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The FBI exposes Nigerian gangs for fake dating

darknet The FBI exposes Nigerian gangs for fake dating
Darknet The FBI exposes Nigerian gangs for fake dating

Federal prosecutors are currently investigating 252 cases involving 80 people
Consider at least 46 million people at risk for scams, email companies and other online scams.

I was asked about the Chief Judge of the Central District
He was captured and sealed in California after his arrest in October 2018
One of the 11 American protesters at 2 p.m. Los Angeles
Medicine is important. The other two will be appointed by the federal government
Police arrested another man before the law was enforced
At the beginning of the week. 63 people believed
Abroad, mostly in Nigeria.

According to a report from the Ministry of Justice, the leaders are accusing another Nigerian woman, 31-year-old Valentin Erog.
Carson and Sakwood Christogunas Igbokwe, 38, of Gardana, California, are from California. Unfortunately, he was arrested and taken
to court
Regulates operational money management and leads to money laundering
Organize fake bank deposits and get financial assistance to those who have earned money abroad illegally.

The case was decided by the court on October 7, 2014 and is still ongoing
At least on May 2, 2018, the LED announced. The defendant was rescued
He was charged with conspiracy to commit fraud and robbery
The more thefts, the stronger the gangs
Scams and other money laundering.

Ira and Owawai were also charged with money laundering.
Transfer Company and Jerry Igo (50), Carson, California;
Age of Alejandro Gock Mongno, 34, Source, California; Izukukuv Kingzley
Umjesi, 30, Los Angeles; Third, Marina Mangugu, 33
Palmle California; And age 31, Nigeria in the Euro end, Omar kway
Chuck Iram, 39, of California was charged.
Destructive experiment

One of them is Ikogho, Oganga, and Manabangi.
The special charge covers at least 26 people after their arrest.
Cutting tools without using loads.

According to the DJ, this is one of the victims of this global phenomenon.
Many seniors have important rules and skills.

This is an example of an ongoing effort to save Americans.
It brings bogus systems and bogus people to court
Citizens and business people, said U.S. Attorney General Nick Hanna.
We go to the DOJ Today we took an important step to stop the crime.
Network using BEC model, love scams and other scams
The victim sends this message as we know it.
The criminals dont know where they are and we are cutting back on them.
Satisfactory benefits

Criminal gangs said in a statement today that the Central Election Commission has made great efforts to commit a crime.
In Los Angeles, FBI Deputy Director Paul Delacorte was added.
Angels from the field office. If billions of dollars are lost every year, we encourage citizens to realize these financial
We intend to protect you or your company from suspected victims.

Fill in the usage report

Today, 80 defendants, mainly Nigerians, are tried in a court of 252 people.
He participates in various public places and thrills to steal millions of dollars through money laundering.
Become a money editor in Los Angeles

This morning, US judges sentenced 14 defendants to prison.
Eleven of these arrests took place in Los Angeles. Both defendants are in federal custody for the other two
One person was arrested earlier this week. The rest of the suspects must be abroad, especially in Nigeria.

Prosecutors allege that the 80 accused and others used various scams, including email piracy.
(BEC) Elders and cheaters, cheaters, to deceive millions of victims. For me
The criminal case against the leadership of insurgents in Nigeria, the United States and other countries has also ended.
Payment by Caron Valentin Iro (31) and Gardenia Chokodi Christogonus Igbak in Nigeria
Citizens have bank and cash accounts that they can fraudulently receive from victims. Once a member
The story encourages victims to send money to false accusations, to coordinate and control the receipt of money by Iro and
A comprehensive money laundering network, running on 145 pages

According to the criminal cases and allegations, Aero and Igbak were among those arrested this morning.
Counterfeit money transfers include at least 6 million projects as a result of fraud and conspiracy
He wanted to steal at least $ 40 million.

Scammers have been targeting victims in the US and around the world, including people and small and large businesses
Advocates of some victims of this system have lost millions of dollars due to fraudulent programs, and most of them are elderly.

This work is part of our efforts to protect Americans from online fraud and criminal liability systems.
“They’re looking for American citizens and businesses,” the U.S. Said lawyer Nick Hanna. Today is an important step
Criminal networks that use BEC schemes, romance techniques and other victims of fraud. Rate sends us a message
Despite the perpetrators, we recognize them and stop the flow of illicit income.

The proclamation now draws attention to the great efforts of organized crime groups to implement the BEC solution.
It’s targeting U.S. citizens and their resources, says FBI chief of staff Paul Delacourt.
Office in America. Billions of dollars are lost every year and we challenge citizens to watch out for modern finances
Tips to protect yourself or your company from being accused of being a victim. The police organization is committed to working
with us
Partners around the world target these criminals and damage their networks.

Iro and Igbokwe are fake lawyers in bank accounts. According to the complaint, Ero and Igbokwe Bank have joined
Billing requests, bank details sent to co-producers around the world
Loss of money for all victims in exchange for funds from several victims
Wrong suggestions.

If you need a bank account with a specific company name to convince the grieving company to pay, Ero & Igbokwe
According to court documents, the amount paid was always in line with the donkeys for filing complaints. appendix
Fraudulent names of conspiracy members often provide non-counterfeit company names to reflect the name of an official company.
In a statement to the Los Angeles State Department / Company, the bank was declared fraudulent.
Accounts are open.

He accuses Iro and Igbokwe of negotiating with others after the victim deposited money in a bank or financial department
Earning a lot of money. Fraudulent members sometimes support other bank accounts under their control; other
In some cases, the money is simply taken as a deposit, like cash or cash.

In cases of money theft, suspects are often accused of transferring the money to another country.
This naturally prevents direct financial exchange through Iro institutions
Igbokwe has made the transfer, but does not compare it with other bank accounts in the United States.
Illegal withdrawals Finally, traders use orders from the Nigerian currency to exchange other currencies.
The currency in Naira (), the Nigerian currency, comes from the Nigerian bank account which manages the Nigerian bank account.
The Iro and Igbokwe methods are used to convert millions of dollars into Nigerian spies without the need for direct conversion.
Windows Bank predicts 50-year-old Carson Jerry Ikogo (arrested on Sunday) and Addegoke Mohi
The 34-year-old Ojungbe from Fontana is part of a group of real protesters.

The 80 cases mentioned in this report are allegations of fraud with financial advisors.
Identity theft still threatens the cost of living.

In addition, Iro, Igbokwe, Ikogho, Ogungbe and three others, Izuchukwu Kingsley Umejesi, 30, in Los Angeles, Tityaye.
Marina Mansbangura, 33, of Palmdale and Obi Madikwe, 31, of Nigeria, have been charged with money laundering.
The judge said Juungbei and Mansapangura had been arrested the next day if they wanted to escape.
By staff

Aero, IgboCoy and Chox Aeroha, 39, denied allegations that they damaged their phones during the FBI investigation.
July 2017. Aero was also charged with defamation by the FBI during a search. Complaint words
FBI approval of Eros’ residence in Carson immediately called his phone.
Gbokwe and Eroha lock the phone outside their bedroom window, while Iro says his phone is broken.
A debate with his wife and details of an FBI case that may have caused a second call provoked.
After the FBI raided Eros’ house to get permission, Erasha decided to fly to Nigeria.
After the FBI issued the order again

The costs of the criminal case and the plaintiff are only an appeal, and the plaintiff is convicted.
If he is not guilty in court.

The case is being investigated by the FBI.

Los Angeles County Law Ornein, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office and U.S. Office
The government has provided significant assistance in this process.

Some organizations offer assistance during test days or sessions, including in the United States
American Standards for Electronics and Consumer Electronics Research in the United States. Nationality and Emigration
U.S. Customs and Security Act for Double Boundaries in California
De Pope.

Several FBI attorneys, such as the Criminal Justice Department, assisted in the investigation.
International relations and foreign organizations. Special thanks to the FBI and the American Bar Association
Donations to the United Kingdom through the National Crime Agency and the Attorney General’s Office in Osiris.

The lawsuit was heard by U.S. Attorney General Jay Anthony and Joseph Woodward.
Loss of intellectual property.

In 2017, the FBC increased its numbers in BC. And he published a summary of the work for Wire Wire for the year 2018.
The FBS has issued a BAC-certified risk warning in response to the bank’s international efforts to prevent global fraud.
Systems encourage companies to trust, but they control it.

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