teaching my parents the choice I made when I was growing up. Weak
Violation of my law.

nsonson: Yes, the story is about nature. Thanks for your comments, but I did
Of course, you are not the best model when it comes to food. There

Brett Johnson: Right, right.

Are you in it? Johnson: Remember when you first connected to a computer?

Brett Johnson: My first computer was a Texas TI-994A instrument. I think so, 11 I think
Time and in fact it is a proud game. No, sure, yes, I know, because you already know the advance
Internet is possible 94.95.

Johnson: Yeah, that’s a good question. Well, after all, it is connected to the outside world.

Brett Johnson: I’m still on the computer and that’s it. I am a small person.

Music section

Johnson: Pratt’s first mission was to kill a white woman with a red snake.
1500 is a green tree that catches cats on eBay under the name of fraudsters and operates from 1996 to 1996.
Creating small systems inside computers and boxes can be a lot of effort that many consumers can do. Brett, something
He suffered in a sinful world.

Stories like this always ask questions and you are, of course, an expert so that you can legally change everything.

Brett Johnson: Yes.

Will Johnson: Coming soon. I mean, you have it now, but it ever happened to you or it was very easy for you, do you think?
You can lose things at a young age.

Brett Johnson: No, the mentality helps, but I have the worst of mom and dad. Ok I understand
The mother’s criminal mind. The father was this boy, his mother wanted him to love him, so he took care of everything.
He called her and begged her not to take the men home, but he did. She begged me not to abuse her and my sister,
But she would still do it, but she let him go. Don’t try to lose his love. As he grew up, he became a boy
The mentality I developed. I didn’t want people to leave me. I didn’t want to lose the people I needed to be
So I didn’t want to leave. I didn’t want to work. And she
I wanted to make sure I was always there to help them. I was very addicted to the code, so I was addicted to the code.
That’s why he continued. I have reached this point, that is, I will kidnap people and try to protect them. And she
He always justified my crimes.

Will Johnson: And you can live with guilt, no matter what

Brett Johnson: At first there was nothing. Yes, it is true that he can now call you Lord of the Rings
Your thoughts and what happens when you commit an online crime is to get a divorce, because you can’t see it
The victims deal with this. You only need to see the details and contact the person
It helped me, but it really helped me break the law.

Johnson said: So when does the black line start? Then you have one of the first online databases. Touch

Brett Johnson: No, no, not at all.

Johnson: Are there black lines?

Then there is trade, and today there are many. So, yes, yes, 90, 96 is when
The satellite map market at sea, right? Now, around 1997, it’s time to let go
I need a fake ID so I don’t know where to get this fake ID so I go in, look, find
Man, I know I sent my picture to him, I sent 200 people to him and he got angry. OK? I’m angry i got very angry
I’m looking for someone who can empathize. I haven’t seen any other website
Libraries are fake, and the only thing they sell is fake. That’s okay, but they have a church here, but they don’t have one
We use it, so I went to this section and the only thing I do every day is to complain about deleted .
This is the wrong ID. While I’m here, two other guides introduce themselves. One is called Balasalab, he has none
Another Mastiff man, Maz X from Saskatchewan, Los Angeles.

Johnson: Do you call me too?

Brett Johnson: At that time my name was Golem Fun.

Johnson: Do you know that? Fan has a wheel fan?

Brett Johnson: Yes, I was the owner of the rings. Yes, I am. So I complain and Bezezebub, of course
Explain how to create an identity document. One day ICQ sent a message through the messaging service and Gollums appeared.
I can confirm you. How do I know, anyway? Liked, yes, I did, I did and he sent me. Likes
I can give it to you freely, but he said he won’t. I pay $ 200. And he said
because if I want to run this online business, we have to trust people. For example, I feel very bad
You know why I make friends with the people who run the site. I’m telling you like me
I am sending you $ 200 so that you can leave the forum when you are isolated from the forum. So I’m sending him $ 200, take your
two pictures
A few weeks later, two weeks later, I received this American ID card with the name Stefan Schwek. Berlin Bezzebub
you want to sell an identity document, sorry, you want me to criticize all the products or
The service reaches the program. Then I met with the site owners and asked:
I can hold a forum and they like it, yes, you do too. So I started the forum again, Beelzebub wants me to leave everything
is a product and you need to understand how these products work, he said. You can ask questions that you understand
Everything comes together and you can learn how to do it. I also like it, it makes sense. Let’s do it. So I started doing it
since this place is not on the planet, we speak only orally.

Will Johnson: I wanted to ask a question. looks like

Brett Johnson: It was first place and they went in.

Johnson: And you only see products?

Brett Joe Onson. I just saw the product

Ocean OS. Residents online

Brett Joe Onson. So some people are fake. I will send them false documents.

NS is Anson. Is everything good and bad and impartial?

Brett Johnson: How about a legal business?

Johnson: How’s the shirt?

Brett Johnson: Oh no no no no

Johnson: Or have I ever sold a store?

Brett Johnson: No, that’s all. All products are illegal. If someone is fake
Check, you want to send me a few checks to sell on the board. Both have fake IDs and credit cards

Music segment

Will Johnson: Brett has finally formed a band for the Ukrainian team that is the leader of Carder Planet. kidnapped
Credit card numbers and arrows know how to get rid of them.

Brett Johnson: Work with us.
The Shadow team is ahead of race Darknet Market.

Will Johnson: Brett spent 4000 years presiding over the country with 4,000 members.

Brett Johnson: Experts who know what they’re doing can win 30 to 40,000 a month by paying for the stolen money
Cards. When you buy an item, you pay for it.

Will Johnson: Explain how the magnetic stripe code was used on the fake credit card.
Money is spent from ATMs. He earns more money.

Brett Johnson: We start to steal 30-40,000 a day instead of 30-40,000 a month.

Johnson – You can make a lot of money at an ATM, right?

Brett Johnson: That’s right.

Who is Johnson? So, are you going with another couple?

Brett Johnson: Yeah, the card actually takes you to the ATM.

Will Johnson: In 2001, Brett found that the police were silent at the time.

Brett Johnson: So I’ll start looking for a way out, and at the same time I’m a man. I think you will call.
My SBS can get something called online tax or evacuation.

Will Johnson: Sounds good.

Brett Johnson: That’s good … When you see it today, people will refund your taxes.
I am a beginner in identity theft. I started it in 2003.
In 2003, I did this, I stole 160,000 a week

Will Johnson: That’s right.

Brett Johnson: Yes

Johnson: You’re there, are you refusing to leave now?

Brett Johnson: Yeah, I found the truth. I quit my job fearing that I might be sentenced to 30 years

Johnson: So it’s crazy. Are you going to pay now?

Brett Johnson: No, I stole the size. Or for tax purposes, tax,
If I were cardinals, I would be earning $ 30-40,000 a month. He flew tax fraud. About tax fraud
I make about $ 160,000 a week for 10 months a year.

Johnson: And did you lay down the money?

Brett Johnson: I put all the money in my box. Jansport dolls give you dolls
the reimbursement for the hours ranges from $ 150,000 to $ 20,000. I know what’s up.
Oh, and if so, I’d know how to arouse every six minutes, id.
On Wednesday, 8 hours a week, 200 refunds will be paid, so 80% of my 200 plans spent on Friday will be paid
On a couple of Friday mornings I make money at the ATM and
A week ago, nobody stole an ATM. Back on Sunday; restart. Though there was no more money
he was a trash and fool in Charleston, South Carolina, someone brought a bag with them
make me a bed in this room, for every 150,000.

Crown song

Wilson Johnson: I’ll ask you why there are ATMs soon, or there will be,
Time has passed, no, not just credit card numbers, but guns and drugs?

Brett Johnson: The rules I put on the Karachi shadow are three. And those laws are wrong
No medicine, no medicine, no computer. We also avoid pornography. When wood and mortar are made
Here we have a shooter who has done a lot for it, Gluca or Berta. But he made the company. Bus
He promised to take out countless weapons and sell 2,000 guns
The show started. Oil, my stuff, Turkey, I loved sharing plants. Only time will tell
This year, the teaching technique, the first thing we did ourselves was special. Then there are 40,000 balls
About once the epoxy was discovered, there were cannabis sellers and finally, ear drops.

Willie Johnson: On October 26, 2004, the United States arrested 23 people in 10 states. Brett has
He just escaped. But not for long. In 2005, he was arrested by law.

Brett Johnson: What happened to me, I recruited PSS alumni from Charleston, South Carolina.
When I placed my delivery order, I got a driver at the police station, he told me, and I told him my name.
With this package he gave me the package, I think it was $ 23,000. I went there
South Carolina Police Department F.B. And Charleston, I released the trigger.

Musical discussion

Willie Johnson-Brett was in the state security services. They run it. One
The last few months have shown how well people work on the black internet.

To start the tax fraud, I bought a hotel room, a Walmart manager and a prepaid credit card. I work for them
Personal maintenance for 10 months and daily for up to 10 months.

The music is changing

Johnson: Brett is arrested again. But in the short term, they are not. Go to Vegas,
And Orlando, Disney World, while trying to control and discover more and more gardens every day. However, hmm
In prison, he was sentenced to several months in prison.

Brett Johnson: Criminals, they are going to get these people off the criminal record
Sending people like me to a public camp is not a safe bet, you can do it out of jail now.
So that’s all there is to it. He took a job in the field and stayed six weeks, then went daily. I also had a
My friends used to borrow money, phone calls, ID cards and vacations. Um, it’s 300 miles.
Now that the US program is analyzing the country, I hope to find some Ukrainians I know who will help me.
I am not doing this right now. Well, I was arrested and sent to Texas.

Johnson: Did you make the bottles and everything?

Brett Johnson: Yeah, you’re looking for me right now. My hair was red. There was this big goat
NEW Migatav. And you, me, then don’t take care of yourself.

Will Johnson: But they got it.

Brett Johnson: They did. They did.


Brett Johnson: And my dad came to see him, he was locked in the house. When? US local system
I visited for 10 minutes and he asked me how can I do something? And I love you, you can be my sister
For him. Denise called and it was Denise, Kentucky and Dennis in North Carolina for seven hours and I told her.
Yes, and Dennis, yes, I got in the car and it took me seven minutes to get 10 minutes to say I liked it. Yes, yes
Then I sent Oh, I spent 8 months in solitary confinement, and he sent me to prison in Texas, and I never saw him again.
Five more years. Yes, it took me two years to figure out how to understand something
I worked in prison and as a child helping people because I decided to break the law.

Johnson: Did you just breathe?

Brett Johnson: Yeah, yeah, go there, people go with the idea, because it’s good in prison.
If you are not in the difficult sea, you have the opportunity to think. So you understand
Or in any case you cannot accept the damage caused or suffered by others. And I’m very lucky
What I celebrated. Since then, I will be graduating in 2011 and will not break the law. But you let it go
Out of prison you come in without a container. Here are three attempts, none of which are trapped
Computer. So all I did was drive the expedition, and I was happy. I made 400A
I prayed and everything was fine. I have fun and excitement.

Doctor free

Will Johnson: This time, Brett met Mitchell and they got married. But he stopped and resigned
Much more

Brett Johnson: Michelle works together How does anyone have money? Oh, I have to act
I had to do it I wanted to present it so I went online and started buying stolen credit cards.
I ordered the order and accepted it and it comes back to jail 10 months later and Michelle Ah is standing in front of me.
Sorry .. Sorry he didn’t listen to her anymore. No, he didn’t wear the mountain there.

Johnson: It seems to be difficult at the end of the prison, or more importantly, for someone.
The excursion is the same as Michelle’s. They decided to settle everything.

Brett Johnson: So you know, I know, I have been around on LinkedIn. One of the biggest cyber criminals is a lot of
Outside of Pittsburgh, I plan to kill it without knowing the origins of cyber crime. I messaged
I like LinkedIn. I appreciate everything you do. I think the more you work, the more you respect and
I think my identity card is going to be legal, and honey, do you believe me?

Johnson: To start a new life, Brett has to turn around. For example, institutional institutions
He knows nothing about the company and the dark internet. This is today, reveal the secrets of a small community
Today there is a big black stream with which it grows.

Brett Johnson: He gives you an idea of how, how and how to grow up after thousands of years in prison.
We served with 4,000 members. Last year, on July 5, the Alpha Bay website was shut down in the dark. When you contact
There was only one station with 240,000 members.

Music Seg

Johnson: When you first started thinking about a boy, you said you did.
The first beer doll was wearing blue. Is there anything other than what I saw today?

Brett Johnson: No, I do not think with other people. No, no, no, I didn’t say that
No bedane.Aku kasebut.Aku still think the difference is I absolutely fair, I think if I had hurt someone else. It’s me
I don’t think so anymore. But I am lucky to have the opportunity to know you know me
The influence for other people – you know, all the sick. I steal, I steal people I know, they’ve never seen before
So, I thought it was almost rude to try that. And I didn’t say goodbye
I now had to be, but I became a better person and I just want to be friends, can not wear, but I can do.
I feel that the decision I make is something that will help and hurt you.


Will Johnson: And I’m back with Frank Aganganla, ambassador for ERP fraud monitoring network. With frustration and
He will not succeed without his name, phone number, credit card and more.
If not

Frank Abigail: When I looked at that data, I was often reminded that something was wrong with the money. In the case of
The shape information, information is money, and these people sell information online and selling information about.
Remove the network because it is in the chat room as part of the amplifier
Information on the screen is complicated now.

Will Johnson: So you can seek advice on credit or debit card theft.
Or what is your bank account number and are afraid to sell in the dark internet, what can you do?

FRANK ABABEL: Yeah, you know, the philosophy I talk about a lot is not about publishing it.
I only use a credit card. Get no credit card, one credit card, visa, mastercard, American Express, card every day
I’ve used credit card companies in my life. We did not waste money. My money is in the money market account
Create flowers. No one knows where she is because we have never seen her before. I went to the department store and used a credit
Go to the bank with a credit card. In the morning I boarded a plane and used my credit card. I’m doing it now
I will do my best to keep my number, but if someone receives my phone number tomorrow and wants a million dollars from my
Finally, under federal law, your obligations are reduced. Yes, and when you use a credit card and pay a bill or something
My credit score is growing, so I did my credit score. If you have a debit card and use a debit card, the card will be displayed
They steal money from your bank account. You can use your credit card ten times over the next twenty years
Do not grow daily and loans. Not changed. So I will only use my credit card. I buy it
There is something online and there is nothing to post, you are protected. If you buy the error online, you will not get it back
I’m safe, and if the site is a myth and a place for something, then I never know I’m okay. I always say
Oh man, I’m not afraid to keep my credit card online in the dark because it’s not
Within 30 days of receiving my invoice, I submitted my notice to my credit card
I say I have no responsibility for the card.

Johnson: How’s the money going? Do you have money?

Frank Ananiel Please name the ATM. I do not need a visa, master card code. I know
I’m not saying you’re not publishing.

It will be Onson. He did.

Frank Abagail. Right is right.

ns onson. I listened first

Frank Abagnale. But I will. So, I told the bank that I needed an ATM card.

Johnson: Well, as Frank says, you get paid for an automatic machine with a credit card.

Frank Abagnale: Yeah. However, to be honest with you when traveling, as I can tell, I am enhancing it
I want to borrow money from cars abroad but use Visa or MasterCard. He invited me to sleep but was tired
The lowest guarantee is that no one can enter a bank account. He can only get a Visa account.

Johnson: There’s something really cool about it and you say Jane’s Facebook Manager.
Fred Watch is a Facebook page on the network, and it’s really changing the way you collect money and money.
He used to be careful, but because of his words, he has now taken us.

Music section

Wilson Johnson: Jane, thank you for coming back.

Jane Beam: Well, thank you, thank you for being me

Wilson Johnson: Design parts package by Jean Al.

John’s story is this: Yeah, yeah.

Will Johnson: Jen Beam is divorced.

Jen Beam: I did it, I can’t believe it. I have a page on Facebook that I attract every day,
they insulted me.

Will Johnson: It can happen to anyone, at any time, at any time. Tell me what happened.

Jen Bam: I’m a fraud, so I’m used to checking credit card copies.
I have a loan expense report like a credit bureau.
One morning I checked my credit card details and saw how to register a loan at TransUnion in two months. That’s it
Both cost $ 19.95 and I saw them in red. I was furious to think that TransUnion had started
I paid for them, they gave me twice as much money to check the loan, so I thought they were a little blind
I was very happy then, I sang only 800 songs
credit card payment . Then I checked my personal information on my mobile phone,
I was even in a hurry, said OXXX, hung up and immediately called the credit card.
What to do first.

Johnson: Jin Bim’s Fraud Monitoring Network runs a Facebook page, and how do people know that?

Jin Bim: Please go to and follow me.

John Johnson: Okay, thanks again. Thanks to his colleague, Frank Abaniel, Ambassador Fred Watt Network.

Frank Abagon: It would be nice to live here. Thanks for coming with me.

Will Johnson: More and more evidence of how to protect you or your loved one
Visit the ARP Fraud Monitoring Network website at Thanks to a group of scams; Julie Gudess, Brooke
Ellis, sound engineer Steve Bartlett and sound teacher Julio Gonzalez. The right excuse for EARP is Will Johnson

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