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The Fed has said that a Nigerian gang is involved in a scam

darknet The Fed has said that a Nigerian gang is involved in a scam
Darknet The Fed has said that a Nigerian gang is involved in a scam

A federal judge raised 222 Nigerians today.
The site of the romance explores the $ 66 million network through love, email addresses and other social networking sites.

Large lawyers gathered in the Central District
October 2019 in California and after this arrest
14 charged today in the Los Angeles area of the United States
Center for fraud. The other two received government funding
Police first fought and arrested him
The rest is early this week. people
There are more people in Nigeria and abroad.

In a press release issued by the Ministry of Justice, the prime suspect in Nigeria V1 was identified as Van Ayish.
Carson, 38, and Kruddi Christogius Okwekwe, born in Ganda, California, are believed to have been arrested.
Ordinancials financial management and operations and manages financial connections with the global bathroom
They received the help of donors who released bank accounts and illicit financial changes.

The alleged attack began in October 2014. It was later
The Ministry of Justice announced at least 2 May 2018. All the suspects were identified as suspects.
Fraud fraud, conspiracy to earn money,
Identity theft is growing, and this is part of the front page
Listen to travel and money.

He is accused of receiving illegal money from Iro and Ibokwe
Jerry Ikoho, 0, Radio, Carson, California.
Moses Ogumbe, 34, of Fantasy, California; The kings of Isuzuku
Me0, Los Angeles, UmeJC; Tatia Marina Mansbangura, 33 years old
Palmdale, California; Nigerian Medare 1 year old Obi Medekov. Finally the divers, Igbokwe
Adult California Chakos Iroha was also convicted
He has been charged with destruction of evidence

Federal closures include EcoGo, Ogumbe and Mansabangware
After several arrests. At least 226 people were mentioned in the complaint
Uncontrolled friends.

According to the DOJ, the accident occurred during the operation.
There are many adults and many companies, including the law

This case is part of our ongoing efforts to save Americans
Fraud attracts the internet and hunting
Nick Henna vs. US Laws Orney, US Laws Orney
Version DOJ. Today we took a big step towards ending crime
Websites that use broken designs, romance scandals and other exercises
Victims. This request sends us an identifiable message
Criminals do not want their dwelling place. We will cut them down
Take advantage of weak points.

Today’s manifesto highlights the efforts of the criminal group to implement the BEC initiative.
Former FBI Director Paul Delacourt has arrived in the United States. and increase their overall selection
Dancing. Billions of dollars are lost every year, which encourages people to spend their valuable money.
Programs to protect yourself and your business from competition.

Full text of American news

> A mandatory lawsuit to ban French gangs in Los Angeles has injured 252 people and prosecuted 60, many Nigerians,
Join a big event to steal millions of dollars through fraud and money laundering
Through the Los Angeles marketing network.

Private law enforcement agencies have released 14 US law enforcement officers. this morning
11 of them are located in the Los Angeles area. Both are in federal custody for additional charges
One person was arrested this week. The other suspects are immigrants, most of them Nigerians.

Prosecutors said 80 witnesses and others had used fraudulent methods, including marketing emails.
(BeC) Tricks, gifts and programs revive millions of victims. It says
The case was reopened today with offices in Nigeria, the United States and other candidates.
Carson and Valentine Wood of Valentinewood (31), 38-year-old Garda, both Nigerians
Money can be lost and stolen. this is right
There is no doubt that there is no money, and Iro and Igbokwe plan to steal and control the money
Large wealth distribution system, about 145.

Lawyers and prosecutors for Oros and Igbokwe have arrested many of them today.
$ 6 million in fraud
For theft of $ 40 million.

Entry into and out of the United States, including small business
Corporate Office. Many victims suffered thousands of dollars in fraud, and many were elderly.

This is part of our efforts to protect the American public online and to treat its people appropriately.
Products for Americans and lawmakers, said Secretary of State Nick Hanna. So we have a great opportunity to improve
Crime BEC, Sexual offenses and other arrests. This promotion is my favorite
The attackers described the area where the dead beds were cut.

Todays report describes the key efforts by criminal organizations to maintain BeCs strategies.
According to Paul Delacourt, assistant director of the FBI in Los Angeles, he is amassing the wealth of the American people.
External office. We lose billions of dollars every year and we call on citizens to be aware of their economic problems.
A plan to protect you or your business from suffering. The FBI wants to work with us
Organizations that dont collaborate around the world to interact with their online artists and disrupt their networks.

Both Iro and Igboque were representatives on the bank account. Iro and Igbokve met at the bank about the exam
– account inquiries, bank account details if this is a global philosophy, and –
Remove money from victims to reduce the amount of money stolen from many
Fraud scheme.

If a unique bank account with the company name prompts the merchant to request payment, Iro and Igbokwe
According to court documents, opening an account where money can be recovered often involves large sums of money. Moreover
Because a fake company name is a mirror of a company name, most team members are fake.
At the time of the fraud, the banks were given statements regarding the trade names of the Los Angeles Trade Registry
Account opened.

Iro and Igbokwe communicated with each other as soon as the victim deposited money in a bank or financial account.
Make lots of money. Counterfeit banknotes sometimes transfer money to other bank accounts under their control; To others
The goods were promotional or commercial, such as fundraising.

If the stolen money was used, the defendants must often transfer the money abroad,
This issue generally prohibits the transfer of money to banks or institutions. I
He coordinated the management of banknotes in the United States, including the transfer of money from victims of fraud.
Which is part of an illegal transaction. These exchange offices transferred money to other Nigerians using the Bank of Nigeria
Currency in Nigeria, Nigerian Bank Accounts from Nigerian bank accounts
Authors Ero and Omar agree. This method has been used to transfer millions of dollars directly to the Nigerian military
Carson’s 0-year-old Jerry Ikogo was arrested Sunday in connection with the shooting.
A 34-year-old man from Fantana was one of the culprits in the illegal distribution of furnace materials.

Listed suspects include fraud, money laundering and
Serious theft Many suspects also have serious fraud and theft of money.

In addition, Los Angeles, TI Tie, Los Angeles, Taco, Oguo and three other easy suspects, Kingston Umge, are lawyers.
Manbrangora Marina (33) Oras and Madeleine (Nigeria) are 111 years old.
Among those arrested this morning were Ogawa and Manmargura, and Umeya is now my favorite place.

IFF, O’Keefe and 39-year-old Chuck Iroha are accused of trying to block the phone during an FBI investigation.
The FFB said in an interview with the church’s pastor that this was not its intention. I understand the complaint
Ivy broke the phone twice when the FBI raided Aaron’s apartment in Carson.
Wardrobe and Aroha pulled the bedroom window out of the apartment. Iron said he had hung up the phone earlier
The FBI was able to find out if the phone worked for a few seconds after arguing with his wife.
The FBI knocked on Iran’s door to issue the order. It is rumored that Yeroha has recently fled to Nigeria
By order of the FBI

The defendant was not released because his crime was a criminal offense.
He was found guilty by the court

Police intelligence is investigating.

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, the Sheriff’s Office, and the U.S. Department of State
The country was very supportive during the referendum.

The U.S. Postal Service, including many agencies, can help with cancellations and investigations.
Lighting, USA, Customs, Culture, Homeland Security, USA. Live and active
Services, U.S. Customs, Border Protection, Ventura Attorney General, California Franchise Tax

In addition to several FBI prosecutors, the Office of the Criminal Division also contributed to this investigation
International relations with foreign officials around the world. Especially the FBI and the US
Due to contributions from the National Criminal Court of England and the German State Attorney for Osnabrck.

U.S. attorneys Anil J. Anthony and Cyber Joseph B. Woodring heard the case.
Department of Criminal Property.

The FBI in 2017 published reports on many BEC programs and published a summary of WireWire Operations in 2018.
international efforts to prevent international BEC fraud. The FBI has released useful reports on BEC threats
The program encourages companies to trust.

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