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Spam and identity theft statistical report for the first quarter of 2019

darknet Spam and identity theft statistical report for the first quarter of 2019
Darknet Spam and identity theft statistical report for the first quarter of 2019

Updated July 18, 2019

Aim closer
Valentine’s Day
Traditionally, spinners who came to Highway Day were intended to remove confidential information
Bank card information is very popular with consumers. Topics used by online marketers range from online marketers to online
Marang-donn. However, it encourages users to buy drugs like Viagra and guide their loved ones. By pressure
A variety of events can get sick with information about online payments.

A new apple pie
At the end of March, they introduced new Apple products, which, in general, removed the fraud. right now
In such cases, many attempts have been made to redirect website users to exact copies of Apple products. masholu
Use hidden email to direct Apple traffic to deceive Internet browsers
Their login information is correct on the ID page.

Technical support is incorrect
Email support is one of the most common types of fraud to help you become a customer. The number of stories varies in this way
Important from the evening. Links to sites that support artificial intelligence on all fronts (with positive reviews)
Social media.

All of these sequences known in the first trimester are the same:
Helping with company or company related things
Specially designed items, very practical, promising
Suppose you are helping and helping. Needless to say, it’s not free.
The user can only solve their problem

New Instagram features
Last year, con artists and other con artists registered distribution and migrated to the popular Instagram network.
This trend continues and scammers commit more than double and steal source identity.
Commenting, including self-registration, paying for promotional messages, and distributing content to celebrities.

Cybercriminals promote cost-effective product services. Variable
This package, as always, requires all banking data from the customer. It must have happened
All user data is malicious.

The fish is swampy
In the first quarter, we automatically logged phishing messages from some major services.
Legal shipping management fees. Horses force customers to come up with bogus plans
Verify account or update payment. Domain names are sometimes used with the same name and the same service.
In other cases, the victim’s website has been hacked in the form of a fake license.

ACH Financial Spam
ACH users received a large amount of spam in the first quarter.
Small consumer system. This email address contains invalid notifications.
Messages claiming that the visitor and the company have sent malicious app applications.
(Databases) Connect to download malware-infected files.

Dreams are presented by the beneficiaries
I mentioned a hot topic about this post this term. This message will be sent on behalf of a trusted company.
Download a file that attracts a large number of candidates and ask them to apply for our free search program
There is a special program for accessing the database on your computer. User is trying to download an application to the cloud
The message appears as a pop-up called DDOS Security Link on the webpage page (
Email to several reputable employers when a user has received a dangerous DoC
Log in to Trojan-Banker.Win32.Gozi.bqr, which will download the computer to which Trojan.MSOffice.SAgent.gen is downloaded.
Byte machine.

Green objects cryptocurrencies
As you can imagine, the interest in cyber crime on cryptocurrencies has not diminished. Spammers puts pressure on cryptocurrency
An unusual case of sexual harassment was discovered in the first quarter, when cyber criminals sent unsolicited emails to send
Access to customer service documents can be obtained in the name of the CIA’s potential for digital broadcasting.
They are child caregivers

A colleague, whose name differs from each allegation, claims that the victim’s details were found in the work document.
Defined as part of a global network (social media / Internet chats / forums, etc.)
We are working on arresting more than 2,000 suspects in 27 countries around the world. But the staff knows that.
The victim is a well-known father who claims between 10,000 and 10,000 in Bitcoin.

The concern is that personal data will be exposed while playing in countries.
The scams used the same strategy, referring to last years visit.
Dangers of personal information, obscenity, etc., but at this point,
It is about a CIA officer who wants to make the message more painful and intimidating.
Used poorly.

Balance industrial solutions
In the first quarter, part of the rennet was attacked by bad spam. The material creates a real difficulty,
And the messages look like a deadly organization.

Why do we have malicious emails about financial thefts by international organizations?
He lied on behalf of the United States. There is nothing but love
It’s all in the message. The purpose of shortening the text is to make it easier for patients to open the document
Download and install Trojan.MSOffice.Alien.gen, then Trojan-banker.win32.trixter.gen on your computer.

Solution for the banking sector
Banks are set as the main target of fisheries. They try to satisfy scams with the wrong message
Copying public email settings creates an excuse to change the legal domain with the sender’s address.
The announcement includes a statement about the explosion. The attacker also called him by his first name
As a lender, the Bank of New Zealand is losing the credibility of the announcement. The bank said in an email that it was
To get new security features, you need to update your account information.

This link directs users to fraudulent websites that mimic the entry pages of New Zealand Bank. All imported data is saved
When you press the login button, the web is redirected to the network operator.

In the first quarter of 2019, the highest recorded spam was 56% 3 March 3 this year. The average percentage of spam traffic in the
55.97%, equivalent (0.07 p.) For the fourth quarter of 2018.

Russia received more spam in January (56.19%). This is the normal value of a quarter
55.48, i.e. 2.01 p. On Q4

Spam response
Typically, China (15.82%) and the United States (12.64%) are countries that do not have spam. Remain in the 3 most famous Germans
Q1 (5.86%), Russia (6.98%) and Brazil (6.95%) were four. Ann
This number reached 6 (4.26%) in France, Argentina (3.42%), Poland (3.36%) and India (2.58%). The top 10 got results
Vietnam (2.18%).

During the first half of 2019, the number of emails and emails (maximum 2 KB) increased by 0.1% compared to the fourth quarter of
2018. and of. 25 persons
KB data decreased by 2.2% (below 3115 pp). 1000 definite ideas. 11 pounds, 0.08 p. Increase fourth grade by a quarter.
205,000 KB email 3.00% (0.22% increase compared to 201 201).

It became clear in the first half of 2019 that the best short-term security is maintained in laptops. Rai
Second in the back room. WIN32.Androm (0.66%) and Worm.Win32.WBVB (80.80%) are in third place. The fourth other node
Exploit.MSOffice.CVE-201-0-080002 (2.81) for Microsoft Office and Trojan-Spy. Win32. No Share (4 2.4242)

Confidential statements
Germany tops the list of major countries in terms of anti-virus measures (11.8%). Follow him
Vietnam is in second place (0.22%) and Russia is in third place (707070%).

Source: Assoc
In the first half of 2019, the theft of 111,312,308 employees from the robbery workplace was banned. 12.11% of Kaspersky Prize
The device has been downloaded worldwide.

Approach the area
As with the first quarter of 2019, Brazil is the country with the highest fish production at 21.66%, as of the previous quarter.
Up to 1.53 pages

Australia (17.20%), 2.42 pages, but also higher than Brazil 466 Spanish Rose Spa pages.
Portugal (16.86%) came in first with 16.96% (+ 0.87%) and Venezuela (16.72%) came in fifth.

INTIC organization
A different number of different types of ID attacks
Kaspersky finds itself against fascism.
Features can be opened every time the user opens it.
Pages lost following email or network links.
Depending on the content of the malware message or activity, the terms are included
When selected, a banner will be placed in the browser to alert the user.
Possible threats

Banks reported quarterly loans.
Add 5:23 25.78% compared to the previous quarter.

The second largest tax (19.82%) paid
The organization has a budget
Finished third (17.3%).

The first of March 1909 was 0.06 p.p. the role of global email marketing. 55.97%, anti-theft system
More than 111,832,308 websites (more than 35,220,650 according to a previous post).

Until now, terrorists have been wasting their time and resources
Press conference for this purpose (introduce Apple products, New Zealand)
Terrorist terrorists). Conversely, class changes are not lost.
The program is secure and internet users have introduced new clothing
Write the contents of the piece.

In addition, hackers continue to use social media to target sites and start advertising.
Access to the world of events.

Source: Kaspersky Labs UK [

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