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Sephora reported the damage, but shared some details

Leading cosmetic retailer Sephora has announced the details
Violations of consumers in the South Pacific and Southeast Asia.

The information was contained in an email sent to users on the Internet on July 29
Now that this is happening, the company does not trust the credit card
No relevant info or information has been published
Seriously, we’re on the Thames Channel
This data includes first name, last name and date
Birth, gender, email, encrypted passwords and related information
Choose to define beauty.

The victims were released.

Sephora users in North America were not affected
Through this episode. Information on our website is freely available. This
These concerns are limited to data separation applicable to Southeast Asia.
SAR clients in Safara, Hong Kong, Australia / New Zealand
A spokesman for SC Media said.

Set all passwords with free password authentication
This is given to unemployed people but it means that the job is over
Consumers are safe.

Sepohora deleted all existing passwords
The first step is to protect consumers from natural disasters. Absolute results
Surprisingly and unfortunately, 59% of customers were surprised
Note that there is a risk of using the same password in the same place
It is based on that. This can lead to cybercrime searches on various accounts
In many religions all of this is given to one person
Kevin says digital fingerprints could be even more vulnerable as its counterpart.
Goschalak, CEO of Ax Laboratory.

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