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Spanish police are cracking down on Darknet’s counterfeit money campaign

darknet Spanish police are cracking down on Darknet's counterfeit money campaign
Darknet Spanish police are cracking down on Darknet's counterfeit money campaign

Updated July 18, 2019

Spanish police have recently suspended counterfeit foreign currency, including thousands of euros.
It is sold not only in Japan but also in the black line. They said it was the largest project of its kind
It is written in the history of the country.

Officials say the organization is working
Spain, Tenerife Island. They have run a great network
Make at least 10 or 20 euro points
Cold 7500.

Europol is investigating the case with Sifen police. The study was published in 2018 after Tenerife
Banks say the number of counterfeits available on the island has skyrocketed. They reported on it
The contract will be clearly stated for 10 nominal prices. Organizations involved in Operation Mara have details
Managing Europe.

Police raided his headquarters
Four people were arrested during the operation and counterfeit euros were confiscated
The value exceeds 17,000. They see it as a craft
Forms can print fake documents and identity documents
subject. The computer and counterfeit money were also seized
At the time of printing.

Specialists studying the printing system say that technology and modern technology are used.
The price is very high compared to the law and it is surprising, especially for big money
He had surgery. Working long hours, they all play an important role in not being able to find rules

In a statement issued after the arrest, Europal said it would help them arrive.
Win one through money and research and content
From the beginning, they provided technical support and established a mobile service station
He has seen all the suspects since then.

A European spokesman said the area was being carefully searched.
His job is to fight counterfeiters wherever he wants
Headquarters of the European Union. Another important role he plays
Includes key information exchange facilities with equipment
Specializes in Crime Investigation and Investigation. They also provide financial assistance
Scientific assistance from any law enforcement agency
There is no European Union

It is a matter of spending money
In the European Union. Austrian police confiscated counterfeit paper money
Buyed in Lebanon last June. Police say
The shopkeeper has already named various names on the fake note
Sell them for a total of $ 10,000 on the black internet
It has been sold to people all over Europe.

September last year. Europol says it was illegal
Polish police later destroyed a printing press in Gdansk
You will see that they wrote 50 false points. In law enforcement
The owner of the shop was selling cash, reports the department
The truth is dark for all EU countries. They worked it out
He made a name for himself for many years.

The result was an attack of 300 out of 10 people
EU countries including Cyprus, Croatia, Finland and the Netherlands
Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Portugal and the United Kingdom. Therefore 235
The suspects were arrested between November and December. Authorities were arrested
1,500 money, bulk medicine, computers and smartphones, gadgets,
Bitcoin tools and printing.

Van Jammer reports the conversation
Authorities have successfully reported any activity
Fake bank accounts available online

Siphen police have advised the public to follow suit
EU policy on data gap

The European Central Bank has also advised people to use it
Cosmetic tips and information to verify curves
The law firm added that the bill had been misinterpreted.
Some states are better than others. It is a true record
A light should be placed in front of the dam on the bottom
Pictures of the doors and closure of the facility. After recording
The neck of the silver chain can be seen in a European painting and can be read
The number below shows the effect of the light on the laptop.

Authorities have urged the public to warn them if they receive forged documents.

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