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The best-selling legendary CC vendor Flint 2F FSB has been shut down because he never stole the lure after breaking the gold rules.

darknet The best-selling legendary CC vendor Flint 2F FSB has been shut down because he never stole the lure after breaking the gold rules.
Darknet The best-selling legendary CC vendor Flint 2F FSB has been shut down because he never stole the lure after breaking the gold rules.

Russia sends 25 people with stolen bank cards Reminder to Russian terrorists: Local meters killed
At your own risk

The Russian authorities are basically monitoring cybercrime
As long as it allows officers to be a part of it, volunteer work is citizenship
This was done by the state legislature
Hard to treat.

> Marketing directors are called platforms
Card Store is purchased as a Gold Store / Best Advertising Platform and everything
It also announced the sale of glasses and the removal of new cards

But the authorities do not tolerate terrorist attacks on Russians, especially not in the war against Russian banks.

Unfortunately, some local groups do not seem to have received this report.

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) said on Tuesday
Issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation
It affects more than 30 people in 11 provinces
Moscow, Crimea, St. Petersburg. At that time, the authorities in St. Petersburg
Twenty-five of them want to sell stolen credit cards
Russian and foreign financial institutions.

Authorities blamed the men, including Russia.
The people of Ukraine and Lithuania have created more than 90 people online
Stores that sell stolen items also sell stolen card information
Buying and selling products worth more than one million 1. Authorities announced
They also detained suspects in burglary
Weapons, illicit drugs, gold bullion, coins, expensive coins: 1
One million plus 3 million rubles (equivalent to $ 39,000).

One of the detainees has already been arrested on a similar charge, the FSB said. This person could be Alex
Stroganov, known as Flint 24, whose name was published in LiveJournal, and a list of other suspects;
Stroganov has already been tried and sentenced to six years in prison, the report said.
One hundred were first released in 2006 and 2008.

Moses’ court held Stroganov’s arrest.

The Russian government does not name internet markets.

But with that arrest, a well-known black website called Bubby, as well as a mirror page.
The twin mentors said they were not offline. He is best known for selling millions of good goods
Earnings accounts usually have a personal identity as well as important information related to GoodShop.

GemB Advisor says BuyBest represents Bingo Online and Yooho

BuyBest and GoldenShop are glass sellers
Credit card information is corrupted and comes from the same source
It usually works in the same band as Guitar Advisor
He says. It displays and controls the BuyBest Hacker cycle.
The mirror was taken directly from Russian law

Gemini Advice said BuyBest debuted in 2013 and is still predicting
As a result, the district received a market share of $ 18 million
Management and revenue of $ 52 million each. Tao
Who provided information on the website of the stolen card.

The marketplace is known as a seller of false data, which often includes the victims security number, date of birth and IP address.
User and application address. Some contract terms are obtained by cancellation at the destination area.
Shares like Garaco Coffee and Roosevelt.

Cardida Bazaar Bibo
Surprisingly, BuyBest also launched its dedicated forum.

Most market enlarges services in their low ground
For web sessions, select other apps that work on your platform. Gimny:
The counselor says. Business leaders run the platform by name
The card market is a great advertising platform for everyone
We offer the sale of new simplified cards and its mirror
Ticket holders have software that prevents illegal internet access

Flint 2 people A large group of people claim that sites like run other sites.
Only sites that are available through the Internet, in other words, use anonymous browsers.

Suspended. Russian sales card
Twin counselors speak the same Russian language
The BuyBest marketplace network platform prohibits the sale of money
Card issued by a Russian bank. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post
The company says some hackers targeted Russian businessmen. If they did
Therefore, the data can be displayed in one of more than 90 mirrors.
It can draw attention to law enforcement.

Another possibility, he says, is that the platform administrator may have been created by the enemy. Payment card in Russian
He noted that the market fell sharply before announcing last years collapse.
BriansClub is a leather buyer that is clearly controlled by MrGreen marketplaces competitors.

Balabala before Putin
Following his arrest, President Vladimir Putin ordered the interior minister to remove him.
Gary Warner, director of computer forensics research at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, said it was a crime.

At a conference in Russia earlier this month, Putin said: I am working on measuring something small.
Number of offenders.

Warner: Look what President Putin did
Judges will do their best to reduce the cost of counseling
In the juice? The FSB arrested the man.

Do not drink water
The Bybest network is unique because it is historic.
Russian authorities have not accused anyone of cyberbullying.

A notable exception came in October 2013 when authorities said Punch, who has been charged several times, was arrested.
According to reports, Dmitry E. Dosto was 27 years old at the time. Meanwhile, Singapore-based IBB reported on Fedotov
Is the creator of a famous mining tool offered as a criminal service, a payment service.
For $ 500 per month; For Cold Sores; And antivirus service.

Shortly afterwards, the housing office announced
Internet fraud resulted in $ 2.1 million in fraud
Russian Bank Fund.

For housing: Russians who intrude on foreign targets have a lower risk
Persecution from abroad for refusing to surrender by the Russian government
Sandwich with meat. But all Russians who choose to kidnap Russian mothers do.

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