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The Georgian couple were arrested for distributing Fentanyl on the Dark Network

Recently, 50,000 fentanyl tablets were confiscated in Cherokee County, Georgia.

The practice involves arresting couples who allegedly fired bullets from the house.

Frederick Mickelson, 35, was arrested after playing with 28-year-old Elizabeth Ashley.

Documents provide medications on site.
The agents found 50 grams and 14 grams of cannabis, according to the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office.
It contains fentanyl, xanax and cocaine onka.

The beginning of the month
Members of the Cherokee Drug Agency find Michelle’s whereabouts
Production and preparation of artificial tablets containing fentanyl opioids.

Police say the couple can do their housework in a short time.

On the day of Frederick’s arrest, doctors saw him leave the house.

Prosecutors called for the arrest because they wanted to arrest four more people.

The summary comes from Frederick’s responsibility for short life
His wife was arrested. Give them one letter and two warehouses each
Other Vodak City and Cherokee Territory are not registered.

Sentinel on the visual map
A bag full of deadly fentanyl for a man.
After a month-long investigation, the couple was arrested in Woodstock, Georgia on several production charges.
Drug distribution.
After his discovery, he arrested a 47-year-old man named Timode for hiring other criminals to work.
Andrew Dodkos of Michigan was arrested at the same place in the north.

He joined Chelsea County in Chelsea but later moved to Cobb County.

UNITED STATES. Bill Bee, Director of Inspections, Postal Service, Cherokee K-9 Office and Cherokee Agencies
Most drug agencies have drug councils. He found 250 percent of the tablets in sealed bags.

Both money
The couple was detained at the Cherokee Adult Cherokee Center.

The second culprit is the sale of heroin and fentanyl, such as THC, marijuana, cocaine, phoenix,
Dronabinol and LSD water.

Despite these allegations, police detained Frederick Mills and police
They want to spread the word

Elizabeth set the stage for the 1 THC program.

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