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The Canadian police say that Reno’s commercial sale of 6 million dollars of pills, weapons and drugs in NL.

For the first time in Newfoundland and Labrador, police found a network of drug dealers as part of the drug market.

The New World Military Police held a press conference in St. Louis. Petersburg. John gives details of this process
A dog captured three houses from Avalon Prison.

More than 700 kilograms of illegal marijuana and 1,000 grams of coconut were found in the bag, among other items.
The Norwegian Refugee Council estimates the value of the assets at more than $ 6 billion.

Police seized $ 180,000 worth of ammunition, six firearms, ammunition and two vehicles.

Tom Warren said the investigation began in September 2019 after an attempt by drug associations to fight drugs.

Researchers believe he is talking about overdose
Our community, Warren said.

This collaboration sends a good message to our staff that this event does not exist in our society.

Group of Canadian organizations for sale.
All three were arrested and released. No payment was made on Thursday, but Warren said the case is still pending.

He described the body as a national event and thanked RCMP members in Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and the United
Local Police in Colombia and Ont Bord

According to Warren, a criminal group, the organizations associated with them are very complex. They do not even have a partner.
Not just from our continent, but from all over Canada

Warren explained that taking pills is dangerous for drug users in the area because of the risk of infection.
Pesticides such as Fentanyl Medium can be purchased and purchased in approximately 20,000 tablets at a time.
“The net is black,” Warren said

This has nothing to do with the RNC investigation, which is why I am of the opinion that the operations in Rennes with the police
in St. Petersburg. Louis Jonesver.
Fentanyl’s home was discovered on Campbell Avenue when James Cody was killed on Craigmillar Avenue a few weeks ago.

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Canadian rhino police task seize $ 6 million in pills, guns and drugs in New York

Reno Police, Canada