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Silk Road Business has seized over 1 million bitcoins of bitcoins

darknet Silk Road Business has seized over 1 million bitcoins of bitcoins
Darknet Silk Road Business has seized over 1 million bitcoins of bitcoins

Updated July 20, 2019

The government has received over a million bitcoins from drug-loving investors.
The site is called Cryptocurrency Roadmap.

US Attorney’s Office in Southern District of New York Announced Today
News Howe Brian Hank (0) was arrested in Columbus, Ohio for human trafficking. Bees in 2017 and 2017
It is said that along the way, investors invest in a business account in which there is bitcoin representing currency.
Instead of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. They lied about the origin of these bitcoins from the mines.

He accused Henry of fraud, cheated money and overpayments.
Criminal property. The best 20 years in prison and another 10 years

Internal Security Research (HSI) Angel M.A. Melendez. Used by a special representative of HSI Blockchain
Bring Bitcoin to $ 19 million and bring it to justice
New York County.

Basic USO data:

By Afri Berman, Attorney in Southern New York, USA Angel M. Melendez, Special
Commissioner D.Y. For Immigration and Customs Activities in New York, USA. National Security Audit
(HSI) Hugh Brian Haney has been charged with money laundering
The drug has been linked to the drug through Silk, a dark web that includes drugs and other banned drugs.
This service is always available to online and offline shoppers. Hannah was arrested this morning in Columbus, Ohio
He was assigned to a mosque in Southern Ohio.

I, the lawyer of Afqari Berman, said: “Our office is closed in the way of disposal.”
Hidden markets for travel routes, illegal drugs, illegal entry and criminal activity. Required,
Through honey silk yew, used worldwide for the sale of medicines. He was later charged
19 million cryptocurrency. Today’s arrests should alert drug dealers to the dark side of the property
They may not always hide, especially when seeking to legalize their illegal items.

HSI special representative Melendez said: In 2013, the Silk Road business took over and became a barber.
Criminals have been convicted of crimes primarily for digital money theft. Oil
However, such a site is one of the reasons for the Golden Rose. HSI professionals pay employees
Analysts are reviewing and releasing 19 million bitcoins
So south of New York.

The court is scheduled to dissolve today

Grip is a crime-free market of police or government policy. That is
The use of bitcoin cryptocurrency thus simplifies the trading process. Two and a half years
Thousands of illicit drug traffickers and other illicit companies to relate to hundreds of thousands of transactions.
More than a million workers depend on drugs and goods and other illegal activities, hundreds of millions
It turned out to be the wrong business. Revenues from site sales are estimated at 5.5 and 9.5 million
A little money

The drug dealer is called Silk Road Farmville. Farmville staff immediately joined the team
Generally, these are drug traffickers. Drug addicts and heroes have done many things
In 2011 and 2012, he had to buy drugs, including OxyContin in Farmville. Judgment management
In 2019, while searching for this oil company in Ohio, HSI officials found evidence that Healy was a board member or director.
He was in the drug business in Farmville, Silk.

Because the Silk Road payment system requires a bitcoin bank to access the site, all users have to manage their account.
Conducting operations on site. Every seller who wants to sell, despite the drugs, is on the silky road.
Silk Road account users have Bitcoin Street addresses or several addresses linked to them. When the work is completed,
Retailers who pay their customers for bitcoins customer transfers can withdraw from bitcoin.
Sales growth is due to the last surge of bitcoin traffic and other bitcoin addresses outside Silk Road, such as Wikipedia.
Seller’s personal control.

In 2017, 2017 and 201 In, Beehive returned from bitcoin to showcase the medication process it received from Control Firmville.
Silk Road for communicating with foreign companies and digital marketing (company 1). With a company
1-After contacting the company, Hani mistakenly stated that the source of these trains is bitcoin, which
The process of creating new bitcoin systems and discovering them online is definitely a process among them
Of course, bitcoin was replaced by Silk Road. The loss then fluctuates from bitcoin to more than 19 billion
HSI is paid according to a court promise that sent the company into an administrative services account.
Bank-1 is located in southeastern New York.

* * *

Hani, 60, was sentenced to 20 years in prison in Columbus, Ohio.
From year to year and part of the prison and economic activity where activities.
10 years in prison. The General Assembly here accepts the highest fines
For informational purposes only, the prohibited penalty is determined by the judge.

Mr. Berman praised HSI’s excellent research work.

Money laundering and international crime agencies are investigating the case. American assistant
The prosecution is led by Dana Samuel L. Raymond and is based in M La La Morte.

Professional expenses apply only to allegations and suspects are considered guilty until proven guilty.
Prove you’re innocent.

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