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Take it easy! Hard Disk Encryption with Veracrypt

darknet Take it easy! Hard Disk Encryption with Veracrypt
Darknet Take it easy! Hard Disk Encryption with Veracrypt

Updated 18 July 2019

Vera Crypt is the most popular TrueCrypt disk encryption software. It increases self-confidence
Thanks to the algorithms they use to encrypt systems and partitions, the authorities are not immune to recent attacks. He too
Specific solutions and many security issues in TrueCrypt.

This improved security will delay the opening of an encrypted partition without affecting performance.
Stages of program use. You will find the right owners, but it is very difficult to reach.
The information is encrypted. VeraCrypt is compatible with real encryption and has TrueCrypt parameters. You can convert them to

Step 1. If you have not already done so, download and install Vera Crypto. Then run VeraCrypt by double-clicking the VeraCrypt.exe
Or simply click Vera Crypto on the Windows Start menu.

Step 2. A large Veracript window will appear. Click the Create Volume button. (Knitted from the red square for clarity)

Step 2 [Ve. The Veracript Creation Wizard window appears. In this step, you need to select the location where you want Veracript.
Veracript quantities in this context can be included in files called containers, partitions or disks.
In this tutorial, we first select the options and create a VeraCript sound in the file. Choose the one you want
You can press Next. Note. In the next step, the on-screen wizard appears just to the right of the window.

Solis For this step, you must select whether to set normal or hidden VeraCript level. Selected in this lesson
Set the first option and the default level for Veracript. When the options are available, you can click Next.

Step [5. At this time, you need to specify where you want the VeraCript volume. (File storage) Note that VeraCript
Containers, like all standard documents, can be transferred or deleted, as well as other documents.
Which one do you choose in the next step.
Click Select File
You should now appear for a general selection of Windows files (while the VeraCript Volume Creation Wizard window is still open in
the file).

Step 5 [6. In this guide, we will create a VeraCrypt disk in the F: \ Data (File) folder.
I have a book (
As shown in the figure above). Yes, you can choose another
Other file names and locations (for example, on a USB stick)
Peepic). Please note that my volume files created by Viracript will not be found.

Features: Please note that VeraCrypt has not been released yet
(When creating a Veracrypt box). If you
If there is currently any file, it will be replaced and replaced
Recently created (so save the file
Not hidden, not hidden) You can do this
Hide files in VeraCrypt (later)
We are working *

In the file selection tool, select the path you want (where you want to create the box). Enter the name of the box you want
File name of the field
Click Save.
The selection window should disappear.
These sections are the magic voice of Veracrypt.

Note that when copying files that are not part of the VeraCrypt part, you must delete the form.
Software files that can be used for safe downloads (often free).

Step 6 [7. Click Next in the Dimension Wizard window.

Step 7 [8. Here, you can directly select an encryption algorithm and a hashing algorithm. If you don’t know what to choose here,
You can click Next using the default settings

8. Steps [9. We show here that we want a 250 MB Vericrypt container. Of course you can add it
After entering the required level in the input field (marked with a red rectangle), click Next.

Step 9 [10. This is an important step. Here you need to choose a good voice password. Read the information carefully
The wizard appears in the window and is considered a strong password.
After selecting a good password, enter it first. Then reset the first and last
Click Next Warning The next button is locked until the password is the same in both cases.

Step 10 [11. Move the mouse over the first arrow in the Windows Wizard window.
There is green. The longer you hold the mouse, the better (it is recommended to release the mouse for 30 seconds). Here
The cryptographic power of the encryption key increases significantly (security increases).

Click on Format.

You should start rejuvenating the skin. VeraCript will now create a file called Mi File in F :: Folder (as mentioned in the
6). This data will pass through Veracript (which contains the Veracript volume up) depending on the volume measurement,
Skin rejuvenation can take a long time. When done, the following box will appear:

Step 11 [Click OK to close the box.

Step 11-1 [12. We have created Vera Crypt Volume Manager in the Vera Crypts Wizard window.
Buy the product
The magic window disappears.
The remaining steps will increase the size you create. Return to the certified text box (which should be).
Open, but if not, run step 1 and vera crypt again and then step 13)

Step 12 [13. Select a driver signal. (Marked with a red rectangle) One liter of two is approximately VeraCrypt.
The container has been loaded.

Note: In this guide, we select the M type on the disk, but you can also select the current disk chip.

Step 13 [14. Select Select File.

Step 14 [15. In the File menu, find and highlight the File check box. (Created in steps 6-12) Click the Open button.
Go to the file options)
The file selector must not have a window.
In the next step, go to the main Veracript window.

Step 15 [16. In the main VeraCript window, click the Download button. The password will appear on the reminder.

Step 16 (17. Enter the password (you mentioned in step 10) in the password entry field. (Marked with a red square)

Step 17 (18. Select the PRF mode that created the folder (SHA-512 is the default PRF used by VeraCript).
If you haven’t forgotten which PRF to use, set it to specify. But the compiling process will take longer to click.
OK after entering the password

VeraCrypt is now trying to increase the volume. If the password is correct (for example, if you typed it incorrectly) VeraCrypt
You have received a notification and must repeat the previous steps (re-enter the password and then click OK). If the password is
The waves will rise.

Step 18 [Step. Specify the capacitor as disk M.

The whole disk is locked (including the name of the partition file)
Free space table. Etc.) Looks like a real disk. You can be sure
(Or a, p, offset, etc.) On this disk and
Write hidden in flight.

If you open a file saved by VeraCrypt Audio Dio, for example in Media
The player changes the files in RAM (memory)
Fly while you read.

Automatically reminds you when you open VeraCrypt a secure folder
Capacity (either when writing or copying a Veracrypt file)
You do not need to enter the password again. You will have to give it away
Set a password only when the sound is entered.

For example, to open the inserted disks, select them from the list above (blue option).
Double click on the selected item.

Integrated function [Also browse the installed driver
As usual you do a different amount. For example, when you open a list of computers (or my computer), double-click them
Clicking on the appropriate station letter (in this case the letter M)

The latter [can copy the files (or folders) from Veracrypt
Light intensity
How to copy to any standard drive (as usual)
Drag and drop Skype notes). Read or download the sheets
The hidden VeraCrypt driver is automatically encrypted
Air RAM can write similar files
Blocks downloaded for Veracript are automatically placed on the floor
RAM (before writing to disk)

Note that VeraCrypt does not only store hidden data on disk.
They are temporarily stored in RAM. There are no numbers
After receiving the data stored in mode is hidden. When to start
Remove Windows or PC, Size
You can’t delete it, all files stored there will be lost (again
including). If the power goes out suddenly (stop
When you close the application), all archived files will be deleted.
Missing (and hidden). They get it
You must also enter a level. To do this, repeat steps 13-18.

Upgrade or restore the system
go. To do this, follow these steps:

[Last page of sample title posted
And a great article
Window (marked with a red triangle on the top screen), then
click Remove link (marked with a red triangle
Sakano). Find files stored on the cover,
You must change the mode. To do this, repeat steps 13-18.

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