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The Georgia couple were caught red-handed distributing fentanyl on the Dark Web

The group, which runs a community in Cherokee, Georgia, recently purchased more than 50,000 drugs containing fentanyl as its main

During the operation, the couple was formed, with the authorities believing that they should deliver medicine to their homes.
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Frederick Michelson, 35, and Elizabeth Ashley, 28, have been arrested for their involvement in the shooting.

The therapist is active in the black site.
Police officers have found a book of 50,000 drugs believed to contain hashish, grams of heroin and poison, the Sheriff’s Office
There is fentanyl and xanax and one gram of cocaine.

Monthly monitoring
Many members of the Cherokee drug group are right about Michelson’s involvement.
Plant production and distribution include vatish mixtures.

Officials believe the couple was caught in a dark, dark place.

On the day of Frederick’s arrest, drug dealers saw him leaving his home.

The client seeks the same type of support as the recipient in order to obtain foreclosure status based on four different
Chief Justice.

His companion stood at Frederick and walked away.
He and his wife were arrested. Allowed for his house and two warehouses
Other unpredictable places in Woodstock City and Cherokee.

Someone full of nightmares with a dangerous package.
After a month-long investigation, he was arrested for insurance in Woodstock, Georgia.
Medications are contagious.
He was later charged with several crimes, including 47-year-old Timothy.
Andrew Tverdokus of Michigan was also arrested at the same address in Woodstock.

He was returned to the Cherokee court, but was later transferred to the Kobe court.

According to Chief Bill Priz, the Cherokee sheriffs K-9 unit and office were agents of U.S. investigators.
The interdisciplinary group was contacted with sealed stamps worth $ 250,000.

The couple works part-time at the Cherokee Adult Center.

Both men are charged with possession of cocaine and fentanyl, including THC, marijuana, cocaine and Xanax.
LSD Dronabinol System.

In addition to the allegations, Frederick Mixins was charged with assaulting a police officer and confiscating a home.
You need to take drugs.

It is also said that Elizabeth Mixon had a meeting with THC Wax.

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