SnapLion – Snapchat’s Internal Tool Is Abused By Employees To Spy On You

SnapLion – Snapchat’s Internal Tool Is Abused By Employees To Spy On You 1

The latest report from Motherboard is a personal but unsurprising revelation. According to the appeal, Snapchat ‘s internal “SnapLion” tool is often abused by employees to access user images without their consent. The pictures are photos that disappear after a certain time, however, Snapchat employees have access to those photos and regularly violate users ‘privacy, the report added.

Snapchat Internal Tool ‘SnapLion’ Has Access To Sensitive Information

SnapLion, an internal tool of the company, it is designed to protect Snapchat users. The tool is often used in child abuse cases to find out the perpetrator. The tool is used to help police gather evidence for a restraining order. It is a tool designed to protect privacy, but it ends up being abused.

The report confirmed that the SnapLion tool is freely used within the company itself. It is no longer limited to helping law enforcement, as employees also use it to reset passwords on hacked accounts.

Employees spoke to Motherboard and confirmed Snapchat had a department called “Customer Ops” with access to the SnapLion. This tool can be used to access a user ‘s phone number, bindings, locations, messages, and their metadata.

According to “B,” an anonymous employee reported that the abuse of the internal tool SnapLion the company Snapchat occurred constantly.

Snapchat Uses “Logging” to Prevent User Data Mishandling

Logging includes full access to user data and which system is used to prevent it from being misused. It is an internal tool used by Snapchat to prevent and bloat access to user data. However, B said a specialist at the company said the “accounting journal is not perfect,” saying it could easily be deceived.

Several large companies use similar tools to monitor the flow of actions on their platform. The main purpose of domestic instruments is SnapLion to prevent any harassment or to assist law enforcement agencies in tracing any illegal activity.

Big companies like Facebook and Google have a bad history of spying on users. Facebook was caught leaking email and account information. Facebook has also fired several employees in the past for spying on users with a similar SnapLion tool.

Uber, which provides taxi services, also has a similar tool called Godview, which is used to find the user ‘s exact location when needed.

So the next time a company says that they’re concerned about user’s privacy, take that with a pinch of salt.

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