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The British were imprisoned for 11 years for injecting 100 kilograms of drugs from Darknet Netherlands.

Drug dealers brought 100,000 cocaine and MDMA to the country from Coventry airport
11 years old.

Reens (31) and Reamington used a black web to buy imported and distributed Dutch medicine.
All over the UK.

After a two-year investigation, Warwickshire Police identified a list of seven drugs.

The Royal Court of Warwick in Baam Leamington heard that it had conducted the investigation.
The Celsius operation began in October 2018 when police at Coventry Airport seized 100,000 cocaine and MDMA.
As a police officer, he decided to take care of his work at the post office.

A Warwickshire Police spokesman said:
The country is responsible for 13 other imports.

The court ruled that Richens performed a classification into a dark network and sent large sums to the cryptocurrency brokers.
Give him Bitcoin. Bitcoin was later used to buy a large number of Class A drugs in the Netherlands.

The investigation revealed that he found millions of pounds in his bank account while selling drugs.
He has been actively involved in serious criminal activities since 2012.

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Reshin was sentenced to 11.5 years in prison on charges of conspiracy and conspiracy to defraud the import ban.
First class drugs (MDMA and cocaine) eight years in prison for MDMA and eight years in prison for fur
Cocaine is sent for up to six years in prison for MDMA transmission

This is followed by a two-year sentence, followed by the cost of the property / stock / transfer / assignment / transfer / crime
of the property.

The strikes must take place at the same time.

Researcher Richard Brown said: “These results should send a clear message to those who think they can hide.
Under the dark cloth.

We use all possible means to investigate such crimes and avoid the use of sophisticated technologies for collaboration.
organized crime.

At Warwick, we continue to work to ensure the distribution of drugs and ensure that justice is brought to those involved.

Officials are still trying to establish that the Reich has not committed any crime under the Contracting Management Act (POCA).
The court is set for September.

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