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The culprit who hacked the Darknet statistics is the Dark.file

Updated July 22, 2019

Good luck to all, owners of John Marsh, Admin and Dark Net Sets. Now I think I will let you know
Last failure on our site last night. We kidnapped. Yes Al that sounds like me, Just like BT for me.
They are not ready for such a situation. Thats why I think my audience can really understand hacking. .It is very aware of this
Our next step / strategy

As you know, this is a new website that aims to fill the gaps of getting a deeper website
Started in early May as a small project. After a few weeks, we saw a huge increase, which we needed
Deciding, this is our daily plan. So we are constantly adding new features and features to help you get the best results.
Transportation Once it was decided to continue this project, I proceeded and it was released
And the red.

Short and red
We launched a Reddit information campaign. All known sub-information confirms our contribution and publishes its publication
Very interesting for us. We became stronger and stronger. Lots of traffic to our site
Update knowing that good work is always making money. This is good in terms of traffic, but a well-prepared campaign has been
G accounts Edit number of accounts We started thinking about what happened?

After this new camera was made into a deep camera, I started thinking about who is responsible for this campaign.
The first idea is LE. But when I contacted the data on these records, the data immediately disappeared. It is a responsibility
There are almost hours.

Formal government
After you analyze all the messages and paste all the data, each message has a poster
Darkness failed in one sense. Click why you want to put a black mark on it
When we visited a facility in the United States. Everything is starting to get better. Do not give up right away
However, it was published by Darknetstats. Remember, this is our first message: They take us when we think
It is associated with fear of darkness. Returning to our site, the clear culprit was darkness
Allow us that campaign.

And it didn’t end there, they were upset because we didn’t know what would happen next.

That day I checked my email. I received a good deal of risk from the Darkfire email team.

Dark Alert Team
It is not surprising to us that the language used was very complex. He told us to delete all DarkWeb links. do you have Skype
He answered sincerely and refused to leave because he was not there.

Our Response [Our polite, respectful emails
We received a message in response

[Answer in dark and dark [Answer in dark and dark at this time,
There is no point in talking to this middle person. And we did not respond to any letters. Every day, our website became more
I don’t know why, so we kept in touch with the receptionist. It’s over with luck

[Doo special help map on our website [
A demonstration of the invading power only to attack our website, our website contained a document showing the attack on Dido. we
Our security became a cloud of ddos. This enabled DDoS attacks and raised the website again. The solution? Nothing special.

The ultimatum
After the news of the dark and the threat of death. This can be a very serious risk to you.

Danger of death [After a few hours, there is a fear of death on our site
Sipferfi. This time it wasn’t Dodos, so we know we were robbed at the time.

The responses from the Redfile management team destroyed our database. We were surprised because they did not expect it
Something like that. As a secret and unknown opponent, he took it from the heart. But luckily we were able to support each
We always have a database, so don’t waste time, it’s time to stop.

On the other hand, we do it more productively and we clean and dirty the grass, greed and
Experienced representatives of the daily department of our company.

Many thanks to the whole community for your love and support. I promise my team will not succeed.

Thanks and good morning, John March

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