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Ten years ago, RAT supplies and thieves exploited the evil Sky Gate

Updated July 17, 2019

Threatening agents have been known to use antivirus technology in at least three malware distribution campaigns for decades.

Keylogger Hawk I Reborn, Remote Mandatory Access (RAT)
Many cryptocurrency mining initiatives have been used
Antivirus technology, SkyCat to block Cisco Talos
Researcher on blogs [July 1.

This method is a maneuver that allows 32-bit malware to run in 64-bit mode
API call storage settings when switching to a 64-bit environment. YOU.
Malicious software developed with its own intervention has never been written.
It is always difficult to hide the disk during boot
You are looking for an antivirus system.

During a recent struggle, researchers discovered malware.
The infection process begins by sending an email to the threatening player.
Invoices, bank details, etc. are damaged
Financial issues

Standard email messages contain Microsoft Excel spreadsheet space.
Or Microsoft Word documents using CVE-2017-11882
Lack of communication with Microsoft e-editor and project opening time
Malicious download tool

Sky gate is a common technology.
But after a slow journey to a large group
Phnom Trojan, NeverQuest Pony Infostiller, Sykes,
Trimans Nymaim, Ursnif (Gozi) and TrickBot Bank

In many places you will reach the gate of heaven
Researchers have repeatedly said this on social media.
These expert groups are used by cybercriminals.
This condition can be used from birth
Shake your head to achieve the same goal

Use the attack style from the Microsoft version
Effectively locks the flow control icon in Windows 10
Download the 32-bit WOW64 application to run 4-bit code

Despite this action, some risky players still use this method.
Older systems and more. Before detecting an attack
Her latest report was published when she was raped early last year.
Mining and Trojan emoticons are encrypted.

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Ware Healing Locker Ware was related to RAT and Trojan Bank

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