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Silk Road vendor fined $ 1 million for money laundering

darknet Silk Road vendor fined $ 1 million for money laundering
Darknet Silk Road vendor fined $ 1 million for money laundering

The Silk Road, Darknet Marketplace, prohibits consumers from buying almost anything, including fake passports.
Drugs, weapons, robbers and dangerous drugs were seized in 2013. But that is not the end of the story.

Nearly six years later, an Ohio man was arrested for attempting to steal more than $ 19 million.
Market silk market with pharmaceutical contracts. Federal officials say Hugh Brian Khan came from Columbia, Ohio
Major drug trafficking along the Silk Road 2011 and 2012 The Silk Road 2011 was founded by Ross Ulbricht.
26 years old. Ross, who ran the market under the pseudonym Robert Fierro, later said he wanted to create it for free.
A marketplace where consumers can buy and sell whatever they want without any restrictions.

Bitcoin has sold more than two hundred million dollars in the Silk Road market and given consumers a chance to stay
Then anonymous and incomprehensible.

2011 In the summer, Silk Road started making great music online and became famous at that time.
An article appeared in the magazine Gokar which attracted more attention and led to an investigation into their illegality.
Office of Drug Prevention.

The silk show ended in October 2013. Rose was arrested in 2015 after serving her sentence.
It is estimated that thousands of drug smugglers use silk to sell drugs and other illegal products.
Use Bitcoin to clear millions of customers and millions of subscriptions.

Following the closure of the Silk Road, the central bank seized huge bitcoins and sold them for $ 48 million. Central government
Hugh Brian Haney was a Silk Road worker, he said.

As mentioned, Hugh Brian Hein silk is used by silk to sell medicines to people around the world. Well, he said, washing himself
Jeffrey S. Says his bitcoin is worth $ 19 Mondia Bremen. Lawyer in the Southern Province
New York. Prison reminds anyone who sells drugs through the Dark Net that no one can survive
Always anonymous, especially if youre trying to run a business the wrong way.

Hugh Brian Haney says he works on the Silk Road as an agricultural asset.

Authorities claim that Bright Honey earned millions of dollars from BTK between November 2011 and February 2012.
Illegal drugs include ketamine, oxycontin, fentanyl.

Honey brought in $ 19 in illegal crystal income. 15 million Bitcoin unprotected from these transactions
Change in 2018. In February, the exchange was exchanged for cash and a personal bank account was credited.

Honey told the exchange corporation that he made a profit from bitcoin by breaking the cryptocurrency.
Withdraw money from your bank account according to the federal authority.

He was accused of hiding money and money laundering.
According to the punishments of the two men, the maximum punishment is 20 years, respectively 10 years.
Ministry of Justice.
Brian Haney’s first hearing will take place on July 30. Columbus, Ohio.

Harry pleaded guilty to money laundering in a federal court in Manhattan on November 6, 2019.
Results from the Silk Road Trade.

Judge Rakov will convict Harry on December 12, 2020.

Full USO information is available here

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