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State Insurance of Data Insurance

State Farm is the largest real estate insurer and victim in the United States
The companys attack was confirmed by the California Attorney General and others, who reported the cyber attack.
On Wednesday, August 7, he emailed customers. Information about the default information with the login information to the network
account system.
To the weak player

He. The letter contains information about the insurer’s injuries in the city
The worst player was the last security incident
Use a list of other user IDs and passwords
Try accessing online government accounts like online.
During the investigation, we found that the wrong player was making this claim
The username and password of the user network on the Internet.

This type of Internet attack is called approved packaging. Attackers
Get or use other users’ usernames and passwords
It opposes information about the company and they try to use that power
Sign up for accounts and other pages. It works well for people who use it
Most people have the same password in different places

The council confirmed this in an email. On request
Attackers can obtain names and passwords from a variety of policies
Please note, there is no personally identifiable information
The computer report did not report any fraud. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post

In addition to alerting affected users, the state government is also a committee.
All required passwords

The fuel explosion continues to rise
Recall the tragedy that occurred this year. Sellers are always best sellers
It was an attack on the bees that invaded the valley, but the target fell
Aaron’s telecommunications company said
Zander, head of IT at HackerOne, is tired of inflation
Providing information.

We used this password in the early 2000s
Zander explained that he had come to find us. People do not have to use passwords.
However there are people and the bad guys know them. Manage the correct password
For example, using multiple passwords
View and change the password once you receive it
You will be notified that your account is closed and may continue
By reducing attacks on safe insects.

Now it depends on the company that works on the Internet
Obtain a residence permit from the inspection department
Restrict access to Authorized Individuals or IPs
Only two or one method should be used
Includes how fast they move and how fast they are delivered. Using tools
Free email addresses such as Captcha, financial controls, research ideas
In general, it is helpful to think about how the page was acquired
Participate in online exchanges in the field of licensing
– Stop it.

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