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The Dark Web Scoop (all scam podcasts)

darknet The Dark Web Scoop (all scam podcasts)
Darknet The Dark Web Scoop (all scam podcasts)

There are millions of people on the Internet and there are over 10,000 different types of drugs available worldwide. Subscribe:
Apple Podcast [| Google Play [Fix [Steel] | Tunnel [Poster of the Great Submarine Kill the faction [00:00:00] John Johnson: ARP
will air this week on Corruption. [00:00:03] At one point, we recorded 17,000 people on this page, every 171,000 people People
come here for incredible reasons. [00:00:12] I steal people I didn’t care about. I was very unhappy [00:00:21] Will NS Onson.
Welcome to the AARP podcast series. I am here, Johnson, I am here My congressman, Frank Abagale, is the director of the FAR fraud
agency. Frank, I can feel it [00:00:30] Frank Abagale. Good luck and thank you. [00:00:32] Will NS Onson. Frank, I thought “Catch
Me” would be a continuation if possible. Have you thought about it Am i alone [00:00:39] Frank Abajinal. I never thought about it
Will Johnson: You can live 400 years. Frank Abeniel: True. Jason: Everything? Im not sure who played this role, but I think
Leonardo DiCaprio Leo could be back. Our podcast is about fraud, so want a Dark Web episode. There is a network fee for dark rays
Life and growth, drugs, weapons, social security numbers, the name. The AARP network expert has been deceived Look at the dark
area. Dodge Schedule: The website was launched by the U.S. military in the early 2000’s. Experiment Yes, of course I know, because
it is already known. Connect the onion to the TOR router. T-O-R You have to go in the dark, but before the criminals see it. As we
examine these techniques, “Are we waiting for their announcement anonymously?” They said. Let’s try This is a good idea because we
want to sell drugs. Participates 100 percent of all criminal activity in the dark Human trauma drugs are sold in the Dark Network,
as well as in the digital trade you can imagine This is your digital identity and my digital identity. What is digital identity?
Things like your social security Number and personal information. [00:02:10] Johnson Johnson: Leave it in the dark, how it
started, how it works, Today we come to the source of Brett Johnson. Many people today know Brett as the man who created the dark
ages. These days Life in Britain has changed. Share her experiences with such wonderful people as FBR, the Secret Service and
others Private companies fighting cyber crime. I sat with Brett and we talked for 90 minutes. I must say it was a pleasure to talk
to Victims are in many stages. But Brett has an interesting story that will help us get there A view of cyber crime. [00:02:50]
Music c [00:02:50] Johnson: Is this a secret service when you call an internet service owner? [00:02:53] Brett Johnson: They do.
I’m not proud of his name. But he said that [00:02:57] Johnson Will: Brett probably knows more about dark sites, as most people
know. [00:03:04] Brett Johnson: Maybe the Internet is dark and the Internet is more mobile than anything else. This key may be
beyond me. [00:03:13] This is Johnson: You’re definitely coming to him. And the reason is that you created the first person on the
internet Can you buy it? [00:03:21] Brett Johnson. Yes, and [00:03:22] Will Onson. Illegal goods and illegal consumption.
[00:03:23] Brett Johnson. It has taken the first step towards becoming the first company to organize cybercrime. They call it the
“Crown of Shadows.” Today, he was the leader of Dark Net market and laid the foundation for today’s cybercrime. today [00:03:35] Will Onson.
Brett Johnson grew up in Kentucky. He describes his mother as the captain of a swindler As he grew up, he loved stealing 10,800
bulldozers, going to the store, and colliding. Owner’s complaint [00:03:50] Brett Yoh Onson. They were abusive, no, I thought it
was a corpse, but thats all The Spirit does not believe. I left my sister alone for a few days. Then he stayed with his father
Mom, mom, mom, we went for a few days. We should not eat at home We were very scared before. You know, you know, stop, go, look
out the window, go inside On the way home, I was always upset and hated. Dennis, I was a year younger 9, he was always just crazy.
She goes to Curry. A few days passed. One day Dennis approached him The Emperor and Shish took the sacks with the pigs. I’m glad
where did you come from? I stole it from him. I am here We will also show you how. [Special Animals and theft related to it.
[00:04:48] Brett Joach Onson. I dont want anyone to think that my parents are my adult choices. Jesus said to him, I was forced
to break the law. [00:04:56] will Onson. Say something about nature. And thank you for your words, but to me. This means that you
dont have a personal example, youve never eaten and worked without food. This is so It was necessary. [00:05:06] Brett Johnson:
All right. [00:05:07] Johnson: Do you remember the first time you installed your computer? [00:05:09] Brett Johnson: The first
computer I visited was the Texas TI-994A. Yes, I know what I’m doing Situation. This is a successful video game. Most importantly:
The first time I found it Archeology 94, 95. [00:05:29] Johnson: Yeah, good question, of course, you’re connected to the outside
world Kentucky. [00:05:33] Brett Johnson: No, I’m in the computer. I’m famous for that. [00:05:37] “Music Mon [00:05:38] Wilson
Johnson: One of Brett’s first boys was killing baby animals for sale It’s the red elephant on eBay for the B 1500. Access to
smaller boxes and cable stations opens up the river for customers who want to pay more. All right, Brett Cybercrime has come to
the world. Languages like myself are all a problem; However, if you are ready, you can turn it into something good. [00:06:10]
Brett Johnson: Yeah. [00:06:10] Will Johnson: Starting. I think you have it, but it always comes to you, whether it makes sense,
or it’s easy May be free from things like adolescence. [00:06:18] Brett Johnson: No, this idea helps, but it’s the worst part of
my dad and mom. Okay, so I found out My mother is a psychologist. My father was the only child my mother loved, so he endured
everything. He was allowed to come in and not let people in, but he still poured oil on her. He told me not to criticize me and my
sister. Anyway, yes. He tries to divorce her love. As I got older, I realized what it was Remember me and I grow up. I do not like
to go I do not want to lose the necessities. And I don’t want to leave him. I don’t like work Where I want to make sure I support
them. He has the character of these professionals I mean, that’s what it is, of course, yes, I know it, why it’s something known
in the first place. Also He always corrected his guilt. [00:07:16] Will Johnson: We can live with any sin that comes our way, or
we never do it. [00:07:21] Brett Johnson: Originally, they didn’t exist. Yes, no, because I’m sitting there Nothing will happen if
we abuse the inequality in the air The face of the victim. Yes, you are not just looking for information on the Internet and
talking to people Please break the law. [00:07:42] Johnson: So when does the Dark Web start? So you finally opened the first
online store. I didn’t jump Have you gone too far? [00:07:46 AM] Brett Johnson: No, no, not at all. [00:07:48] Johnson: The time
may be dark? [00:07:50] Brett Johnson: No, that’s cyber crime, so cyber crime is lighter. Then it became a business, and today is
the economy. So yes 0, u The satellite tickets that were sold were stolen, right? That happened around 97 when I decided to make
money To do this, I need a fake ID. So I don’t know where to find a fake ID, what to do, I’m online, I see, I think I found it.
The person who gave the receipt will send my photo, send 200 and it’s broken for me. Okay and I’m complaining. Forgive me I really
need someone who can bring me a receipt. I do not understand it. There is a place closest to what I call it The fake library is a
fake layer and the only item sold. There she is. But then they have this forum Someone used it, so I went to the forum and
everything I do every day is complaining about the release. [00:08:50] This is a fake ID card provider. And when I was, these two
ordinary people appeared at the same time. One of them is Bellesby Most of the other Saskatoon children are Mr. I’m from Los
Angeles [00:09:01] Johnson: Is your name an accent? [00:09:03] Brett Johnson: My name is accent. [00:09:05] Johnson: Deleted? Are
you a fan of rings? [00:09:06] Brett Johnson: Yes, I’m the Lord of the Rings. Yes I am. How do I get Beelzebub and complain Talk
about how your ID can. One day on ICQ he noticed that it was an intelligence agency and that it was like Gollum, he said. I can
create a personal ID. And do you like it, can you do it? Yes, I liked it and I created one and sent it to me. he loved I could
try, but he said I wouldn’t. I paid $ 200. And he said he should have done it Because if you want to be online, you trust people.
And I feel bad, darling The reason for this is that I am a friend of the people who run this website. And I like it, I have to say
I’ll send you $ 200 so I can start if it breaks. So I sent him $ 200, I sent him my two photos Weeks later, two weeks later, I
received this ID from Steven Schweck from India. What is Beelzebub doing to him? I want to sell the certificates, the idea that
hell makes me, he wants me all to be critical [00:10:06] if Services that arrive on the platform. Today I was friends with the
people on the site and asked them Can I view the forum? And I am as you understand. So I went on stage, Beelzebub wanted me to go
inside It’s just a product and it means that you have to do it to understand how the products work. You can ask, see Everything is
coming and you can learn how to do it. And I thought it was a good idea. Let’s do it. When I started We only lie because there is
nobody else in the world. [00:10:35] Will Johnson: I’m going to ask. allegedly [00:10:37] Brett Johnson: He was first and they
came in and filled it out. [00:10:40] Johnson: And you’re just looking at the products? [00:10:41] Brett Johnson: Just think about
the product. [00:10:42] Will Johnson: People posted this on a Website. [00:10:44] Brett Johnson: So some people have fake IDs
please send me fake IDs. [00:10:47] Jason: Everything is fake or bad or is it legal for a business? [00:10:52] Brett Johnson:
Legal business, how? [00:10:53] nson: Like a white shirt [00:10:54] Brett Johnson: Well, not so much. [00:10:54] nsonson: Or we
might need hay. [00:10:56] Brett Johnson: No, that’s totally illegal. So if anyone is stupid See, they have to send me some checks
so I can sell them on the forum. The same goes for fake cards or credit cards Or something similar. [00:11:09] Dear [00:11:10]
Will Johnson: Then the table met with the Ukrainian group Plant Carder. He was robbed Credit card numbers in the office are called
payments. Brett Johnson: Well, he shared with us, were out of bounds, shadowy and Amber Crew is, in fact, the leader of the Darknet Market.
[00:11:30] Will Johnson: Brett has been running the site for three years, adding 4,000 members. [00:11:34] Brett Johnson: Members
who know what they are doing can make $ 30,000 to $ 40 a month and deal with stolen debt. Purchase and remove the product card.
Will Johnson: Finally, they provided a way to insert a fake card with a magnetic rope. Withdrawal of funds from ATM. He brought
money. [00:11:52] Brett Johnson: I’ve started stealing. Not $ 30,000 to $ 40,000 a month, not $ 30,000 to $ 40,000 a day.
[00:11:57] Johnson: You can make a lot of money from ATMs, right? [00:11:58] Brett Johnson: Yeah. [00:11:59] Johnson: So you want
to go the other way? [00:12:00] Brett Johnson: Yes, in short, you had an ATM. Will Johnson: But in 2001. Brett realized that the
law started on the earth. Brett Johnson: I started looking for a way and at one point I was a person, I think you look at it, SOB,
also known as personal theft or taxation. Will Johnson: He seems to be partial. Brett Johnson: It sounds like a normal thing, so
if you look at it today, people will open a tax bill in front of you. I am a human being. I started. I started attending meetings
in 2003 2003. I. Playing, I color 160,000 a week. Will Johnson: Yes, you did. [00:12:44] Bryant Johnson: Me too [00:12:45]
Johnson: Okay, did you start waking up? [00:12:48] Bryant Johnson: Yes, I’m very scared. I’m afraid I’ll be sentenced to 30 years
in prison, lost Website. [00:12:54] Stupid: goodbye. Do you make a lot of money now? [00:12:58] Brett Johnson: Yes, I didn’t do
anything, I stole more money from him. Really, yes, I know what this thing is for. When he worked, he earned $ 35,000 a month. Now
the tax has increased. It is necessary to produce capital I stole 160,000,000 a week for 10 months. [00:13:13] Johnson: Did you
put all the money on the couch? [00:13:15] Brett Johnson: I returned the money. So you see, Jonesport is one of those guys The
three hundred and thirty trillion left over from boiling is 20 percent. I actually did, and every six minutes I got to the place
where I pay my taxes and cut my taxes on Sundays. Wednesday, 8:00 p.m., two hundred taxes per week; With 200 coins, 80% on
Thursday. Travel certificate, study He is not outside or at the ATM, not tomorrow morning and at 2 o’clock at night I left the ATM
that day. Return to Sunday; To start again. Even when the money comes Originally I owned it and this house is in Charleston, South
Carolina Forest, and I testify. You are trying a Spartan sofa, but I have 150,000 suitcases in this room. [00:14:14] What do you
want? [00:14:18] Wilson Johnson: Well, we asked if this ATM was an emergency, not a reward. Is there more time for guns and drugs
than just credit cards? [00:14:33] Brett Johnson: I follow three rules for the shadow team. And these rules are not fake Money,
drugs, child abuse. It has nothing to do with child pornography. He produced ammunition, drugs or weapons We can entertain Beret
from her perspective. Well, he works in this industry. Oh yes He managed to make a gun without a phone number that sold 2,000
bridges. It’s us start measuring. Drugs, what happened, I, the second accuser, always wanted drugs. This is the end For the shadow
team, the first thing we agreed on for years was the sale of Ecstasy. It contains 40,000 tablets Article Unfortunately, in the
past, we sold bows and marijuana products with Ecstasy tea, and the result was oxytocin. [00:15:34] Will Johnson: 2004 October 26
U.S. police have arrested 33 people in six different countries. It was Brett Just one corner, but it didnt take long. 2005 The
law came into force. Brett Johnson: It so happened that me and South Carolina bought diamonds from UPS. See COD Cash Offers. The
parties, I gave the address of the bus driver, said, listen, Eva. I bought a package. She gave me the package, I gave her a check,
I thought $ 23,000. And Im back The FBI and Charleston, South Carolina Police Department, saw me with a gun. [00:16:16] Charles
is great VILLIAM JOHNSON: He’s sitting on Breccia Crovn Court and keeping him in the secret service. They did it together. He
Within a few months, he began to love those who work in the dark. Brett Johnson: I came out the same night I came out, $ 30,
Secret Service Purchase a credit card to reset travel and tax fraud in your Valmart hotel room. I will try They violated the
Secret Service for 10 months and violated the law every day for 10 months. The music department [00:16:45] Johnson: Brett is back
in jail. Don’t be afraid to break the law at any time. Meyer Vegas, Then head to Disney World Orlando, where they look for theme
parks that go daily. But he grabbed her again and pulled her over He was sentenced to 76 months in prison. [00:17:02] Brett
Johnson: No white dress, Send people like me to a few camps where you can help out in prison And that’s all. I was not working at
university, there were six weeks, then one day she went missing. There are others My groups download the money package, but they
have phones and IDs. Oh, they have about 300 emails. In the meantime, American businessmen pay for the whole region, and I expect
the Ukrainians to lend it. With me. He never did this. They stopped, and now I’m sending him to Texas. [00:17:39] Johnson Johnson:
Everything is fake, do you have it all? [00:17:41] Brett Johnson: Oh, I saw it. I mean, I’m combing my hair. I saw this red goat
Everything else and yes, I’m not like now. Will Johnson: But they will see you. [00:17:53] Brett Johnson: Yes. You do it
[00:17:55] Johnson: Bruce came back to prison and surprised his father that you didn’t remember him in his life. , [00:18:01]
Brett’s Onion. My father is still in prison. There are jails there Arrival at 10 minutes. He asked me, “Father, what should I do
for you?” I love it, yes you can tell! So he called Dennis and Dennis called me to Kentucky. Dennis was in North Carolina for
seven hours, he said. Seeing that Dennis was pregnant, in the car, and in the hours and why in ten minutes, she said she loves
me. (Yes.) I sent her oh, I was only 8 months old and I was sent to a Texas prison. I can’t do it The next five years. Yes, it
took me two years to realize that. In prison and everything else, I managed to break the law. [00:18:55] Who is the Onion? Just in
search of souls. [00:18:57] Brett’s Onion. Yes, you end up in a boring prison. If you fail, you have no time to do anything but
think honestly. This rule should be for you Believe in what you do or you are taken into account. I’m glad Accept what I did
because I paid for it in 2011 and I had no choice but to break the law. If yes, if you go When you add gel, remove the tools you
are using. As a result, I went through an evaluation period that I could not get I could just wash my hands in the grass and I
love it. I have 400 It’s better to do that on Saturday. I’m glad summer is over. [00:19:47] The basic starting point [00:19:52]
Anne Onson. Meanwhile, Brett met Mitchell and they got married but returned to work after work. The best [00:19:59] Brett John
Onson. Michelle worked. He took the money. I love what I need I had a job I wanted to support, so I went online and started buying
a stolen credit card. Release: Hunting: I’ve been back in prison for 10 months. Michelle, she’s with me. He, who is (hard to
breathe) Unfortunately, they never thought about it, they never did, and they never doubted that they were there. [00:20:30] About
Onson. The latest news in prisons is the existence of fraud or, more importantly, people Outside of Michelle, she never gives up.
He is working out what to do. [00:20:41] Brett John Onson. So they connected everywhere. Did you know that the police are more
involved in crime? Ever since I committed crimes outside of Pittsburgh, cybercrime has disappeared. I posted I love LinkedIn and
Hein, I thank you for what you do. I think you do a good job, respect yourself and so on I want a legal career. Wow, does he trust
me? [00:21:06] On Johnson: Brett has the lines he needs to start a new life. Law enforcement, Include everything you know about
the dark web. This is the case; Discover the secrets of a small internet community Please help with planning sites today.
[00:21:23] Brett Johnson: Peeta will tell you how things have grown since Peet promised to shut him down. We ended up with 4,000
participants. He killed the planet Alpha Bay in the dark on May 5. If it is closed This site has 250,000 members. [00:21:40] Segue
song [00:21:42] Did you just call Johnson: If you’re thinking about starting working on the Internet, you know For the first time,
the child will be sold as a blue spring. Really? Do some of these people have different interests? Brett Johnson: No, she did not
think that she is a person. Of course yes, I know before I know what I know If not, this is a new product just for you! I expects
the difference is that I only see live, I know that I hurt him. It’s me I don’t think he cares anymore. I am glad to have the
opportunity to see you know me personally Habits affect other people, you know, I’m bad. I steal, steal from the people, from the
people, from the people who I have never met and of By the way, as long as I tortured his soul, I wasted no time. And I’m not
saying I’m good at it I’m single, but it’s okay, and I’m trying to lie. I couldn’t be better, but I was sick From now on, I
believe that decisions will be more useful than dangerous. [00:22:57] Music really [00:22:59] Johnson: I’m back to Ambassador
Frank Abagnale from the AARP fraud monitoring network. Lots of scams and scams Without the list, phone number, credit card and
others, was not successful as his. If not [00:23:14] Frank Abagnale: When I was selling information, I was reminded that money is
of two forms. The form of money And in the form of data, they make money, and they generally sell information on the dark
Internet. Dark on the Internet. The rotary chat room is in the same security zone The screen contains the information it contains.
More complicated now. [00:23:37] Will Johnson: As our audience counselor, I’d like to ask if your card or debit card was stolen.
who you are, your bank account number and you have a concern, which is currently being sold in the dark, which may we do [0:23:51]
Speaker: You know what I mean, and I’ve written many times that I haven’t done anything wrong. I only use credit card. No credit
card, credit card only, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discovery Card. daily I have used a credit card for the rest of my
life. I do not spend my money on commercial banks find satisfaction No one knows where he is because he has never reported. I
arrived at the store with a credit card on credit card I board the plane; I use a debit card. Here I am everyone can protect the
number, but tomorrow I will have my number and pay my bills The card, as required by law, was my lender. When using a debit card
and paying all or part of it, I pay Loans are increasing, so I’m taking a call. If you have a credit card and a credit card, you
must open a They stole their money from your bank. And you can use your credit card twice in the next 20 years [00:24:51] daily
and do not increase the width of one meter. There is always. So I just used a credit card. When will I buy There are some things
on the Internet and they do not accept, I am saved. If I buy a bad product on the Internet, it doesn’t come back If I’m connected
and everything is a place to think, even if I can’t see it, I’m at peace. And I always say Friends, I’m not worried that my credit
card is online because you’re not a credit card, When a credit card company refuses to pay these charges within 30 days of the
loan. I didn’t use the card when talking [00:25:31] Johnson: How’s the money? Will you make money? [00:25:32] Frank Abanyail: I
just asked for this bank called ATM. I do not want VISA, MasterCard image. I know refuses to speak far. [00:25:41] Will Johnson:
They use it. [00:25:42] Frank Avanare: All right. [00:25:43] Will Johnson: Like the first one [00:25:43] Frank Abagnale: And they
still do. So I asked for an ATM card in the bank. Will Johnson: Well, use a credit card and ATM to pay Frank. Frank Abigail:
That’s right. But in order to be honest with you, I travel and come back somehow We want to withdraw an ATM in Malta, I use a visa
or MasterCard. They fill me, but they fill me As a cheap warranty, no one has access to your VISA account without access to your
bank account. [00:26:12] Wilson Johnson: Jean-Tir told the victim to set up our Facebook page. Make complete changes to your
pages, network tracking network, purchase schedule, and revenue methods Get out, he was careful about what he said, but now he is
tired of us talking. [00:26:32] A fantasy series [00:26:34] Will Johnson: Jane, thanks for coming back. Jane Bam: Hello, thank you
so much for finding me. [00:26:37] Will Johnson: We met you, Jane Bame El. [Laughter]: Good. [00:26:42] Johnson: The elf is a
smart guy. [00:26:43] Guitar Jump: I don’t think so. I also use the Facebook page. I see the methods every day. I returned
[00:26:52] Johnson Johnson: It can happen to anyone, anywhere. Tell us what happened. [00:26:55] Ginny Jump: Now I’m working on a
lot of financial fraud, I have nothing, I’m looking at bank statements. First of all, I have travel money, money and I think I do
everything. We checked your credit card details in the morning and found that the monthly payment amount is correct for
monitoring. this It’s twice the price of 1995 and I like the red carpet. I’m crazy because my expectations are TransUnion and I’m
starting Give them money twice as much, so I think they like it. So I was spiritual, I didn’t pay attention, I called 800 to be
there [00:27:56] Credit card information. I was there checking my personal information, which was a nice woman on the phone. I was
so vocal, I looked like an ohhh and I went on and immediately called my credit card. Trading was the first thing I needed.
[00:28:13] Johnson Teams: Jay Beam is training people who use Facebook and Janet monitoring sites? Just accept: Follow me on Johnson Johnson: Um, thank you again. Congratulations to my team vice president Frank Avanare.
Frank Avanare: Who’s better here? Thank you for receiving me. [00:28:32] Wilson nsonson: More information and resources for
protection or just before victimization Cases of fraud can be found on the AARP website, the
network. Thank you very much to the fraudsters. Uli Gates, Brooke He worked for Alice, sound engineer Steve Bartlett and Julio
Gonzalez. AARP may be Johnson for the perfect scam. We found the original article on Arp [ You can listen to all the posts in your
favorite device using the device link at the top of the menu (Apple, Android, Spotify).

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