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The abduction error in a DLL makes the DLL vulnerable

Updated July 18, 2019

The millions of PCs of Dell et al
OEMs are usually stored in a fixed part
Support programs that allow attackers to perform
Call it a machine hit.

Multiple ines (CVE-2019-12280) are available
Career in Support, an active monitoring program
It installs first on your computer and detects errors and warnings
It’s a Dell machine. The session was conducted by PC-Doctor.
Develop software for various PCs and laptops
Original Injection Equipment (OEM).

It was discovered by Peleg Hadar, a security researcher at SafeBreach Labs
The violation stated that Support Support is installed on most of Dell’s devices
Windows machines, not software
Patch, this weakness could affect many Dell people.

PC-Doctor released this button.

Dale did some research
Ask users to update or reduce automatically
Update the support program manually. Because there are so many consumers
So far, 90% of customers have joined automatic updates
A Deal spokesman said they would arrive early.

Technical Assistant
The system controls the sound of the hardware and software, but requires high quality.
License. A low-rated computer is a signature driver
Installed in maintenance. This will help you to reach your destination
Hardware (eg physical memory or PCI).

The disadvantage is the lack of a dynamic link library (DLL).
Illegal access to the player will be removed indefinitely
DLL service. A DLL is a file system that many people use
Procedures for Windows applications.

Loading DLL into the program: no digital certificate
Guarantee two things The program cannot be viewed.
DLL is forced to sign. So you have to load
Access the dll regularly for no reason.

Due to a poor user experience, the cyberdoctor was signed by Microsoft for primary access and mode.
The rights and efforts to download a DLL with less read / write access are given.
Such as physical memory, system BIOS for administration etc.

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