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Sheffield MDMMA drug dealer suspended for heavy network purchases

On July 2, Sheffield Crown Court heard that 2-year-old James Hamshavi had been homeless and had removed 34 MDMA records.
Police have raided a former player’s home in Buchanan Crescent, Parsons Cross.

Judge Sarah Wright told Hamshia: The police arrested him at MDMA and I confessed to him that he was sending the bomb directly.
contents. It is so.

Lawrence of Smith said he and the police were called to the scene on January 1, 2019.
MD 34 has been purchased with 34 MDMA tablets.

He admitted that 86 tablets were sold to 2,250 on the dark network and sold at every auction.

Hanshaw pleaded guilty to receiving MDMA and possession of MDMA remand in mid-November.
2018 and January 2019.

Speaking of this, Mark Dooley said Hemshaw sold the bills to some of the people he knew, including those he passed.
Facebook or SMS.

Mr Dooley said Hanshaw was a physician and made significant progress in clinical trials and practice.
And some support groups.

Judge Wright acknowledged that Ganshaw had undermined his previous convictions and responded favorably to public order.
The court ordered the judge to continue.

Hamasawa, who spent two years in prison, extended his rehabilitation for two years and allowed him to work unpaid 150 hours.
Post agency.

Judge Wright added, “I tell you, you took advantage of the opportunity that the lady gave you.”

If you file a complaint and nothing happens, you will be in prison for two years.

Crescent Buchanan accused Micha Hepworth, 28.
According to Mr. Smith, MDMA was sent to someone else under the five.

However, due to concerns from Hepworth’s work and his family, Wright was sent off for 12 months.
It will come to market.

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