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Silk Road businessman Farmville seizes $ 19 million worth of bitcoin

Updated July 20, 2019

The government received $ 19 million in bitcoin from drug dealers
a black group cryptocurrency called Silk Road.

It was announced by the Attorney General of Southern New York.
and so on
A report Thursday said Hugh businessman Brian Haney, 60, had been arrested near Columbus, Ohio. In 2017 and 2018, Haney
Bitcoin allegedly transferred the proceeds of the drugs found by the Silk Road to the accounts of several businesses
in the exchange of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He lied that this bitcoin source is mining.

At one point, Haney promised to raise money to maintain and execute financial transactions
criminal property. The first contains a maximum prison sentence of 20 years, and the second – ten years

To be the Special President of the African Union Commission (SRCC) in Somalia. They use agents
Approximately 19 million security-related issues. Bitcoin prices in US dollars. The law of righteousness frees you from darkness.
South New York State.

More USO

> Jeffrey S. Burman, Anthony Melens, Attorney and Solicitor, Southern District, New York, USA
United States Department of Immigration and Culture, New York Field Service for Homeland Security
Brian Haney officials have been charged with felony criminal mischief.
Violence and other illegal activities as well
Jobs are for sale and are purchased by customers. Honey was charged this morning near Columbus, Ohio.
And he was brought before a judge in South Ohio County.

U.S. Attorney Jeffrey S. Burman: Closing Attorneys
Roads, bans, theft and many other online errors. This is how we read
Hydehorm drugs are sold to people all over the world. He also promised to continue to make a profit
PT19 million cryptocurrencies. In the dark, drug users should warn riders
Especially when they want to legalize their case, they cannot remain anonymous forever.

MSI expert Angel M. Melendez said: in 2013, the Silk Road was abandoned due to cybercrime.
The bad guys are looking for a way out of their crime, and the important thing is to clean up the mess without money. Hayney
It is one of the manufacturers that uses gold on the internet. Certified HSI users use a blockchain
Haney, who has made a fortune of $ 19 million bitcoin, went into the privacy of the site looking for truth on the internet.
New Beach Doctor.

Now, as the complaint goes, do not escape

Silk Road is an online marketplace that does not enforce laws and regulations. all
All silk street trading can be done with cryptocurrency cryptocurrency. More than two years later
Silk Road is used by thousands of doctors and other manufacturers to share hundreds of pounds
Available in a variety of non-prescription and non-prescription drugs, it serves more than 100,000 users and cleans millions
Sunday to prohibited items. In total, the site was sold for more than 9.5 million euros

The famous Silk Road store is called Farmville. A group of Farmville staff
and those who regularly use drugs. Take care of the patient
Oxycont was legally acquired in Farmville in 2011 and 2012.
A study by HANEY in Ohio found that HSI trips are a guide or HANEY.
Farmville is a strong player in the silk market.

As the Bitcoin banking system often operated on the Silk Road Payment System, all users must have an account.
Complete the transaction on the spot. All vendors who tried to sell items, including drugs, were on the Silk Road.
Travel or multiple addresses associated with the user’s silk account. At the end of the transaction, a
Sellers paid by another user can cancel Bitcoin by promoting Bitcoin
Silk Road merchants are converted to Bitcoin by sending it to a vector address other than Silk Road, such as Bitcoin
The seller appears to be under personal supervision.

In 2017 and 2018, HANEI transferred Bitcoin’s revenue reflecting the drugs purchased through Firm Management.
Silk Road is a company that deals with Bitcoin and other digital currency exchanges (Company-1). Wi-Fi
In his letter to company 1, HANEI wrongly stated that the source of these bitcoins was his own Bitcoin, viz.
The process of creating newly encrypted bitcoins and through individuals online, through original and internal logins
In fact, Bitcoins came with the transition from the Silk Road. Later, HANEI transferred more than 19 19 from Bitcoin
One million companies received HSI payments from an approved account under a legal arrest warrant
Bank (Bank-1), located in southern New York.

* * *

Honey, 60, from Columbus, Ohio, is charged with money laundering for up to 20 years
Years in prison for a crime
10 years in prison. In that case, Congress establishes the maximum sanctions imposed here
The judge restricts the author for informational purposes only.

Mr. Berman praised the unique work of HSI.

The case is run by the same disease and crime control office. Assistance to the United States
Attorneys representing attorneys Samuel L. Raymond and Tara M. La Morte.

Only ten charges are one, and the accused will be released.

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