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Russian rapper QQAAZZ has been accused of laundering money

darknet Russian rapper QQAAZZ has been accused of laundering money
Darknet Russian rapper QQAAZZ has been accused of laundering money

A Russian rapper living in Florida is accused of working
KKAZ is paid to a group of organized criminals
Washing services for cybercriminals robbing Americans

Makim Boiko, 29, spent two days in the United States.
He was convicted a few months ago by a federal lawyer in Pittsburgh.
Sadness about accepting bad money. Before music artists
By the way, Sunny Instagram Stories in Florida: Sandy Beach, a
Take a walk near the pool and enjoy the nightlife in a luxury building
South Beach.

In January, a federal court charged five more KKZ members with conspiracy.
To lend to cyber thieves. The city of Boiko maintained a personal relationship with the head of KKAZ and was protected by FBI
Criminal motives changed.

Music illuminates the ego, 1, pil5000 months feels like Pyphonsia
Explore Spotify and work under the ballad aromatic music tag.

In 2017, donating money, Boyko recorded a music video for his song “Night High”. Other things
Two hundred (non-financial) music videos were produced in front of the Guangzhou International Financial Center in China.
Officials accused Boyko of secrecy in order to obtain false profits. In the video, Boyko shows a hat from Rihanna’s creation.

God bless America! Especially in Florida! Boyko tweeted on January 20th.

God bless America! Especially in Florida! January 20-20

Only in America do I feel comfortable and 100% safe. On January 28, Boyko sent the language to Russia. But this practice
disappointed me.
From a police point of view. They say that over time, that will disappear.

it’s close
She shared a tweet announcing the birth of her daughter in February. Consensus
He wrote that he was an American and a Russian citizen. My greatest pride in life. Thank you
sa wanang!

The boy’s story appeared on Instagram last year
Live life in a small boat and give a pole under the blue sky. a day
“Perignon’s children,” Boiko said in another video after the beach plane.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the children’s case ended on Monday.

Boiko and his wife entered the United States in January through the United States.
Charged with multiple cyber crimes (including Maxim Boiko and the terrorist group)
Online) in the United States $ 20,000 in US dollars, ed.

In the US Customs and Border Protection Survey
Boyuko says his income comes from investing in and renting Bitcoin
The court said the property was in Russia.

Denounces Pennsylvania conspiracy and extension of illegal activities
Elsewhere, some announced his arrest in 2015
Boycott image on social networks as proof of unknown wealth
And they say broadcasts aren’t action
Business transactions.

Boko shared on Instagram in April 2016
Collect a hundred dollars against Mercedes Benz
Flyer and text # billion # head. Another Instagram
Chinese yuan on the table as of August 2015
With a sign that Maxim stands on. The text says: Say my name.

Federal residents say Baiko laundered money from major cybercriminals
Provides access to bank accounts to check crime scenes
Transfer paid funds to victims’ online bank accounts. Boohoo
Some of the stolen money goes to bitcoin and
Other digital currencies.

Boycott email address at registration
BTC account, a secret currency exchange site closed by law
Evidence shows that it will be implemented in 2017. Information from the BTC platform
Boeing accounts are said to have invested $ 387,964
And it costs about 136 bitcoins.

The singer was arrested
FBI investigation into organized crime group QQAAZZ.
These include people from Georgia, Bulgaria and Latvia. Linn Started 2015
The group is said to have opened hundreds of private banks and companies.
Accounts in institutions close to funds used by school companies
Global team members use this account to facilitate theft
It is estimated to be in the millions of dollars in Britain
Members said they would comment on the country and the world.

The official
Please note that QQAAZZ service is published on such dark websites in Russia
“Clear” and “Verified”, and the group talks to network thieves
Jaber pastes the customer data with a pseudonym
Rickreck and Donald Trump 55.

Cyber criminals can enter
Computer-infected victims use Internet banking services
Make sure, log in to the victim account to restart
There are fraudulent transfers, federal prosecutors.

Did QQAAZZ happen?
After the money is stolen, the money is taken to another bank
In exchange of funds or funds
The cryptocurrency sector has a fall of 40 to 50 percent
It speaks for itself.

Incomplete proof.
Many companies publish information on QQAAZZ email accounts
And their bank, gradually. There has to be something
Companies and banks based in Bulgaria, Spain and Portugal.

March 20, 2017 is closed with the Cybercrime Enhancer Program
Boyko, who co-founded the music, was taken to Jabers instant messaging platform
And refer to a report of 200-300km of wires
Reliable and knowledgeable

Kuber talks about cyber traffic
Jaber phone users use spy
Rich ma Donald Ball 55

A few minutes later, the Ganges
Offered an investment in Hong Kong. I sent around 300,000
Cyberthiff says Ganges answer, oh brother!

Gangas suspect, victim of the bank, obstructed the move
A few days later another fundraiser was launched. This model is similar
The bank blocked the California company on behalf of the victim.

The FBI has identified several attempts to determine and complete the transfer.
US companies switch to Shell Savage Real LDA
Portugal according to the statement. August 2018 at Pittsburgh PNC Bank
The transfers reported by the three victims were $ 700,000
The company is based in Ohio. The bank can close this path
No losses, the statement said.

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