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Spanish police fight against money laundering from the darknet

darknet Spanish police fight against money laundering from the darknet
Darknet Spanish police fight against money laundering from the darknet

Updated July 1, 201 p.m.

Panamanian police have confiscated thousands of euros
As the shark trade in the region. You say it’s a very important part of this business
Historical records.

According to government sources, the group carried out its activities
Tenerife Island, Spain. Well done online
Euro notes are organized in 10 or 20 churches and that is the total amount
Monthly, 50,000 per month

Europol has launched an investigation into Spanish state law. Research in Tenerife will begin in 2018
The sudden rise in counterfeit money is spreading across the country, banks say. He also said
In total, the amount was 10. Officials working under Malla received the document.
Distributed in Europe.

Security forces raided the property and allegedly stayed at home
Job. Four people were arrested and euro bills were recovered
More than 17,000 were arrested.Some have invented the most important technology
The printer can generate two files with an ID
Things. Computer files and copies are not sent
During printing.

Experts who have studied the printing process will be guided by the improved technology and tools used
Effective tickets are very similar to legal statements. Great investments are amazing
The process has already begun. All this helped them to work long hours without entering the law.

In a statement after his arrest, Europol said it had helped bring him back
Close network, fund implementation and provide research and
Technical support from the beginning. They also organized a mobile phone survey
They have constant control over all the suspects.

A Europol spokesman said he was involved
Croatia’s position to fight against counterfeit Euros, if necessary
Central European Union. Other capital letters
Ease of sharing important information
Courts and jurists. They also donate money
And scientific support for all law enforcement agencies in the region; AND
Without the EU.

This is one of the most counterfeit money.
Made in the European Union. Australian police shut down counterfeit money printers
Store in Levine in June last year. Police said
Traders won counterfeit money at higher prices
Eat it to sell in the Darknet for 10,000 notes
Sold to people all over Europe.

Europol announced this in September last year
Polish police arrest printer in Gandesk
This is how fake 0 fake records were created. Police
According to the agency, the shop owner sold the receipts
Black network for EU countries. it works
It has made a name for itself over the years.

As a result, more than a dozen attacks were carried out on more than a dozen targets
EU countries include Cyprus, Croatia, Finland, the Netherlands and
Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Portugal and England – 235 in total
The suspects were arrested from November to December and officers were arrested
1000 cash, medicine, computer and smartphone sets, weapons,
Bitcoins and printers.

Van Gamart said in his statement and is a colleague involved in the ally
The government is accountable to all traders
Note the artificial black network.

Spanish police have advised local people to take this procedure
EU guidelines. Learn how to find the wrong situations

It must also be used by the European Central Bank
What does a pencil look like, what does it look like and how does it hold
Debt banks have also added that the credit book is useful and questionable
Some aspects of true wisdom seem superior to others. A. Mooney
A watermark appears in the document as it is viewed and interpreted.
Draw with a button near the center. When you publish a book,
The silver belt contains the emblem of Europe
The black emerald number shows the shape of the name.

Authorities say public figures have been warned of any misinformation.

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