Simple TAILS Installation

Simple TAILS Installation 1

Whonix claims the best OS to access the deep web is Tails. Amnesty Incognito Live System or “Tails” is a whole living system whose main goal is to preserve your privacy and anonymity, which is very important when accessing a deep network. The main difference from Whonix, it can easily be run not on a virtual machine, but instead of a DVD, USB drive or SD card.

Tails use Tor to connect to the internet and block every attempt to connect directly to the internet. This means that all connections are protected by the tor environment. The most useful thing about the OS is that it doesn ‘t store anything on your computer ‘s hard drive. Only memory is used, which is automatically erased when the computer is shut down. It is from here that the “amnesty” part of the name takes place. You can save your sensitive documents to another external device of your choice. It also includes a multigenerational of encryption tools to help protect your identity when using tails.

To get started, go to their official download site and torrent or just as you can download to direct.

Once downloaded, the first thing to do is to check the integrity of the ISO image to make sure you ‘re not the victim of an attack. If you already understand OpenPGP, this step will be easy for you. If not, they have a tutorial to explain how to use it to check the integrity of what you just downloaded with their signature key.

We now need to decide whether we will record it on DVD or use Tails Installer to install it on a USB stick/SD card. There are pros and cons for each way, so solve it for yourself after sampling all the options.

Now insert DVD or USB/SD and restart your computer. If the OS does not boot, you will have to log into the BIOS and change the boot order by first listing the disk you want to boot. You can also go to the BIOS settings menu by pressing the key that appears when you start your computer. After changing the boot method, restart the computer and start TAILS.

If you find it difficult and want an OS that can be run in the background, then try Whonix instead of your primary system.

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