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Spanish police block a fake Darknet operation

darknet Spanish police block a fake Darknet operation
Darknet Spanish police block a fake Darknet operation

Updated July 18, 2019

Spanish police recently uncovered a multi-thousand euro money laundering system
Sold in the ground and in the dark. He says it’s the greatest job ever
It was written in the history of the earth.

According to officials, the relationship was established in 2006
Tenerife, an island in Spain. Love complex networks
Enter 10 or 20 even numbers
7500 per month.

Europol is investigating cases with the Spanish National Police. The study was started in Tenerife in 2018
The number of counterfeit funds on the island has increased significantly. He told me about it
When scoring, it is always available for 10 words. Administrators received files
It is widespread in Europe.

Police raided the suspect’s home
Four people were arrested on charges of counterfeiting euro banknotes
The cost of the attack does not exceed one billion. They also get great equipment
The printer has the ability to create and identify fake characters
Theme. At the same time remove the computer and counterfeit money
During printing.

Printing process analysts say sophisticated technology and technology have been developed.
High quality ratings are similar to legal ratings. I was very surprised, especially the big investment
They acted. All this worked for a while, but the law did not reveal them

According to Europol, the arrest helped import
Gangut has been moved through the funding and analysis process and
Technical support from the beginning. They also organize a mobile workplace
From there they can provide regular supervision of any suspects.

Europol officials said they were considering the case as part of the deal
If necessary, because of your responsibility in the fight against fake euros
EU headquarters. They play another great role
This includes promoting and providing relevant information exchange
Professional, legal and criminal analysis. They also provide financing
And any assistance from law enforcement agencies and the support of scientific institutions
This is the European Union.

This case is just one of many other fake money
EU product. Australian police smashed a fake seal
He was notified by police in the Libyan tent last June
The patron made many false religions
It sells over 10,000 cartoons on dark websites
It sells to people all over Europe.

Europe announced that it was illegal in early September last year
Polish police expelled Gladysk Press
Look for 50 false statements. Law enforcement
The agency said the store sold the note
Dark countries in the European Union. They worked for each other
Many years of fame.

This resulted in attacks on more than 300 sites
EU countries including Cyprus, Croatia, Finland, and the Netherlands
Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Portugal and England. Therefore, 235
The defendant was arrested between November and December. The authorities arrested him
1500 Money, Medicine, Computers & Smartphones, Weapons,
Bitcoin and bitcoin printing machines.

In a statement, William Van Gmartrt said the partnership was “very important.”
Management is good at attracting upcoming books
Bad notes on a dark web.

Public members want Spanish police to comply with the law
European Union instructions on how to separate counterfeit money

The European Central Bank also recommended hiring of citizens
Don’t forget to change it and change the script
Clear. The bank added that legal documents are short and sophisticated
Some parts of the first leg are thicker than others. Speaking of mindfulness
If you are protected by sight, look for water in the logs
Line photos and security cameras near the scene. One when the message changes
The bank was found close to Europe
Emerald number indicates the illumination of the symbol.

Officials have urged the public to be alert for fraudulent donations.

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