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The city of San Prairie warns of data breaches after unauthorized access to email accounts

Updated on July 18, 2019

It has been an illegal party for almost two months this year
The right to send emails to other employees
About the Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.

The articles contain technical information such as team security
Registration of numbers, numbers and passwords, license, rules
Signs, bank and account, financial account, medical
Payment details and card

The city has been known for a long time
The information available in the appropriate e-mail accounts,
About 30,000 cities
The search could not be verified
An email is entered and the city is notified
We treat people carefully because we have proven them
Many email addresses are affected.

On March 6, Sun Prairie spoke about the city
First find out about the salary, including the employee
Save: Further analysis of the data reveals this
Most of the bank’s employees were injured during the mid-January violation
March 16, 2019, March 6, 2019.

The city has security measures, policies and procedures
Protects data from your systems. It is constantly updated
This is part of our current commitment to security
Information about our disk maintenance.

The solar prairie advised the victims to be vigilant
Information Thieves review information
The city also has a telephone line 1-877-202-9025.

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