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Russia’s betrayal locks the silver handkerchief of QQAAZZ.

A Russian rapper living in Florida is accused of working for a man
According to a QQAZ report, the organization’s criminal gang gave the money
Money Laundering Services for Cybercriminals Stealing Americans

Maxim Buick, 29, has been in the United States for two years
He was raised by the US Attorney General in Pittsburgh
Money Laundering Conspiracy. He is a music artist
He practically shared an Instagram story in Sunny Florida: Sandley Beach, AC
Walk for a night in a beautiful building
South Beach.

In January, the federal court responded to five other suspects. EA claims it intends to steal money from computer thieves. In the
case of an FBI agent charged with crimes, Boyko was accused of having a very personal relationship with the head of QQAAZ.

The era of music change seems to be paleosophical, with a monthly turnover of 1,533 copies.
Visitors are working on Spotify, entitled “The Music of Scent.”

Bucoco Although he reported victim abuse from 2017, he has released a video for the song “Last Night”. May 2014 music video (“It’s
Not About Money)” was recorded. In China, Guangzhou is accused of illegally obtaining money from Buckeye International Financial
Center in China, and in the video, Bococo is wearing an ad called “Real Dream”.

“Bless God of America! Especially in Florida! Boko wrote on Twitter on January 20th.

God Bless America! Especially in Florida! – Just clinic Jan. 20, 2020

May On January 28, Bonko wrote on Twitter the Russian language yesterday, “I feel 100% safe in the United States, but when I see
the police, I’m very worried. They say they will leave on time.

In February, he shared a message on Twitter announcing the birth of his daughter. “One
GOD and the citizens of Russia. “You have written so much in my life. Thank you
Before the world! “& Nbsp;

Boyko has appeared in previous Instagram stories
He lives on a boat and the apple hides under a green apple. “It is
Perringen, you are young, Boyko said in another video of the trip.

Boykos case reopened Monday, writes the Pittsburgh Post.

In January, Boyko and his wife went to Miami. That’s it
Cybercrime charges (presented by Maxim Boyko and Banjas)
Title) $ 20,000 US, guarantee received
He said.

Discussion of American practices and border security
“Income is the investment and rental of the basics of bitcoin”
The court process brought property to Russia.

Pennsylvania was accused of conspiracy to give money
It can start in 2015 with several licenses
The images in Buckys description prove that they are lack of money.
The letter says, “The law does not prohibit that.”
How it works. “”

Bococo shared Instagram in April 2016
Mercedes-Benz image in exchange for a $ 100 bill
Another Instagram post is titled #BALLIN #SELFMADE
Yuan Chinese Company in office since August 2015
With the “Maxim” sign. Under the heading “Tell me my name.”

I tell
The union said Boko Haram had gifted “big thieves”.
It grants unauthorized bank authorization
The victim can switch to an Internet account. vermin
Accused of trading in Bitcoin
Digital form.

The Boyko e-mail address is used for registration
In BTC-e – a cryptocurrency site legally locked
The completion of 2017, according to the press release. BTC-e platform data
Boyko received $ 387,964 in deposits
And remember 136 Bitcoin. & Nbsp;

The robber stopped
Member of FQ QQAAZZ Organized Crime Group
People from Georgia, Bulgaria and Latvia. Since 2015
The group could have opened hundreds of private and commercial banks
Accounts and financial institutions used by foreign companies
World. The group members used the accounts “to facilitate the theft”.
In the United States, the estimate is $ 10 million
United States and the whole world, he said.

QQAAZZ says it posted on dark online forums in Russia
Mazafaka and Verfedia, and the group contacted TVA Travel
Dash encrypted message client, monitors included
Rich and Donald Trump55.

Cyber criminals can do that
The victim’s computers are infected with malware for access to Internet banking
Then log in to add accounts to get started
Federal prosecutors report allegations of fraud.

They stole money and disappeared from other banks
Account that accepts payment or service
Consumption can range from 40 to 50 percent
That is the only hope.

Observation instructions are conducted in the same location
The QQAZ email address contains the names of several private companies
National bank account. Other shells
There are companies and banks in Bulgaria, Spain and Portugal.

It’s hot
On May 20, 2017, I met a man named MoneyBoster
The boy who was a gunman was in Yabis office immediately.
And access for banks, 200 to 300 km. He wants to carry it

In groups we talk about the website
The nickname is hidden in the vase
The success and fragrance of Donald Trump 55.

The tower later, Eli
Hong Kong bank account. “I sent 300”
Then the class shouted, Brother!

The result
The transfer is said to have been blocked by the victim’s bank
Another transfer account was opened a few days later. You work too
A store called Victoria Bank of California is solid.

The FBI has made several attempts to relocate and repair the branch
Transfer – from a US company to a company in front of Savage Real Estate LDA
The newspaper spoke in Portuguese. PNC Bank of Pittsburgh in August, 2018
The victim received three fake transfers, 700,000,000
Headquartered in Ohio. Banks can and will not close this thread
House of letters.

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