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The BIBST BUST is a CC Flint 24 guide for customers arrested by the FSB after the Golden Rule Dont Make Russia Russian was developed.

darknet The BIBST BUST is a CC Flint 24 guide for customers arrested by the FSB after the Golden Rule Dont Make Russia Russian was developed.
Darknet The BIBST BUST is a CC Flint 24 guide for customers arrested by the FSB after the Golden Rule Dont Make Russia Russian was developed.

Information on the theft of 25 Russian citizens and Russian identity cards. Russia warns: Your threat.

Russian officials have denied the allegations
State actors have fled citizenship
The principles of the Constitution do the same
This is harsh criticism.

We started talking to the marketing managers
Card Market This is a platform for Golden Shop / BuyBast and more
Pokemon, new card ads

However, the authorities do not agree with the crime of going to Russia, especially those who do not appeal to Russia.

Unfortunately, for some home teams, they rarely get this message.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, known as the FSB,
The announcement was made with the Russian Interior Ministry
Arrests more than 30 in 11 parts of the country
Like Moscow, Crimea and St. Petersburg. even then
Twenty-five of them were charged with selling stolen credit and debit cards
Both Russian and foreign financial institutions.

Authorities blamed people, including Russians
Ukrainian and Lithuanian citizens create more than 90 items online
Shoplifting is recorded and stolen information is used
Buying and selling products worth more than 1 million. Officials say
He was also arrested during a search of the defendant’s residence
Guns, illicit drugs, gold paintings, jewelry and cash: 1
Million plus 3 million rubles (at a cost of 39,000, 000)

The FSB said one of the detainees had already been sent to jail. The man will be Alexei Stroganov, whose name appears on “Flint
24”, whose name appears on the Live Journal blog, as well as a list of some missing persons and information about their appearance
in court. He said Stroganov had previously been charged with felony criminal mischief and was sentenced to six years in prison in
2006 and released in 2008.

The Moscow Supreme Court suspended the arrest of Stroganov.

Criminal officials said it was not closed.

“At the arrest was also the well-known web market, Bibet and RC,” said the fake trading company Gemini Advisory in a blog post.
Versions “The best data payments are known for sale, many of which have personal information” and are linked to GoldenShop.

The twins said that Bibest also represents the online markets for Bingo and Yoho

“BuyBest and GoldenShop are in the glass market, so they are for sale
Credit card information with equally available resources
“You always do the same with criminal forces,” says Gemini’s counselor.
He said. – It shows a stage of hackers at BuyBest
Since then, glasses have been approved by Russian law
For confirmation ”

According to Gemini Consulting, BuyBest was first published in 2013
This site generates market revenue of almost $ 18 million
The executive also received a $ 52 million personal benefit
This site provides information on stolen cards.

“The marketplace is famous for selling confidential information, including social security numbers, birthdays, victims’ IP addresses and
browser reasons. Some scary information is linked to hack into many victims, including Caribbeanou Coffee and Russell Stover. ”

CarderBazar Forum

Bybest has prepared a platform for abnormal communication.

Most market. Secretly advertise your services.
Black Forums Online, Even If Candidates Host Their Own Forums Saying “Gemini
The consultant said The marketing manager has a platform called Operate Up.
The main market is a platform that will sell gold / bibest products and everything.
This is also a window to promote new business cards.
There are additional components on the market for data cards dedicated to illegal data networks.

Flint 2 and the large community work on essential websites like and In addition to other websites
found on Darnet, in other words, we have an anonymous Tar Bra browser.

Suspension: sale of Russian cards

According to the Council of Twins, this is common in Russia
The Criminal Investigation Board suspends money laundering BuyBest marketplace
Card issued by the Bank of Russia. It is clear that Strognov and
Other fraudulent companies are targeting Russian companies. If they succeed
Thus, the data can be viewed in one of 90 unique frames.
This may indicate a need. ”

He added that another option is for advisors to be able to create their own opponents. “The Russian credit card market is highly
valued,” he said, adding that after voting for the Bryanski club on the black market last year, he was probably competing with Mr
Green marketplace.

Pressure on Putin’s orders

Gary Warner, head of computer research at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, said the arrest was made because President
Vladimir Putin had ordered the internet fraud secretary. ,

Putin said at a Russian conference in the state crash earlier this month, saying, “I propose measures to reduce this crime.”

Warner said: “I wonder what will happen when President Putin gives the order
The Minister of Justice will do something to postpone the conversation
In Russia? The FSB began its work on arresting people. ‘ ”

Get out of the sink

BuyBest arrests are rare, at least because of their origin
The Russian government rarely punishes anyone for torture.

The exception has been since October 2013, when officials said Poincare was arrested and was a Democrat several times. So Fedotov
was 27th. At that time, Grup-IB lived in Singapore. Fedotov is the founder of the popular service Blackhole Exploit, which is
available as a service and can sell for only $ 500 a month. Use a coolant; is a malware prevention service.

The Interior Ministry announced soon
The group’s actions led to a $ 2.1 million cyber attack in Bangkok
Against Russian banks

Run away. Russians leading foreigners are in danger
Persecution abroad is not possible due to the return of the Russian government
Citizens, but every Russian who decides to arrest a Russian mother does so

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