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Russian rapper accused of money laundering in the “QQAAZZ” group

darknet Russian rapper accused of money laundering in the "QQAAZZ" group
Darknet Russian rapper accused of money laundering in the "QQAAZZ" group

A Russian journalist living in Florida is accused in the case
A criminal group called QQAAZZ is accused of giving money.
American free cyber service
Doing business

Maxim Bukoko, 29, was in the United States
A few months ago, an American lawyer sued his Pittsburgh office
Measures to eliminate monetary resistance. He was a music artist
Share Sandy Florida’s cries on Instagram’s sandy beaches
Swim in luxury and stroll through the nightlife
On the south coast

In January, a federal court convicted five other members of QQAAZZ for embezzlement. “He has a close relationship with the head of
QQAAZZ,” the FBI said in a statement.

And Bukoko
Alghero Ego music feels like “pofophilia” and costs 1,533 USD per month.
Listeners work on a site called Spotify called “junk music.”

In 2017, he was allegedly earning enough money for victims, and Boiko even had a music video for his track “Night Climbing”.
Another 2014 video (“Not for Money”) was filmed in front of the International Monetary Fund’s office in Guangzhou, China, where
Boko Haram accused employees of hiding unprofitable profits. At the base of the mountain, Boko Haram wore a hat with the
inscription “New Wishes.”

God bless America! Especially Florida! Boko Haram wrote on Twitter on January 20.

God bless America! Especially in Florida! – PLINOFFICIAL (@Philin Official) January 20, 2020

“Only in America have I felt 100% insecurity,” Boiko said on January 28 in Russia and Russia. He said the time was coming. ”

In February, she announced on her Twitter account that her daughter had been born. “Sai
“A citizen of the United States and Russia,” he wrote. My greatest honor in life. well thank you
Offense! & Nbsp;

Bica’s Instagram account was revealed last year
This mission will take place in Moita in the sky and in the blue sky. “At home
“Baby Peregrine,” Boyko said, glancing at the beach again.

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports that the case of women ended on Monday.

Sunko and his wife reportedly traveled to the United States via Miami in January. Sai
Criminal investigation (Maxim Boyko and “Ganga”)
Direct line) came to the United States with 20,000 certificates in Cuba
– he said.

For US administration if asked. and border protection.
The money came from Bitcoin and the investment account, Boko said.
Library Stores in Russia

Consolidation and pricing in Pennsylvania and
Anywhere from 2015 until his arrest. Certificate
Bolicio image on social media: “evidence of economic loss to brain”
And disrespect “is not in keeping with tradition.”
Pune ”

Boyko shared Instagram in April 2016
Billions in a Mercedes Benz
Give them “#BALLIN #SELFMADE”. Another Instagram
The December 2015 announcement is ready for the Chinese Yuan show on the table
“Hello, Sims.” The message says, “Say my name.”

The Fed says Boyko is being paid for “theft of the internet.”
Provide access to bank accounts for crime
You can send money to the bank online. installation
Allegations have been made in exchange for some stolen bitcoin
Other digital currency.

I used Boyko’s email address to sign
BTC Account – Yes, cryptocurrency sites are closed to court
It was launched in 2017 and is supported by the government. BTC Platform History – Yes
Purchased Property Reported Investing $ 387,964
And he left 136 bitcoins. & Nbsp;

stay on the line
The FBI Investigation Department focused on the organized crime group KKAAZZ, namely
There are people from Georgia, Bulgaria and Latvia. In 2015
This group has opened hundreds of independent companies and retail companies.
Bill, school company, nearby financial institution
Peace. Team members use this account to activate theft.
Tens of millions of Americans are estimated to have an impact.
A concept that speaks to society and the world.

the members
Let’s say the advertising service KKAAZZ in the Russian black community is:
Its size, functionality and variety
Clients use Monica to get hidden Jabber
“Treasure” and “donaldtrump55.”

The site has features
The victim sent a computer to search for a bank online
To obtain evidence, it is necessary to register the victim
Corruption, management, prosecution of plaintiffs.

They took the money and transferred the money to another bank
Disable or pay for variable services
cryptocurrency. Team will be reduced from 40 to 50%
The lawyer said.

Education requires:
Dozens of business directories are found in the QQAAZZ email list
And bank information by country. Body part
Commercial and bank accounts in Bulgaria, Spain and Portugal.

On March 20, 2017, there was a cybercriminal contact called Moneybooster
Boiko Jabber leads the group to instant messaging
And ask for a company account where the “200-300k” yarn will be purchased

“The group is involved in cyber warfare,” he said.
Use a nickname such as Jabber to send encrypted messages
“Rikrich” and “donaldtrump55”.

A few minutes later, the group was in the ass
Hong Kong defines bank accounts. “I weigh 300kg,” he said
Kieber paused, Gangas replied. ” you, brother.”

and then
You depend on him for being accused of being a party
The next day another statement appeared on the line. It was the case
In California, he was arrested by a bank of injured workers.

it is
The FBI provides a series of tested and tested wire ducts
An American company has gone to Sauvage Real LDA
Portugal – says PNC Bank Commissioner, Pittsburgh, August 2018
One victim reported three fraudulent actions totaling $ 700,000
Ohio Company. The bank “knew how to plant this metal, but it didn’t work.”
we are lost, “he said.

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