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San Prairie City warns of data corruption after email

Updated on July 18, 2019

It has an unofficial holiday for about two months this year
unauthorized access to the email accounts of some employees
San Prairie, Wisconsin.

This account contains confidential information, such as social security
numbers, passwords and passwords, licenses, location
identification number, bank and financial numbers, medical
payment card information and data

The city has gone through a long and intensive process of identification
personal information in the associated e-mail account;
to reporters [since yesterday
There are about 30,000 in the city. At first
The investigation did not confirm this information
access to relevant electronic journals that alert the city
people like to book
Some information is available in your email account.

He was near the city on March 6 following the Day of Prayer
For the first time, they report suspicious activity via email
Reports. After this, the trial ended
The violation also affected the accounts of several employees
March 16, 6:44.

Security measures, policies and procedures have already been introduced in the city
Keep the information on your system and keep it updated
These measures are part of our commitment to the security of the Republic of Croatia
The information we are looking at will be announced in the press.

Sun Thandie advised fans to be careful
Examine fraud and theft cases and your bank accounts together
The township credit account has set up a hotline at 1-877-202-9025.

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