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Spanish police take counterfeit money from Denmark

darknet Spanish police take counterfeit money from Denmark
Darknet Spanish police take counterfeit money from Denmark

Updated July 18, 2019

Spanish police recently opened a fraudulent company of several billion euros.
It is also sold in the country and the Darknet. He says this is the biggest step so far
Reflections on the history of the country.

Officials said the secretary was working
Tenerife Island, Tunisia. They operate highly developed networks
Depending on the total number, write down 10 or 20 euros
7,500 most common

The case is being investigated by the Spanish National Police. The trial began in 2018 in Tenerife
Banks have announced a dramatic increase in the number of major cryptocurrency on the island. informed
Most records can be found in Section 10. Records are processed by Mala employees
Advertising is spread throughout Europe.

Police conducted a search of the residence
Operation Four people have been arrested in euro newspapers
More than $ 17,000 was taken. They also found it scientific
Reporting on telecommunication links and counterfeits
What is computer and financial theft used for?
at press time.

Experts who reviewed the printing process say that high-tech equipment and vehicles are designed for the design
The above facts remind us of the facts. Its funny, especially when you think about how much money you have
they were involved in the project. All of this allowed him to act for a while before the truth came out

Europe says it helped with the arrest
Links to support research and reviews and systematic reviews
Freedom from the beginning. He also created a vocational center
this can warn suspects often.

A spokesman for Europol said he was investigating as part of the case
Euro-related services in connection with the European Union’s request
EU headquarters. The rest is gone
as well as providing accurate conditions and information
Expertise, research and investigation. They are also worried about money
and in supporting all science and law enforcement agencies
Outside the European Union.

As in many other cases, it is false money
European group production. Australian police have removed the pressure to make false statements
It went on sale in the oven last June. Police said
The shop owner made a fake entry with different names
Buy it online for 10,000 dogs
People are sold in Europe.

It was declared illegal in early September
The Poles did the press in Gdansk
Then he made 50 statements. Establish laws
According to the department, the shop owner sold the money
Black networks for all EU countries It was a gesture against him
Two years ago he was honored.

He caused more than a dozen attacks
European countries, including Cyprus, Croatia, Finland, the Netherlands,
Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Portugal and the United States 235
The suspect was arrested between November and December. Officers were arrested
1500 coins, many medicines, computers and mobile phones, weapons,
Printing machines and bitcoins.

Van Gammert said in a statement that he would work for clubs
The tenant is a good account for everyone
Black articles on the Internet.

Spanish police have called for a public inquiry
EU guidelines on shipping of fake posters
the Jurassic.

The European Central Bank has also warned against using the public
the consciousness to hear, see, and lower the letter emphasizes its existence
is legal. The bank said official license records are tight and clear.
Some true records look bigger than others. It is really soft
not designed to recognize the rays of the face, the tickets must have a candle
Photos and stamps in front of the center. When writing articles.
Silver appears under the European portrait
The serial numbers indicate the true nature of the text.

Officials have called on members of the public to warn them about the fake banks they are going to.

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