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The Christchurch man who escaped from prison bought at least Meth & Ecstacy on the Dark Web

Christchurch, 33, escaped from prison after Ephemetemine and Ke ordered him out of a dark environment.
Holland and the United States of America

Timothy Robert Fearn was sentenced to 11 months on Wednesday in a Christchurch court.

He was previously convicted of importing amphetamines, drugs, and class E drugs, class B drugs, and drugs.
Both drug traffickers have been charged with numerous crimes and repeated offenses.

The anxiety was convicted of many other charges, including the precise purpose of confiscating illegal cars.
He was illegally imprisoned on the lawn and did not respond to the court.

Pharaoh lived in Christchurch and worked for an engineering company in mid-2016 when the set arrived in New Zealand.
Use of nicknames and other addresses.

Crohn told the court that customers use mail order management at Auckland Airport.
View international news and presentations.

When Fern and two others were arrested, it was called Operation Sky from May to September 2016.
He was imprisoned.

The drugs were ordered online through the Black Market website.

This website allows people to send many illegal items online and send these orders worldwide.
Until the address and name pop up. Raw materials are provided using bitcoin, crowns
He said

A packet of ecstasy and methamphetamine was planted at the International Post Office, some of which were planned
Learn from fear

Tariffs received a total of 27 grams of methamphetamine and 6 stimulants.

In an interview, Door denied being involved in online drug shipments, but said he had paid to help another lawyer.
Pay for drugs

He promised to see the benefits he would get from the drugs and said he would use some of them and sell them to others. Laughter
A drug lawyer found his phone number.

Secretary of State Raul New said his case could be reassigned.

The judge told those who were imprisoned in the sun today.

The 12-month journey begins on July 31st.

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A Sheffield pharmacist sells MDMA purchased from a dark place

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