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Spanish spa police hack Darknet fake money

darknet Spanish spa police hack Darknet fake money
Darknet Spanish spa police hack Darknet fake money

Updated July 18, 2019

Spanish police recently triggered a rift in the thousands
It is sold locally in a dark network. They said it was the biggest job done
Written in the history of the world.

The elders said the union did what it did
Tenerife, Hotel Spain. They worked in a very complex network
Create 10 or 20 different bank statements, including complete ones
7500 per month.

Europol is investigating the matter with the Spanish national police. The study began in 2018, after Tenerife
Banks report a sharp increase in the amount of money circulating on the island. They complained
Notes are common in young breeds. Officials working on the document also received the documents
European circle.

The police searched his home for possible property
Four people arrested in connection with the sale of counterfeit books in euros
000 costs more than 17 000. It also has a very technical solution
A printer that can print fake invoices and labels.
Computers, equipment and laptops were confiscated.
In the process of printing.

Experts who have studied the printing process claim that the production is based on the most modern technologies and equipment.
Lead accounts are similar to regular ones. This is surprising, especially given the serious investment.
They run. This allowed them to run half the way without pressure.

In a statement released after the arrest, Europol said it had saved the man.
By funding and examining electronic litigation at the Commission
No technical support. He also created a mobile laboratory
So often I can find someone they suspect.

The representative of Europol said that he was a party to the case
Their responsibility in the fight against the euro is false, if necessary
Residence of the European Union. Other important roles he plays
Include assistance in sharing information and transferring confidential information
Professional, technical and criminal analysis. They also provided funding
And the exchange of scientific information for the entire law enforcement agency.
Without EU.

This is true for many people who have counterfeit money.
EU production. Austrian police print fake notes
Sales at Leoben in June last year. The police told him
The owner of the store made various signs on fake paper documents
Put up for sale in a dark place with tens of thousands of notes
It is sold to people all over Europe.

The euro was outlawed in September last year
Goodin’s printing house was destroyed by Polish police
50 points. Police
The agent said the store owner was selling paper money.
Content in all EU countries controlled by A.D.
When a few years gained a good reputation.

This led to attacks on more than 300 properties in more than a dozen places.
Cyprus, Croatia, Finland and the Netherlands
Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Portugal and the United States. As a result 235
The suspects were arrested between November and December. Authorities over the phone
1500 pieces of money, various medicines, computer and smartphone equipment.
Bitcoin and publishers.

Van Gamert said in a statement that he is now working for the team
Officials trying to hire all the vendors
Fake entries in unknown places.

Members of the public were ordered by Spanish police
Guidelines on how to distribute EU paperwork

The European Central Bank also recommended that the public use it
View and paste notes to confirm
According to this organized bank, the views of the legal entity are organized and unstable
Some parts of large memory feel worse than others. In fact, as a guide
Turn on the lights and check the water marks on the notes
Photo and security room near the area. After leaving a note a
The silver and gold lines match the European image too
Colored emeralds clearly affect numerical memory.

Authorities have asked locals to identify themselves with counterfeit paper money.

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