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Spam statistics and phishing reports for the first quarter of 2019

darknet Spam statistics and phishing reports for the first quarter of 2019
Darknet Spam statistics and phishing reports for the first quarter of 2019

Published July 18, 2019

First impression
Valentine’s day
Thus, the charge of stealing personal information about a love affair is a scam.
Users are selected as a credit card information. Various articles on cyberbullying from online florists to dating
It puts. Accordingly, users are encouraged to order gifts from relatives and buy tablets like Vegra. Click
For such a message contains the billing information sent by the creator of the victim.

NEW is a new product
At the end of March, the last apples were brought out of the country and the criminals threw them away as before. During the
This scenario involves a series of attempts to redirect users to fake websites that mimic Apple’s work. Corruption
The email disrupted Internet traffic and stole malicious information from Apple Pal encouraging customers to follow the link and
get inside.
ID Pal ID Fake IDs on the login page.

Designed for use support
Fake email email clients are the most common type of fraud. The volume of such information is increasing
It’s too late. References to non-tech support sites (with a good rating) can be found in both forums
And human interaction.

These banks, which we saw in the first quarter, had one thing in common:
They provide services related to issues related to any business.
Products with commitment from experts and professionals
He must be clear and kind. To put it for free.
Not only do they have conflicts with customers, they can also have

Last year, students and other scammers entered email addresses and posted facts from the popular social network Instagram.
These positions are not limited to the fisheries sector, which continues to use deceptive means in every way.
Comments just to save money, publicity and even fool internal celebrities to share content.

Cyber scammers use the same methods to trick victims into promising a product or service at an apparently similar price. March
As always in such a plan, the buyer requests all the information from the address to the bank details. Not to mention
The user takes all of his personal data.

In the first question, we record the email address referring to the use of automatic notifications by the main user in
Monitor law enforcement administration. Scammers after Conradh apologize to Gaeilge for trying to force recipients to follow
fishing lines
Check accounts or change payment information. Sometimes aliases are used with the same name as the real work.
Remove the victim’s website again to remove the fake license.

System Services AH
In the first quarter, we launched U.S. Showed a significant increase in energy consumption for consumers. Payment Gateway
Automatic Clearing House (ACH).
It is a process where there are several stages between the customer and the small business. Email contains incorrect information
Indicates the nature of changes made by a particular customer or company. There are two words like this
(Archive, files) and links to download malicious files.

Great job with spam
This quarter we released another important email: Your message is from a reputed company
In addition, many customers. Customers are encouraged to sign up for a voluntary research program through development
Separate program to access data on computer. This user is while downloading the cloud tool
DDoS Security (displays messages for so-called pop-ups and corporate websites)
Names of various popular news). If the user sees it, it is a dangerous .doc file
The Trojan.MSOffice.SAgent.gen file is downloaded from your computer and the Trojan-Banker.Win32.Gozi.bqr file is downloaded.

Origin and cryptocurrency
As we expected, cybercrime was not interested in cryptocurrency. Spammers continue to pay for cryptocurrencies
Abuse In the first quarter of 2019, we saw a foolish mission sent by cyber criminals.
Access to data from the CIA, for example in tracking recipients of digital access and distribution
Pornography is associated with adolescence.

The fake officer, whose name differs from the messages sent anywhere, claims he has found the victim’s contents in the file
(Chat / chat / online chat etc.). It belongs to the international community
The program aims to arrest more than 2,000 hostages in 227 countries around the world. But the workers knew it
The victims are those who hid good money and paid $ 10,000 as a claim for bitcoin.

Play with people who reveal confidential information
The crooks use the same tactics as last year and report access to them
Personal information, sexual content, etc. But in this case
He was a CIA officer to make this message insulting and intimidating.
Please use this as a banana.

Dangerous attacks on business units
In the first quarter, the Runeet business area was plagued by spam. Its content mimics real business books,
Message from the victim’s business partner.

We also investigate reports of dangerous thefts by disseminating financial information to international companies.
False Reports for US Information Companies Nothing but attachments
All messages. The absence of text can be used to open the documents attached to the victim.
Trojan.MSOffice.Alien.gen. Download and install Trojan-banker.win32.trixter.zen on your computer.

Attack on the banking sector
Banks are firmly established as the main target of strategic information theft. Fraudsters try to prepare as many fake reports as
Copy the official email from the official domain that contains the sender’s address. Format the letter and think sincerely.
Please confirm. In the first quarter, fishermen used high-quality interventions to convince victims of the complexity of the
reports received. for example
The Church of Christ has filed a lawsuit against the attack. The attacker waits for this and calls
As a sender, the Bank of New Zealand increases the credibility of this message. The letter itself shows that the bank added
New security features are required to use accounting updates.

The link directs the user to a location where questions are asked on how to send an SMS to a New Zealand bank address. Write down
all the details
The site targets cybercriminals by clicking / finding attackers.

Highest percentage of spam in the first quarter of 2019 recorded in March: 56.33% Average percentage of spam sent worldwide.
55.97%, almost the same as Q4 2018 (+0.07 pages)

In January (.1 x .1 %%), internet traffic spam was high. High school grows every season
Q4 was 55.48% higher than 2.01 p.p.

No country spam
As always, China (11.5.82%) and the United States (12.64%) are the top three spammers in Germany.
In the first quarter, it was fifth down (5.86%), third behind Russia (6.98%) and fourth behind Brazil (6.95%).
France (26.222%) was in sixth place, followed by Argentina (42.422%), Poland (36.3636%) and India (2.88%). The top 10 were
Vietnam (2.18%).

In the first half of 2019, the proportion of many small e-mails in spam (up to 2 KB) increased by 7.14 pages. Compared to the
fourth quarter of 2018. Increased. 73 is up to 73.9 %%. This is part 2 of.
The number of KB messages decreased by 0.27% (15,115 pages are normal). 1000 KB message, spam. 11% of spam traffic, 1.08 pages in
the fourth quarter. Sharing
205000 KB report 00.00% (an increase of 0.32 pages compared to 201 0.3 quarter).

In the first half of 2019, MOFCV-201-1-1118822 was 73.7373% with the most common exposure to malicious e-mail traffic. B
The back door is in second place. He is 32. Androm (7.62%), a worm. Fourth place got another job
Operating system for Microsoft Office (2.81%) and Trojan-Spyvin 32. No (2.42 2%) MOFCV-201-0-0-00.

The target land is penalized
According to the antivirus operator Mail, Germany is still in third place (11.88%). After that
Vietnam is in second place (.2.24%) and Russia is in third place (70.7070%).

Fact: Fishing
In the first half of 2019, the anti-phishing system stopped sending 111,832,3308 users to fake websites. 12.11% of all Kaspersky
Users around the world are under attack.

Geographical behavior
In the first month of 2019, the country was listed in Brazil as low as 21.66 percent, with a decrease of 21.66 percent in Brazil.
1.53 S.W.

Australia (17.20%), added 2.42 points to eighth place. But at 4.46p I found myself on top of Brazil. Spain is growing
16.96% (+ 0.87%) on the top 5 in Portugal (16.86%) and Venezuela (16.72%).

Organization on the face
Comparison of attacks of different types of fires
The company relies on “Kaspersky Lab” antifishing results
This works when the user tries to unlock
Copy the page by clicking on the links in emails or social networks
Either because of a message, or because of bad actions. When there is something
As a result, banners are displayed to alert users of the browser
Potential risks.

During the quarter, the banking sector ranks first in the number of attacks on credit institutions
That’s up 5.78 percent from the fourth quarter of last year, 25.78 percent.

Second place went to the global internet sector (19.82%) and paid
This institution is another area of existence of financial institutions
Third place (17.33%).

As a result
In the first quarter of 2019, global electronic traffic spam increased by 0.06 percent. Up to 55.97% and restricted phishing
More than 111,832,308 posts have been posted on the website which is 35,220,650 more than the previous reporting period.

As in the past, the bandits did not forget the time they took to take advantage of the storyline
Media Event for You (Apple Moment Product Release, New Zealand)
Terrorist attacks). However, the stock was not withdrawn
A Safe Plan – Cybercriminals are looking for new cards
Ambassador History.

In addition, attackers are using social media and campaigns to achieve their goals.
Use their looks to create celebrities.

Source: Kaspersky Labs UK [

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