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The British network sends child pornography from prison to Leeds through a dark network

Mark Duckworth found pictures of a large organization attacked by his family in Leeds.

The 64-year-old teacher and computer teacher were seen trying to use their laptop while Yorkshire police investigated
Approval at his home on Hutton Street, in a round, last January.

The Crown Leeds Council learned that Docworth was active at the time, teaching and spending 40 years in education.

Authorities seized two laptops and found 46 illegal images.

This section contains a total of 29 photos of the most serious crimes and child abuse.
When he was 15, he was two.

The computer used a cleaner and there was evidence that Dockworth had access to them over a dark network.

The children in the photo are not connected to the school where they attended Duckworth.

Duckworth admitted in four seconds that he had sexually abused children.

The court heard Dick Worth’s interrogation and stated that he and the children did not have sex.

Judge Jeffrey Merson said: I have no regrets. I didnt agree with a single word.

Martin Moore said quietly: Dickworth lost his job because he couldnt do what he wanted.

“They are no longer good characters,” he said. When I saw you this morning, I was happy with what might happen.

Moro Duckworth said he took all the pictures after the meal and needed help to solve the alcohol problem.

Tomorrow Dadward’s wife said she was ready to support him and participate in a program to reach him.
Stress is like getting out of prison.

Judge Jeffrey Merson K.C. He is 64 years old, you have been a teacher for many years and you became a teacher when you retired

Life has always been glorious, honest and satisfying.

There were no believers before that.

For reasons that are difficult to understand and for those who are sexy with children, you have downloaded the number

These photos show children aged 2 to 15 years.

This is an ugly ugly picture.

We do not understand that these children are in the hands of the perpetrators of these crimes.

By presenting and presenting them, you can overcome deception and humility.

You should be completely ashamed of your behavior.

Duckworth was sentenced to eight months in prison for two years.

You have been ordered to attend a 30-day renewal service for the required number of days, working 100 hours free.

Duckworth was also sentenced to a decade of extermination.

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