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Spam and phishing statistics for the first quarter of 2019

darknet Spam and phishing statistics for the first quarter of 2019
Darknet Spam and phishing statistics for the first quarter of 2019

Posted on July 18, 2019

A universal prayer
Valentine’s day
Phishing a day must be in harmony with love and pigeons
Customers are the star, as well as credit card details scammers and topics used by cyber criminals in Internet circles.
Local on internet networks. Nonetheless, customers are often asked to order a gift from a loved one and buy a drug like Viagra.
Three o’clock
Following the link, in similar reports, about the victims were sent to the offenders on the network.

New letter
In late March, Apple’s final results were announced in a scheme that was scheduled to begin. Never
As a result, the number of users trying to turn to fake sites, such as Apple’s official service, has increased. Written by
This site is put at risk by a private email from Apple that tries to convince people to contact them.
Apple ID Login Page

Help is available
Supporting fake email is one of the most popular forms of cyberbullying. The number of these reports is increasing rapidly
Very late Links to fake technical support sites (including valuable information) can be found in two different columns.
It is a source of knowledge.

Nothing can be shared in these settings found in the first quarter.
They help each other
Products with the commitment of specially trained and highly qualified personnel
Perhaps they are willing to wait for help. Needless to say, it’s not free
The user not only has the ability to solve his problem, but also to solve it
Scams like it!

New device features:
Last year, other scandalous artists who were at the forefront of the cover letter entered Instagram’s popular social media space.
This trend will continue. In addition to links to phishing sources, fraudsters make the most of their work
But it will open accounts, pay for promotional messages and also attract celebrities to send content.

Cybercriminals use the same method to attract victims with promises of prices that appear to be higher for the product or service.
How ‘or what
These national programs should start with customer records for all types of bank information. This is understandable
Finding a user is dangerous for your personal data.

Fish fish
In the first quarter, we clearly noticed some fishing emails from the main sections as automatic notifications.
Responsible for maintaining a valid mailing list. Fraudsters try to force recipients to follow phishing links
Open an account or renew your invoice. However, sometimes fake fields with the same name are used for the actual function.
Other times, compatible sites redirect the victim to a fake license page.

Expenditure through the ACH program
In the 15th quarter, the number of ACHs in the United States increased significantly.
A program that supports a large number of customers and businesses for small businesses. The message is in the wrong order.
The conversion rate for employees or companies is also adjusted. There are two walls in the report.
(Archives and Document Archives) and links to download malware files.

The opportunity is making drivers.
Here we have another great book, namely articles published by famous companies.
Attracting a large number of Respondent providers invited to sign up for the free job search process by uploading files to the
Important programs to keep your computer safe When trying to download a program to the cloud, the user has
A window called DDoS Security means that the information takes you to a web site (T).
This email uses the names of other reputable businesses to register.
Trojan.MSOffice.SAgent.gen Download to your computer where you have downloaded Trojan-Banker.Win32.Gozi.bqr

The money they receive is cryptocurrencies
As you might expect, the interest in cybercrime has not diminished. Spam continues to call for cryptocurrency.
Performance and Cortex In the first quarter of 2019, we found that cyber fraudsters sent messages.
The CIA must access the receiver files to send online for the username.
Behavior with children

A legendary official whose name differs from the report indicates that personal information was found in the file.
(Collected directly from social networks / web discussions / forums, etc.)
More than 2,000 suspects were arrested in 27 countries around the world. But the staff knew this
The rich are rich and have a good reputation for protecting themselves, it is $ 10,000 in bitcoins.

Play with scared people looking for your profile
Last year, fraudsters used fraudulent schemes to secure their participation
Personal information, contract and conflicts, etc. But in this case
He is a CIA officer to make the message credible and intimidating
Used as a jacket.

Business to business
In the first quarter, the Runeetid business sector suffered the most from spam attacks. Its contents can be reconnected to the
actual company,
: News can come from a terrible company partner.

We are also controlling the murders. The books are designed to steal the financial information of multinational companies through
Fake news from an American intelligence company. There was nothing but harm
Everything in the message. The lack of documents should motivate the victim to initiate a case
Download Trojan.MS Office.allion.jen, then Trojan-Banker.win32.trickster.jen and install it on your computer.

Attack on Sectora Ban
Banks are known to be the main culprits in the theft of sensitive information. Scammers try to make their message as deceptive as
Change the legal field of the recipient’s address, translate the official e-mail. Please create an email address and a valid
And so on. Firstly, fishermen have used high-quality methods to convince victims of the legitimacy of their message.
In most cases, they have punished Christchurch for terrorist attacks. Attackers are waiting for that name
As the sender, the new land bank sends a reliable message. The book itself gave some
The new security report needs to be updated to complete.

These links lead users to a fishing area, such as the Bank of New Zealand login page. All details are available.
Cybercriminals enter this site by clicking the “Login” button.

In the first quarter of 2019, the highest number of spam in March (56.33% of average spam) was recorded in the world of e-mail
55.97%, which corresponds to roughly the fourth quarter of 2018 (+07 + pages).

In January, spam increased among Russian Internet groups (56.19%). That was an average of a quarter
55.48 or 2.01 s. Above the leg area.

Sources of spam in the country
Overall, the main sources of spam are China (15.82%) and the USA (12.64%). The other three common, Germany.
In the first quarter, it fell to fifth place (5.86), Russia to third place (6.98) and Brazil to fourth place (6.95).
France (4.26%) is in sixth place in the TOP 10, followed by Argentina (3.42%), Poland (3.36%) and India (2.58).
Vietnam (2.18%).

In the first quarter of 2019, the share of spam in spam (up to 2 months) increased by 7.14 pages compared to the fourth quarter of
2018. At 73.98%. 25 ramps
The share of Cambodia fell by 8.27% (less than 3.15 points). Increase the number of emails by 1020 Kip by 1.08 points per.
Minutes, which is 5.11%. In the fourth question. Point
Shares 2050 Kip, an increase of 3.00% (an increase of 0.32% from the 4th quarter of 2018).

During the first half of 2019, viruses were usually detected by e-mail. IN
The second option is backdoor.win32. Andromeda (7.62%) and worms. Won 32. WBVB (4.80%) was in third place. Fourth place for other
Microsoft Office is similar to ExploitMO.
Section 5

Focus on state viruses
Germany also ranks first among the top three countries in terms of the number of virus consumers (11.88%). Continue
In second place is Vietnam (6.24%), in third place is Russia (5.70%).

Statistics: Zamba
At the beginning of the first phase of 2019, the anti-fraud system 111832308 stopped trying to redirect users to fake websites.
Kaspersky Lab 12.11% of the total population
Users around the world are under attack.

Anger in Geography
In the first quarter of 2019, as in the previous quarter, Brazil was the country with the largest number of students attacked with
More than 1.53 p.

Australia ranked second (17.20%) with 2.42 pages added. But still 4.46 p. After Brazil at the start. Spain has grown
The position is 16.96% (+0.87 pp), slightly higher than Portugal (16.86%) and Venezuela (16.72%), which supported the top five.

Responsible organization
Analyze student attacks in different classes
Kaspersky Labs Anti-Phishing has a detection-based organization
Activate the material if requested by the user
Hunting website by clicking on the link in the email or on social media
Messages or due to malware. When a dose
Because the flag can be seen waiting for the user in the browser
Potential threat.

This quarter left the banking sector mainly in terms of the number of attacks, with attacks on credit institutions.
It increased to 5.23 p. Compared to the fourth quarter of last year, it increased by 25.78%.

Second place in prices in the global Internet market (1.8 ..82%)
Another type of contract is in financial institutions
Third place (1.3..33%).

In the first quarter of 2019, the total spam in the global mail business was 0.06 pages per page. 55.97% and anti-theft measures
prevent theft
111,832,30,008 places attended, 35 complaints, 220,650 more than the previous complaint period.

As in the old days, cheaters may not use successful ones
Personal Theme (Apple Product Presentation, New Zealand)
Terrorists) but treatment did not last long
The security of these programs can be detrimental to cyber criminals

In addition, followers are still using social media for their own purposes and purposes.
Celebrities are accustomed to spreading the word.

Kwayaka: Kaspersky Labs UK [

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